Press Play Friday: Mumford & Sons

Music is probably my biggest obsession. So, with Press Play Friday’s I hope to introduce to some of my favorite artist’s and lot’s and lot’s of new music.

Press Play Friday introduces: Mumford & Sons

Once in a while, you will find a band that truly makes you redefine what great music is. I first heard Mumford & Sons while flipping through the dozen or so music channels that my cable provider prefers not to put in HD. In all honesty, I listened/viewed about 30 seconds of Little Lion Man and was hooked. It sounds absurd, but it’s the truth. Immediately I traveled to my local iTunes store (conveniently located on my computer) to purchase Sigh No More, their debut album.

Their sound is something that I’ve never quite heard before. A mix of rock, folk, and something that reminds me of classic Irish music, which doesn’t make sense because their British. The hauntingly beautiful White Blank Page is one of my favorites. Actually, there isn’t a song that I don’t like on the album (That’s hard to accomplish). They are truly unique and amazing.

Let the music speak for itself:

Little Lion Man:

Winter Winds:

I Gave You All:

Album Rating: A+

About Mumford & Sons

“Since they formed in December 2007, the members of Mumford & Sons have shared a common purpose: to make music that matters, without taking themselves too seriously. Four young men from West London in their early twenties, they have fire in their bellies, romance in their hearts, and rapture in their masterful, melancholy voices. They are staunch friends – Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane – who bring their music to us with the passion and pride of an old-fashioned, much-cherished, family business. They create a gutsy, old-time sound that marries the magic of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with the might of Kings Of Leon, and their incredible energy draws us in quickly to their circle of songs, to the warmth of their stories, and to their magical community of misty-eyed men.”

Source: Mumford &

Quick fact: Sigh No More is currently No. 5 in the UK iTunes store and quickly rising up the US store chart.

See you on Monday! – Kim

Do YOU like Mumford & Sons? Just hearing about them? Will you buy their album after hearing some of their songs? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. JLW says:

    Love the album–thanks.

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