Today, I get owned by David Slade and my Mom crushes on Jackson Rathbone.

I feel like Neutron Star Collision or any Muse song, for that matter, should be playing while I write this. It’s about to get epic up in here!

First of all, I need to apologize to David Slade. My feelings towards this particular Twilight movie got away from me. I spent the whole time being miserable thinking that I wouldn’t like it, just like the other two. I didn’t have any excitement for this movie. The truth is, I didn’t want to come out of the theatre disappointed. It is my favorite book, after all. I let my fear get out of control.

So, on July 1, 2010, I went into my local theatre with little hope. I heard all the positive reviews from the fans and I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. I started to get excited.

The lights dimmed. The previews started playing (Harry Potter FTW!). And I settled into my seat. Little did I know, the next 2 hours and 4 minutes would be the almost exact opposite of what I was expecting.

IT DIDN’T SUCK! Eclipse didn’t suck! This revelation must be astonishing for all you Twilight haters out there. It was actually a good movie. Of course, there were a lot of things missing and a whole lot of things were wrong, but it was wrapped up in a nice little package that made me almost forget all the bad stuff.

The pacing was on point the whole time. Twilight felt too fast paced. I felt like I was watching a crappy highlight reel of the book. New Moon was too slow with a lot of moping and long stares. Eclipse, on the other hand, was perfectly paced and there was hardly any moping in it.

I’m proud of you David Slade. Everyone was so concerned about you, but you brought the goods. The emotions were almost right and the action scenes were awesome. I got my “I punched a werewolf in the face.” And you even included “I am Switzerland.” The whole tent scene was practically out of the book. Kudos (I’m attributing this to you. I still don’t like Melissa Rosenberg).

My favorite parts of the movie have to be:

1) Tent scene: Edward and Jacob were right on point (Love you RPattz!)

2) Fight training – Team JAlice!

3) Edward – Eclipse Edward is the best! He smiles.

4) Anything with Charlie Bewley

5) Anything with Papa Charlie

One thing I suggest is, watching Eclipse with a non Twi-fan. You’ll get a few laughs from their observations.

My mom actually suggested seeing it together (Mother-Daughter bonding). Cautiously walking into this movie, I don’t think she expected very much. She isn’t a Twi-Mom. The most Twilight knowledge she has, is reading the first book and watching the first movie.

My Mom is very quick-witted and loves to comment during the movie (Something I loathe). It immediately started when the first image of Riley came on-screen. “Who’s that?” I told her that she would find out later.

As the story started to unfold she quickly found that Edward was the only one for Bella. “She should be with Edward. I don’t like Jacob. He’s okay, but I like Edward more.” This is why she is my mother. (Score another one for Team Edward!)

Then, as the fight training began, she started to whisper in my ear: “Who’s the blond curly-haired one? I like him. He’s a good actor.” “That’s Jasper/Jackson,” I replied. It didn’t end there. After the movie, she continued to comment on her cougar love for Jackson Rathbone.

To even further my bond with my mother she stated through the whole movie, “I don’t like that girl. She is the heroine and I don’t like her. She has buck teeth and she is a horrible actress” (Sorry, KStew lovers). This is why she is my mother.

As well as being a Bella basher, she had some choice words for Dakota Fanning/Jane, “She’s a *itch!” I laughed and told her that’s what her character was supposed to be. She just looked at me.

Through all this, she actually liked the movie. “I like the Dad (a.k.a porn stache). He was funny. And when Edward said, ‘Doesn’t he ever wear a shirt?’ That was funny, too.”

She won’t becoming a Twi-Mom anytime soon, but I think that now she won’t think I’m as crazy when I fangirl over Twilight.

Movie Rating: A

See you on Friday! – Kim

Did you see Eclipse? What did you think? Was the tent scene everything you thought it would be? Tell me in the comments!

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