Discovery Monday: The Nerdist Podcast

For this Discovery Monday we get all nerdy as I crush on Chris Hardwick and The Nerdist Podcast.

People get scared when they hear the word, NERD. I don’t know why. Nerds are awesome!

For example, these nerds from The Nerdist Podcast (Like my segue?). My nerd soul mate, Chris Hardwick (who you can see on Web Soup and as a talking cow on Back At The Barnyard) co host’s with his friends Matt Mira and Jonah Ray on this ridiculously hilarious and awesome podcast.

Each week, a new celebrity, musician, comedian, or Muppet, join the trio in a side-splitting session of being nerdy. Guests have included: Joel McHale, Jon Hamm, ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic, The Muppet’s, Craig Ferguson, and from Mythbusters, Adam Savage (My favorite episode, so far).

The Podcast is a mix of comedic nerdisms and entertaining celebrity chat’s. It’s a must listen for nerds and non-nerds, as well.

Chris Hardwick is the perfect mix of comedian and nerd to send you on this journey into awesomeness. You can check out his stand-up at the front of the Live @ Largo episodes, as well as his musical talent as half of the comedic musical team Hard n’ Phirm.

The Nerdist Podcast is for anyone who loves to laugh. Just don’t listen to it while other people are around. The uproarious sound of laughter that is sure to come out of your mouth will make people stare.

Download The Nerdist Podcast on iTunes for FREE!  Here

See you on Wednesday!  – Kim

Have you already listened to The Nerdist Podcast? If not, will you? Do you also have a crush on Chris Hardwick? Tell me in the comments!

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