Discovery Monday: A Very Potter Musical

For this Discovery Monday I let you in on the greatest non-secret on the internet

In 2009 a group of University of Michigan students had a revelation about Harry Potter, “The character Draco Malfoy is always picking on Harry’s best friend, Hermione. And just during the reading of it, we were like, Draco does he have a crush on her? We thought it was going to be a twist that Draco would have a crush on Hermione.”

Nick Lang continues, “This idea of a song just kind of came into our heads that was “I Feel Like I’m In Danger of Falling In Love with Hermione Granger.” And so that was the first idea, and then we were like this could be a whole musical. You could make a musical out of Harry Potter.” – via Michigan Radio

And so, A Very Potter Musical was born.

The original two-act play made its worldwide debut on YouTube in July. Now, a year after its debut, the musical has almost 2 million views. The play takes a different look into the world of Harry Potter (A hilarious look), while still paying respect to the original. The tons of pop culture references and amazing music make even the most musical-hater love this play. I can make you a promise. You will still be singing these catchy and “totally awesome” (You will get that AVPM reference later) songs a year after you see it.

I can not tell you how much I love A Very Potter Musical. It’s definitely made me love the books and the movies even more. It also has given me hours and hours of hilarious delight from the infinite AVPM references I can make in real life and while watching the movies. If you love Harry Potter, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will love this too (Maybe even more than the movies).

Now, I don’t want to say anymore, because I think that the joy of seeing the musical for the first time, is not knowing what you’re getting yourself into. So get yourselves “back to Hogwarts” (Another AVPM reference. I do that a lot).

Begin your journey HERE

Get your FREE AVPM Soundtrack HERE

See you on Wednesday! – Kim

The group of Michigan students now called Team Starkid/Starkid Productions have 2 more YouTube sensations under their belt, Little White Lie and M&MD and will soon have a third, A Very Potter Sequel. The sequel comes out . . . THURSDAY! That’s right, July 22!

I’ll be putting a AVPM/AVPS discussion on the blogs Facebook page so you can discuss all your favorite quotes and songs. And all this week I will be featuring Team Starkid on the blog so be prepared for total awesomeness!

Have you seen AVPM? Do you love Harry Potter? What is your favorite AVPM quote? Tell me in the comments!

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