TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Crying Wolf”

Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Was the usual routine in-place last night? The increasing excitement and anticipation right when the hour began; the sigh of joy when you saw Damon; the anger that came when you found out what those werewolves were up-to; the small “Aw” that escaped your mouth when Stefan tried to be all sweet; the urge to throw your clicker and/or pillow at the television screen; the cheering that occurred when our new favorite hopefully soon-to-be couple kissed? Wait. Stop. That last one is not in the usual routine. Where did that come from? Who was doing the kissing? Caroline & Tyler? Jeremy & Bonnie? Well, there’s only one way to find out. For all those who have seen last nights super-fantastic episode, onwards and downwards. The rest of you know what to do. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

We begin with a little werewolf flambe, as Jules and her buddies are picking up after last nights run-in with the Mystic Falls Crew (Go team!). Enter neurotic wolf Stevie, who has some news for Brady and Jules. He explains that he had suspected something suspicious (Ooh! Check out my alliteration) when his boy Mason tried to hide his relationship with that vampire chick “Kathy” (Ha!). It’s only now that he realizes that, in fact, something suspicious had to do with the ‘Sun and the Moon curse.’ Brady vows that they can’t let them break the curse, “Even if we have to kill every last vampire in town.” Dun. Dun. Dun.

Cut to three best friends Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena reluctantly waking up after their slumber party (As in, there was an unscheduled annoying cell phone wake up call). Elena answers to find lover-boy Stefan in high spirits. The two flirt their way to schedule a weekend away from creepy Dad’s, werewolves, and Elijah.

Hey, there’s newswoman Andie Star not dead after her one-night bite fest with Damon. What a good vampire he is. Oh, hell. I just said you were a good vampire Damon, and now you compel Andie to think that she’s in love with you. What is going on? Yeah, Alaric. We see you, but were too focused on Damon. That boy has some issues we need to take care of and soon . . . plus, he’s not bad to look at. What? Oh, sorry. Damon shows Alaric Uncle John’s generous gift (Dagger and ash of a white oak tree – supposedly used to kill Originals), but has some serious reservations about attempting such a thing, since it was Uncle John who gave it to him. Alaric warns Damon about attempting an assassination at the party being thrown at the Lockwood Mansion in Elijah’s honor. What? Yep, you hear correctly.

Flashback: Elijah has been posing as a researcher and writer of a ‘Guide to Mystic Falls,’ in order to have free rein amongst the town and its inhabitants. This is how he gained entrance at the Gilbert house, also Aunt Jenna is naive.

Damon denies his plans, and tells our friend Alaric that he just wants to meet and talk to vamp Elijah (Yeah, right). At the Grill, Bonnie is discussing her new plan with Caroline. She is going to attempt to get answers out of Luca by using some sort of witch lie detector test. At the same time, Matt is giving Caroline the evil eye. He’s mad at her for lying to him and breaking their date the previous night. Matt storms off when he doesn’t get any answers.

Meanwhile, at Camp Werewolf, Brady asks Tyler to help them find the moonstone. Jules and Stevie fill the fresh blood in on the ‘Sun and Moon curse,’ and give him hope of only turning at will (If the wolves break the curse). Tyler is more than happy to hear that he wouldn’t have to turn anymore, until he hears more of the story. Blah, blah, Doppelganger. Blah, blah, help us find Katherine. Blah, blah, that’s Elena. How many times have we heard this?

Literally running into Caroline at The Grill, Tyler manages to make things worse by trying to apologize for his actions the previous night, and by stealing her cell phone. Seeing the former friends argument, Matt confronts Tyler about making moves on Caroline. He’s fine with it (Not really), as long as they stop lying to him about it.

Cut to the Gilbert house. Elena and Stefan are about to leave for the weekend, when Elena get’s a text from Caroline’s phone (We know its you, Tyler). He/she wants to know if they can talk, but Elena gives away her plans to spend the weekend at the lake house. Damn, Tyler. Why did you do that? Now those pesky werewolves are planning to abduct your friend. Nice. Really, nice.

Later, Stefan and Elena arrive at the lake house. Elena is a bit wary to go in, as she hasn’t been back since her adoptive parents were alive. Eventually, she collects herself and steps in . . . without Stefan. He can’t get in until Elena invites him, but she can’t. She doesn’t own the house. What? Ha. Ha. Very funny, Elena. Who knew she was such a trickster? Cue laughter and kissing. Ooh! Kitchen counter top “make-out” session. What? You decided to cut it there?! Fine, be that way. But when Delena finally happens (You know it will), I will not tolerate a Fade to Black. Do you hear me, Vampire Diaries?

At the Lockwood Mansion, Damon is introducing himself to Elijah. Love those long devilish stares, Damon. Our boy wants to know exactly why Elijah is in town, while Elijah just wants Damon to keep Elena and her friends safe. One camera wipe later, and Damon is blocking Elijah’s exit. Challenging an Original wasn’t the wisest thing to do, Damon. That’s probably why he stabbed you in the neck with that pencil. Wow. That’s a lot of blood. It’s a good thing you’re a vampire. That way, I don’t have to worry about you as much. Wait. Did Elijah just say that once this whole thing with Klaus is over, he’s going to kill Damon. I hope you know Elijah, that ain’t going to happen.

On the other side of the room, Uncle John is threatening to expose all Alaric’s secrets to Aunt Jenna. Master of the House doesn’t want any more of those late night sleepover’s the couple has been enjoying, and he really wants Alaric’s ring. Later, Uncle John plants some seeds of doubt into Jenna’s mind about her boyfriend, and continues to mock her lack-of parenting (Who can blame him?).

Bonnie’s plan is in place, as she charms her way into Luca’s good graces with an ice coffee spiked with some witch roofie. Jeremy (Yay, Jeremy!) is there to help transport the now unconscious Luca back to Caroline’s. Getting Jeremy out of the room, Caroline tries to tell Bonnie it’s okay to like Elena’s little brother (Thank you, Caroline!). Our witch friend Bonnie has been practicing. Using her special powers, Bonnie get’s Luca to spill some secrets. The reason why the Martin’s are working with Elijah? Both parties want Klaus dead. Why? Klaus is keeping Luca’s sister for her witch powers. He is searching for a way to break the curse without the doppelgänger. What has Elijah promised in return for help? Luca’s sister. How do you kill Klaus (Yes. We would all like to know)? He will be vulnerable after the sacrifice. What? “Elena has to die.” What?

BFF’s Alaric and Damon are sharing a drink back at the Salvatore Mansion. Alaric goes to leave, but there is a BANG! Damon rushes to check it out, only to find Alaric stabbed and bleeding (No!). Dropping down from the ceiling is, none other, than neurotic werewolf Stevie. Holding a syringe, Stevie pounces on Damon, injecting him with a toxin (Of course, Damon put up a fight). Hello, Jules. Bitch. Sorry, pardon my language. Thankfully, Damon is still alive, but is being chained up by Stevie. Man, that looks painful. Yeah, Stevie. Too much information. I don’t need to know how you thought of the collar (Torture porn flick). Jules comes back and demands the location of the moonstone. Damon refuses to answer and threatens the wolf with pledges of ripping out hearts.

Jules continues to threaten Damon, when Elijah pops in with the moonstone in hand. “Looking for this? Go on, take it.” Stupid werewolves try and fail miserably. One heart, two and three hearts, Stevie’s heart. What? Where’s Jules? Oh, come on! That werewolf bitch needs to die. Elijah removes Damon restraints, reminds him that he has saved his life three times, and leaves. Bye. Eventually, Alaric wakes up fully healed. I wasn’t worried about him at all (Yeah, right).

As the love continues to flow between Elena and Stefan, Elena asks her hunk if he ever thinks about what kind of future they might have together (Finally!). Stefan tells her that there are a lot of those kinds of conversations to be had, and any time Elena is ready to discuss them, he’ll be there. Yet, with all her musing, she’s just wants to live in the moment for now. What? No. Human or vampire? Girl, you need to choose!

That night, Stefan is making dinner for his lady-love, when Elena decides to get more wood for the fire. She goes into her parents room for a jacket, but finds herself swimming in memories. Stefan walks in and puts on a plaid jacket Elena picked out for him. She tells him how hot he looks and Stefan begins another kissing session  . . . Ooh! Their going at it against the closet wall this time. What? Why did he stop? Damn. Every time. Not fair. Looking up, Stefan see’s there’s more to that closet wall than meets the eye, it’s hollow. Prying apart the planks of wood, the two find a door. Breaking the lock, we find an arsenal – everything you need to kill a mass of vampires.

Leaving Elena alone to pick up some fire wood, Stefan is shot in heart with a wooden bullet by Brady (Wow. Can this day get any worse?). He then instructs Tyler to keep shooting the vampire if he moves. Don’t do it, Tyler. Don’t do it. Damn. You just did. I don’t even know who you are anymore. Tyler is under the illusion that the vampires want to break the curse to condemn the werewolves, and Tyler really doesn’t want to be a werewolf. Even through the pain, Stefan tries to explain what the deal is. They don’t want to break the curse, because if they did, that means Elena would have to die. Yeah, Tyler. You don’t seem to thrilled with the plan now, do you? It seems Jules has been keeping secrets.

Speaking of people who tell lies, Brady is using his werewolf stalking skills on Elena. Seeing that the front door to the cabin is open and there is no Stefan in sight, Elena makes her way to the opening with a butcher knife in hand (Good, human). Stepping further out into the night, Elena hears Brady approach and stabs him in the stomach (There’s been a lot of stabbing today, hasn’t there?). Unfortunately, Brady is a werewolf and the only thing that can kill him is a quick heart extraction. He makes a quick recovery, while Elena searches for a safe place to hide. Why she didn’t go straight to the arsenal in the back of the house, is beyond my comprehension. Eventually she makes her way there, stabbing (There’s that word again) Brady with a stake to the shoulder. He lives, of course, only until Stefan is able to rip his heart out. Stefan? Yes, Stefan. Tyler is a good guy after all.

When all the wolves have flown the coop, Stefan tells Elena the news. Elijah never planned to keep Elena safe, she was always supposed to die. Only, this isn’t news to her. She always knew the plan. Elena would sacrifice herself if it meant keeping her family and friends safe. Stefan is more than pissed. He tells her that she’s a martyr. “That’s not heroic. It’s tragic.”

Now, to the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, I’ve been waiting for it. It’s time for Bonnie and Jeremy to make their way home. Bonnie tells Jeremy that she remembers Elena’s little brother. She remembers the boy who had drug and emo phases, but now, he’s one hot & sweet guy. “You think I’m hot?” Oh, yeah. She does. Look at those eyes, Jeremy. She wants you. “Enough already.” He goes for it. This wasn’t the sweet soft kiss I was expecting. Oh, no. This was rough and steamy, and I couldn’t be happier for them. Finally! How long have the Beremy fans been waiting for this? Okay, it’s time to do the happy dance.

Well, that was one short happy dance. Mrs. Lockwood is making her way upstairs when she hears a noise. She looks and finds an envelope. It reads, “Mom.” Damn. This can not be good. Then at The Grill, Tyler (Who has luggage!) wants to talk to Matt. He confesses that Caroline has been helping him through some things, and he did fall for her. Yet, she loves Matt and Caroline deserves someone like him. Tyler wants Matt to take good care of his friend.

Alright, do you need tissues? This next part might hurt a little. Caroline hears a noise outside and starts to inspect. She see’s nothing and leaves. Cut to Tyler standing on her front porch (Awww). Walking down the road, Tyler gets into a car. Oh, no. It’s not just any car, it’s Jules’ truck (You’ve got to be kidding me?). He plans on following Jules, but needs her to promise that there wont be any more lies. I don’t think you should believe her, Tyler.

“You’re doing the right thing.”

“I can’t stay here, not like this.”

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What did you think of Jeremy and Bonnie? Will Stefan and Elena ever be happy? Will Damon kill Elijah? Are Alaric and Jenna over? What is Uncle John up to? Will we see Tyler again? What does Jules want with him? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    This episode was not that exciting for me. I’m not sure why but I’m just gonna blame it on those pesky werewolves. The level of disgust and dislike (I refrain from using the word hate here) I felt for them just kinda killed the mood for me (weird). You would think I’d be exciting when Elijah & Stefan ripped their hearts out…but meh. BTW Elijah, you are awesome (flashback to him compelling Katherine in the tomb, I got chills).

    It’s a disappointment that Tyler left with Jules (I never saw that coming) but where else is he gonna go, right? He is confused and alone and seriously if another full moon comes around how would he deal? It’s really the best thing for him to do.

    Uncle John, how u annoy me but thanks for clueing Jenna about life in Mystic Falls. At least this will give her and Alaric a couple more lines. I’m not too invested in their relationship so, whatever happens…

    Speaking of people who had no storyline; ah Matt, it’s about time u stop wiping down tables, looking hurt and clueless being completely out of the loop. I read that in the books, Matt plays a stronger role, even being Stefan’s BFF or supm like that. Also the writer Julie Plec is planning on amping up his storyline so we shall see where that goes.

    Oh Beremy. Finally. The scene didn’t quite do it for me. It was kinda awkward IMO but it finally happened so YAY. About last week’s scenes with them, the writer said she was also surprised when Jeremy put his arm around Bonnie in the town square but just to take it as a protective gesture – a la Manwitch, Dr. Martin.

    I am most definitely looking forward to next week, seeing Stefan’s bad side should be interesting especially since it’s supposed to be worse than Damon. Hmmm, Damon. The expression on his face when Elijah was pulling hearts left, right and center….absolutely classic.

    1. I agree. I didn’t hate this episode, but didn’t love it either. There were so many scenes that could have been great if they didn’t try to cram so much into one episode. I think there was too much going on. Plus, werewolves suck. 😉

      Poor Tyler. I was so disappointed when he left with Jules, but I agree with you. There’s really nowhere else for him to go and seeing as Jules is the only werewolf he knows, I guess it was the right thing to do. I just hope he doesn’t turn evil or something.

      Uncle John is such a creeper! I don’t know if letting Aunt Jenna in on everything is a good idea. I would love some more Alaric time, but what is Aunt Jenna going to do? Is she going to become a hunter like Alaric? I don’t think so. Although . . . that might be pretty awesome.

      Yes, Matt definitely needs more screen-time. That whole on-again, off-again thing with Caroline is getting old. They just need to get back together already. Beremy! I love Beremy! It was such a Yay! moment, yet I agree, I wish their moment could have been drawn out more. Protective gesture? Really? That didn’t seem like a protective gesture to me 🙂

      I don’t know what I think about next weeks preview. In the first season I would have been all excited for a Stefan flashback, but being Team Damon now, I’m not that excited. Since I said that, It will probably be one of my favorite episodes of the season. Okay, all this TVD talk is making me have to ask, is it Thursday yet? 😉

  2. setinmotion says:

    ooohh. comments!
    hmm well honestly i have to agree and say this wasn’t my FAVOURITE episode. I think what you guys said is probably why but I’m kinda over the heaviness atm. I mean it was heavy in the first season but at least you had sexiness and damon killing people etc etc to liven things up-atm its heavy seriousness and ugh.
    basically i probably just want some more lovin’ to be going on 🙂

    hmmm does that mean that tyler is no longer going to be in the show? because that would suck. or will we watch him and jules do their wolfy thing cause that would be weird as well-but i assume it will have something to do with mystic falls right?

    and what is this about stefan’s bad side? yummy. personally i think ian somerhalder is the better actor between the two but paul can do full-on when it counts (when stelena broke up? heart-wrenching) so id like to see him bad.
    also, kudos to him being angry at elena for wanting to play the hero. shame on her.

    thats about it, although i agree about the beremy scene it was awkward-he like full on went at her and they kissed…and it lasted about 15 seconds. but he has gotten more attractive this season hasn’t he?

    1. Yes! We do need more lovin on the show, especially some involving Damon. lol

      I think Tyler may be out of a couple episodes (Let the vamps take over for a while), but I’m sure we’ll see him pop up with Jules soon enough. Those pesky werewolves probably feel the need to stop Klaus from breaking the sun and the moon curse too.

      Agreed. I loved that Stefan was angry with Elena. That human self sacrificing for her vampire routine is getting old. I want Stefan and/or Damon to step up to the plate and make a huge dangerous gesture to save Elena. What do you think?

  3. setinmotion says:

    Damon doing something sexy? hells yeah. that would be one way to make him look good. although what hes got going on with andy star is confusing me a little…

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