Press Play Friday: Bobby Long

Up & comer Bobby Long is in the spotlight for this Press Play Friday

With his acoustic sound and sincere heartfelt lyrics, Bobby Long is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of the past few years.

The sound of his acoustic guitar and rough engaging voice make him a classic artist, which the world needs more of. He is a rarity amongst singers these days. Focusing on the music rather than the show of it. Bobby brings back folk/rock to its roots. There is nothing more beautiful than a man and his guitar singing about truth & love.

You are swept up in the music – the sound. It’s a whole different experience from music that is popular today. His music is truthful. You are taken to another place – a better place.

Gaining a massive following after contributing the song “Let Me Sign” off the Twilight soundtrack, Bobby is constantly touring, bringing his intimate sound to the world. His debut album is due out later this year, while a few of his songs are currently available on iTunes and several demo’s are available on his MySpace page.

I feel as if this is the direction that music needs to go from now on. It’s about time that people start realizing that these struggling musicians are better than most of the crap that’s on the radio these days (This is my rant for today).

It’s musicians like Bobby Long that make life a little easier to bear. Here are some of my favorite Bobby songs.

My Darling Belle

The Bounty of Mary Jane

I Give Her Love

About Bobby Long:

“British singer-songwriter Bobby Long has been writing his keenly-crafted songs since taking up the guitar at age 17. After relocating from the countryside of South West England, he became a fixture at London ’s open-mic nights while attending university there. Long’s intensely personal songs resonate with audiences (not surprisingly, he credits Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen as key influences), expanding his fan base exponentially during the massive six-month 2009 Dangerous Summer tour that comprised over 100 shows in cities across the U.S. and Canada. The 10-song Dirty Pond Songs CD he recorded in his London bedroom is only available at his shows. The CD’s “Left to Lie” topped the iTunes Unsigned chart and climbed to No. 8 on the Folk chart. Other popular tracks are the atmospheric story-song “The Bounty of Mary Jane,” which is also available from iTunes, and the ballad “Who Have You Been Loving,” which has received U.S. radio airplay. Bobby Long is now on his 2010 U.S. tour and plans to release his first studio album—produced by Liam Watson (Grammy-winner for Elephant by The White Stripes’)—later in the year.”

Source: MySpace Music: Bobby Long

See you on Monday! – Kim

Do YOU like Bobby Long? Never heard of him? After listening to a couple of his songs, will you purchase his music? Do you also hate the crap that’s on the radio today? Tell me in the comments!
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