Press Play Friday: Civil Twilight

“I’m trying to get people to surrender, to give them a sense of hope and acceptance with our music. I want to tell a story that transports you somewhere else.” Steven McKellar

The greatest thing to happen to a music lover, is the act of stumbling upon a song or a group completely by accident, and discovering how much you love their music. The truth is, this is how I usually find my music. You either hear one thing or another from someone else, or find a free song on a website (Hey iTunes!).

One of the greatest things that iTunes does, is give away a couple of free songs a week. And one week, they gave away Letters From The Sky. I usually listen to the thirty-second (Which is way to short) preview of the free song and make my quick judgement. Sometimes it pays off (ex. Love Song by Sara Bareilles) and sometimes it doesn’t (Too many to count). This was one of those times where it definitely paid off.

Civil Twilight is a band that creates beautiful epic ballads. They tell a story. They create a separate world, apart from your own. Much like Florence + The Machine, they take you to a different place.

I really believe that the deserve their own genre. Epic rock. They don’t fit into any other category.

Their first single Letters From The Sky is really the definition of epic (Civil Twilight is epic). A story about two separated lovers, who imagine living in a world where they can be together, is the gateway into the Civil Twilight world of perfectly dramatic and passionate songs.

Letters From The Sky


Next To Me

Album Rating: A

About Civil Twilight

“Originally hailing from Cape Town, Africa, Civil Twilight is a power trio that draws parallels to Muse, Pilot Speed, and other like-minded bands with impassioned vocals and stirring, alt-rock songcraft. Brothers Andrew and Steven McKeller were raised in a musical household, having explored their father’s jazz collection at a young age while listening to their classically trained mother play piano. In November 1996, Andrew launched a teenaged band with help from his high school classmate, guitarist Richard Wouters. The two scheduled an inaugural rehearsal for the following month; in the interim, Andrew discovered that his younger brother, Steven, could sing and write songs. The three musicians subsequently banded together, with Steven agreeing to master the bass and Wouters giving up the guitar (which Andrew also played) to learn drums. Civil Twilight spent several years practicing in local church halls and garages before graduating to the local club scene, where they steadily became a well-respected act. Having finished their education, the bandmates then moved to Los Angeles in August 2005; shortly thereafter, they signed with the indie label One October and co-produced their debut record, Human. The album arrived in 2007 . . .”

Source: Billboard

Buy Civil Twilight‘s self-titled album HERE

See you on Monday! – Kim

Do you like Civil Twilight? What is your favorite song? Tell me in the comments!

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