Movie Review: Avengers – Infinity War (Spoiler Free!)

I never considered myself a fan of superhero movies. I’d been a firm believer that those blockbuster films were overrated. I truly thought I had no ties to the genre, whatsoever. Now, I’ve realized that is a complete lie. I love superhero movies, I always have. I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I’d been denying it for so long, but it’s true. I’ve been a fan for a long time.

The first superhero series I remember being invested in was the original X-Men franchise. After that, my interest in the genre had wavered. I remember watching the first Iron Man, but I never got into it. It wasn’t until Guardians of the Galaxy that I became truly fascinated. Slowly, I started to research the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, I’m a dedicated movie buff, so I knew Marvel had multiple films that were connected. I had some knowledge about the characters, yet I didn’t know just how expansive the whole series was.

When it was announced that the Guardians were going to be in Infinity War, I knew I had to see it, which meant I had some catching up to do. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had only seen four out of the original eighteen films that made up the MCU. Within the past two weeks I’ve watched nine Marvel films in preparation for Infinity War. Now, I can confidently tell you that I’ve seen fourteen of the original Marvel films, plus Infinity War. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it. I didn’t think I’d fall for these characters and story-lines as much as I have. If I didn’t do my homework and If I didn’t watch all these films, I don’t think I would have liked Infinity War as much as I did.

By knowing this eclectic group of characters’ personalities and backstories, I became truly invested in the outcome of this grand epic. Within the first five minutes of the film, my knee started shaking. I had to cover my mouth with my hand to keep every cringe and gasp from falling out. I haven’t cared about a film character’s well-being like that in a long time.

You’d never expect this grandiose cinematic event to be a character drama, but that’s exactly what it is. It’s what most of the movies in the MCU are like. Truthfully, I couldn’t care less about the plot of these films. A ragtag band of heroes have to fight a bad guy and save the wold? So what? It’s been done way too many times before. What the MCU has so flawlessly done is to create a universe of characters that you sincerely care about, that you genuinely love. I don’t think any other collaborative film series has accomplished that the way the MCU has. Not to mention, the perfect casting and amazing talent they’ve managed to assemble.

For fans, Infinity War is an emotionally satisfying and wild ride. However, it can also be immensely frustrating. From the beginning, the filmmakers have stated that this film will change the MCU forever. Basically, a handful of your favorites are not going to survive. I think for many this was in the forefront of our minds throughout the film. Throughout the two and a half hours I spent in the theatre, I kept repeating in my head, “Don’t kill Thor. Don’t kill Thor or Captain America. Don’t kill Thor, Captain America, or the Guardians.” That’s all I could think about, so I couldn’t really focus on what was happening in the moment. I couldn’t enjoy all the twists and surprises when I was worrying about who was going to die and when.

We can’t even go into Infinity War’s epic and emotional ending without walking through a minefield of spoilers, so I won’t even try. If you haven’t seen the movie, look away for a moment. The review will return in just a second. As for the rest of you, let me just say this: You and I both know that outcome is not going to stick. I never believed it, not for a second. They don’t think we’ve been paying attention. But we know what’s up, don’t we? 😉

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of ten years worth of story-lines and character development. When you’ve got thirty or more different characters doing different things on different planets, you would think it would get overly complicated and messy. Infinity War tackles this issue with ease. The film is set-up into three easy-to-follow acts. It flows seamlessly from one story to another without distraction. It’s quite the achievement knowing the numerous stories that had to integrate and the little intricacies they added for this scenario to make sense.

The biggest problem you’ll have with Infinity War is the multiple cliffhangers, especially when you find out we have to wait another year for Avengers 4. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you felt like Team Good Guy actually accomplished something. There is no big pay off. There are no big wins, only big losses. The final scenes are shocking, to say the least. I left the theatre a bit dumbstruck. Like, “That’s it? That really happened?” You feel conflicted, because on the one hand, you know it’s not over. This is only part one of a larger story. On the other hand, the ending of Infinity War feels permanent. It feels like the end of everything. It destroys any assumptions you had. What should have happened didn’t. I guarantee you’ll leave the theatre in a puddle of feels.

You just have to remember that this is only the beginning. They’re going to make you wait for it, but it’s not over yet. There is more to come. Thanos will return.

Movie Rating: B+

Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War? What did you think of the film? How many MCU movies have you seen? Which one was your favorite? Are you looking forward to more from the MCU ? Which character do you love most? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. hupsutupsu says:

    way to embrace your super-hero movie loving self! i can’t get enough of those films and am so looking forward to seeing infinity war. nice review!

    1. Thanks! After I binge watched all those Marvel movies, I was like, “Oh, these are pretty good.” Lol.

      If you liked any of the Marvel films, you’ll definitely like this one. Plus, despite all the drama, it’s still funny. You’ll have to come back here and tell me how you liked it! 😀

      1. hupsutupsu says:

        i’ll definitely get back to you when i do!

  2. Tiffany Lea says:

    Love this post, thank you so much for sharing! I got the insane opportunity to go to the World Premiere two weeks ago and meet all the cast at the after party. It was truly a blast! I’m also really grateful I got to meet Tom Holland last weekend for his charity event. I wrote posts about it if you’d like to check them out!

    Love, Tiffany Lea

    1. Thanks for reading!

      That sounds amazing! I’ll definitely check it out. 😀

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