Supernatural Rewind: “Exile on Main Street”

What happened to you, Dean?

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Last night’s season premiere was too much to handle! I’m still recovering. And there is so much to discuss. Sam and Dean are together again, but their not the people they once were. Grandpa Campbell is back from the dead. Cas is M.I.A. Dean hasn’t spoken to Bobby in ages. Sam has been hunting since he got back a year ago, but he didn’t tell Dean (Sammy, that hurts). And Dean is just a whole other story that needs to be recapped and discussed right now, because I really need to say something about it or I will go crazy. So for all of you that watched, onwards and downwards! For the rest of you . . . SPOILER ALERT!

ONE YEAR AGO: Cemetery. Impala. Sam. Adam. Dean. Rings. Devils cage. Sam looks at Dean all bloodied and bruised and shakes his head yes. Dean looks at Sam . . . sorry, I cry every time I see this episode . . . we hear Sam say, “I’m not coming back” (Oh, really?). Sam and Adam fall into the deep depths of hell. Dean. Impala. Sam saying he wants dean to live a normal apple pie (“Get me some pie!”) life with Lisa (Yuck) and Ben.

NOW: Dean is in bed with Lisa and the clock strikes 7am (Horrible beeping sound included). To me Dean doesn’t look too happy. Or maybe he’s just thinking about how much he misses Sam (Aww).

Lisa: “You, okay?”

Dean: “Yeah. I’m good”

Sorry Dean, but I don’t believe you.

As Beautiful Loser (We can talk about the significance of that song title later) by Bob Seger plays, the normal apple pie life that Dean is experimenting with (Because I don’t think he’ll stick with it) starts to unfold. In a great montage, we compare Deans new life to his old one. Grabbing salt from the cabinet we see what he uses it for now (Making eggs) and what he used to use it for (Keeping away the demons and ghosts). Putting his tools in his truck (What? Dean doesn’t drive a truck) and putting the arsenal in the trunk of the Impala. Using hammers and saws for his job as a construction worker now, and using tools to kill vampires then. Having a beer at a BBQ and having a beer with Sam (Aww). Working on the truck (What?) with Ben, and working on the Impala with Sam (Aww). Everything seems to be going all right for Dean. He’s out of the hunter life. He has Ben and Lisa (No. You’re supposed to be with Sam, Dean). He has the life of someone normal. But what normal person keeps a gun and holy water under his bed? Someone who isn’t satisfied with his “normal” life. Someone who needs to be what he is destined to be: a hunter.

Glass breaks. The new Supernatural logo appears (So awesome).

Now Dean is in a bar (Don’t get too excited) with his new best friend Sid (This is so wrong). Sid wants to know more about what Dean used to do. “There’s not much to tell” (Yeah, right). So what does he do? He lies. He tells him he used to be in pest control (Ha) and worked with a partner (See, Dean. You know you can’t quit Sam). The tattooed female bartender gives them the bill. Sid is amazed as every time they go out together, Dean gets a number (There’s the Dean we love). Dean couldn’t care less (Or does he?).

As he goes to his truck, he hears a scream. He grabs he trusted gun and starts to investigate. Nothing, but a few animal like scratches on a door. He thinks he was just overreacting (No. Not really). Then when returning home the next day, he sees the scratches again. But, this time there is more: sulfur. “Oh, crap.” You know what that means. A demon.

1st great line of the night: “Possums kill.”

Dean grabs a few essentials out of the Impala (I miss you already): shotgun filled with salt, I imagine, holy water, wooden stake, etc. Lisa is suspicious of his behavior (Give it up woman). He tells her he wants to make sure that everything is okay (Because he has an O.C.D thing about supernatural activity) and wants them to go to the movies and the Cheesecake Factory (Really, Dean?). She leaves (Bye!).

Out comes a trunk that houses his leather jacket (Yeah!) and his fathers journal (Where have you been?). The light starts to flicker (Uh. Oh). He pulls out the shotgun. There’s a noise, but nothings there. He turns around . . . and Yellow Eyes is staring back at him (Oh. No!). “Hi, Dean.”

“You can’t be.” Oh, yes he can (No. He can’t). Yellow Eyes, creepier and scarier than before, talks as if he’s been watching Dean for a while now as he grabs him by the neck (No!).

One of the more poignant lines of the night: “You can’t out run your past.”

Yellow Eyes has Dean up against the Impala now, still choking him, when Sam (Yeah!) goes right through Yellow Eyes and stabs Dean with a needle Pulp Fiction style.

After the commercial break, Dean wakes up and find Sam watching him. “Hey, Dean. I was expecting a hug? Holy water in the face? Something.” Dean thinks he’s dead (He’s not) and Yellow Eyes killed him. But Sam tells him the real story. He was poisoned and whatever he’d been seeing wasn’t real, but he is. Sam goes through the motions, silver knife cut, holy water, etc (Oh, he’s real . . . and not a demon). Dean in his tucked in shirt (Hey, old man!) is in disbelief (Who wouldn’t be?), but he goes in for a hug (That’s what I’ve been waiting for).

Dean want’s to know who brought him back. Cas? (Who is M.I.A) God? But Sam doesn’t know. He says he’s been looking for weeks but can’t find a single lead (Here it comes). “Wait. Weeks? How long have you been back?” It’s been a year. Wow. The hurt on his face . . . please give Jensen Ackles an Emmy!

Sam tells Dean why he didn’t tell him he was back, but mostly he tells Dean what he (As in Dean) wanted.

Sam: You finally had what you wanted, Dean.”

Dean: “I wanted my brother!”

So what has Sam been doing all this time? Why he’s been hunting . . . with people.

Dean: “You’re working with strangers?”

Sam: “Their more like family. And their here.”

Say, what? In a creepy awkward silence moment, we’re introduced to the Campbell’s (Mama’s side of the family): Gwen, Christian, Mark. Their all hunters. Sam seems to be alright with them. Dean, on the other hand, is so not cool with this.

Dean: “And I’m sorry. It’s just, you know? How come we didn’t know about any of you?”

Grandpa Campbell: “Cause they didn’t know about you.”

Wait. Grandpa’s back from the dead? And he brought Sam and the others together? Okay. This is good (Not!). They think that whatever pulled Sam up, brought Grandpa down (Okay. So why not bring Papa Winchester back? Probably, because he’s off being a movie star, and all). I don’t know about you, but something ain’t right with the Campbell’s. It’s as if they just suddenly appeared and want to be friends. They wait till now to get in contact with they boys? I say this can not be good (Remember that other relative they had? Who was alive, then dead, then alive again, then dead again? That didn’t turn out too well. Did it?).

Dean: “There’s no more door-nails coming out of the door, is there?”

As far as they know, only Grandpa Samuel and Sam were “saved” (Um, why Grandpa? Answers Please!). I wouldn’t be surprised though, if some others we’re saved as well (Please be the Trickster). Grandpa says he wanted to come get Dean (That’s suspicious) but Sam didn’t want to (Why, Sammy?). It wasn’t until Sam was poisoned that he felt it necessary to go get Dean. So who poisoned them? The Djinn (From season 2) who can pose as regular people, and can kill you with a single touch. Why exactly they are after Sam and Dean is a little fuzzy. Sam thinks it’s because they killed one a while back (I think there is more to the story). Dean is worried about Lisa and Ben so they go back to get them. This is the first time we see Sam’s new car (2008 Dodge Charger) and the lack of Dean making fun of the car, which I’m sure he would do.

Everything is alright (Except for the dead guy in the driveway), but Dean thinks he should take them somewhere safe. Where, o’ where could that be? Hmmm . . how about Uncle Bobby’s?! “If you’re here somethings wrong.” Turns out they haven’t seen or talked to each other in a while (Not cool). Not to mention, Bobby knew about Sam the whole time! Again the hurt on Dean’s face (Give that man an Emmy!). Sam and Bobby both think that giving Dean the life that they wanted for him was the right thing to do (Well, I don’t think so).

Dean: “I went to them because you (Sam) asked me to.”

Sam: “Good.”

Dean: “Good for who? I showed up on their door step half out of my head with grief. God knows why they let me in. I drank too much. I had nightmares.”

It’s good to know that there is still a little bit of old Dean back. He’s not all soft and fluffy. So time to say goodbye to Lisa (Bye! Bye! Don’t come back now, ya hear?). “You’re saying goodbye?” You bet he is. You know if he really loved her it wouldn’t be so easy to say goodbye, but it sure seemed easy.

Again with Sam and his new car, and the lack of Dean making fun of it. You know he would so make fun of that car. I feel like the Night Rider them should be playing every time the car passes.

Dean and Sam go back to the Campbell’s. Dean wants to start killing some monsters, but everyone else just wants to wait. “Relax, Dean . . . You’ve been out of the game for a while. Leave it to the professionals.” Oh, he did not just say that! Don’t take that crap, Dean!

Dean: “Tiny suggestion. You see, Djinn are easier to draw out when you got bait. They want Sam and me. They know where I live. Now, I haven’t been hunting in a while, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that’s a pretty safe place for us to go. See, it’s almost like I’m a professional.”

Oh, BURN! He got you that one guy I don’t know the name of. Well, he got you for a little while. Until, they go back to Lisa’s house to prepare. Seems like these Campbell’s like making fun of my boy Dean, and that is not okay with me. Even Sam’s in on the mocking of the new life that he wanted for him (What the?)

Sam: “Golf? Really?”

Dean: “It’s a sport.”

This new normal life has ruined our boy, Dean. This needs to be corrected and fast. Hurry, get the beer, hookers, and cheeseburgers. This is an emergency!

Oh, now a Grandpa wanting Dean to join the group because he just can’t handle the work load. I bet Sam and Dean could do it. Maybe you’re too old for the job Grandpa, or maybe too dead. Either way, it will always be Sam and Dean forever. That’s the way it works (Sorry for the Grandpa hate. I just think that something is fishy and it begins with Grandpa over there).

The Djinn are waiting, but only for Sam and Dean to be alone. So Grandpa leaves, only after Sam agrees with the plan (Does Gramps not trust Dean?).

B.T.W: Sam remembers the cage. So how long was he in there? It looked like only a couple of hours, which in Hell time turns about to be around a couple of weeks, right? (A month equals 10 years). Of course, Sam doesn’t want to talk about it (Sound familiar?). Is it eating him inside, like it did with Dean? Maybe he didn’t torture anybody, so that’s why he seems okay with it. I don’t know. I need at least the next 6 episodes right now, if I ever want to have non-Supernatural related thoughts again.

Hey look! The Djinn are killing Sid and his wife (Bye, Sid). Without thinking, Dean goes over there with the anecdote (Which Grandpa whipped up). Too late, their dead. And soon Dean will be, after the Djinn get to him. On the other side, Sam is battling his own tattooed foe. And Grandpa’s there to save him. What’s with that look Grandpa? I think you’re hiding something.

In the meantime, Dean is hallucinating after the Djinn attack (Please don’t use that camera technique where the camera is attached to the actor’s body. It looks terrible). Dean think he see’s Ben and Lisa go back to the house where Yellow Eyes is waiting for them. What unfolds is pretty familiar. Lisa in a white dress on the ceiling burning away (Mary. Jessica). Ben drinking Azazel’s blood (Sam). There are so many deep-rooted issues here, that we could go into a ten-hour long discussion on the fact that Dean really needs a psychiatrist. That’s for another day, but feel free to discuss it in the comments.

Return to Sam wanting Dean to come with him. “No. I’m going back for Lisa and Ben.” Wait! What? No. You’re supposed to go with your brother, get in that Impala, and hunt some darn monsters. That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re going to pull pranks on each other. You’re going to love each other. Now. Do it. Don’t make me come over there. No, wait. Please make me come over there (!).

The “There is something wrong with Sam” moment of the night:

Sam: “You just went. You didn’t hesitate. Because you care, and that’s who you are. Me, I wouldn’t think to try.”

Dean: “Yes, you would.”

Sam: “No, Dean.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is messed up. Sam is exactly the person who would go and try to save someone without thinking. Hello? Remember, Sam? I know Dean is severely messed up after this year in normalcy. But, you? No. I don’t believe it.

The “There is something wrong with Dean,” besides the tucked in shirt, moment:

He gives the keys to the Impala to Sam! “She should be hunting. Take her.” Oh, hell no. You take those keys back, Dean. You’re going to need them. Thank’s Sam for not taking them.

Now tell me there is seriously not something wrong with Sam after he said this: “It’s nice to see you again, Dean.” Does that not sound like something Lucifer would say? Oh, there’s something wrong, all right.

My review: I found last nights episode to be . . . well, different. There was something off. Their was a different feel to this episode unlike every other episode in the series. Why was that? Is it because Sera Gamble is show runner now? I can’t be sure about that yet. Is it too premature to say that I miss Kripke? No. I will always love and miss Kripke as show runner. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the episode. I just want the old tone back. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next episode to see what will happen. So, is it Friday yet?

So what did you think of the premiere boys and girls? What was the best moment of the night? Do you hate “new” Dean? Is there something wrong with Grandpa? Sam? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. nyangel22 says:

    I think that there is pretty much so a consensus that something is wrong with both Sam and Grandpa Campbell. (Honestly, the entire Campbell clan seemed very strange–they kind of reminded me of a less psychopathic version of the Benders.)

    As for Dean, I think his problem is that he really settled for Lisa and Ben. When he encountered them in season 3, they represented the family that he wanted. They were his ticket to normal. The thing is that he never loved Lisa–she was just a girl that he spent a weekend with, who impressed him with her flexibility. He only sought her out because he was going to Hell and remembered how much he liked that weekend. Then, he met Ben, and she literally became the woman of his dreams. My biggest problem with Lisa is that she wants Dean to be someone that he isn’t. She looked down on the fact that he needed to check the house for demons, and while she and her son went to Bobby’s when Dean asked, I felt like she was being inconvenienced. If she was the right woman, she wouldn’t try to change him, she would accept him for who he is.

    I felt that the right woman for Dean was Jo, but unless there are more un-dead people wandering around, I don’t see that happening.

    1. I completely agree. I never thought that Dean loved Lisa. I don’t think we ever got any inclination that there was something more between them than just a nice weekend. Yeah, he loves Ben. I think he see’s himself in Ben and that’s why he went to them in season 5. I think he went to be with Ben more than to be with Lisa. But, I think he loves the idea of her – of that normal life that Sam wanted for him, but he is not in love with her. I think that he thought that if he was ever going to get a normal life, Lisa was the only one he knew who could give it to him.

      I do think that if Jo was alive, he would have gone to her. There was such a connection there, and that is probably the most evident in “Abandon All Hope.” I thought you really saw how much they loved each other, even though she really wasn’t a big fixture in his life. When she died, he is obviously so shaken and heartbroken. And when he is with Lisa, I see no emotion. I see just a comfortable situation. In that year, he basically had no one. I think he just wanted to rid himself of everything supernatural (No pun intended). So staying with Lisa just seemed like a normal thing to do. To live a normal life, the one Sam wanted for him. I think Dean says in this episode that if he knew Sam was alive he wouldn’t have stayed with Lisa. I think he only did it for Sam.

      Okay, let me wrap this up. I think that Dean being a “family man” was a great character progression. I understand why they did it. I really like it. I just don’t understand why it was with Lisa. He just showed up at her door after a hard day. She was only in two episodes. It never seemed that there was a long lasting connection between them to warrant him going to her. She was never mentioned in between. It was just like a “What the?” moment. I really didn’t understand. Why her?

      Wow. That was a long rant. Sorry. Supernatural does this to me. 😉

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