TV Rewind: Terriers – “Fustercluck”

This is Season 1 Episode 4 of Terriers. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT!

Wow. I mean, wow. Last nights episode just cranked it up to 11. This is seriously becoming one of my new favorite shows. This episode was one surprise after another. And then in the final moments, one surprise just beat all the rest up. This definitely was the episode that changed everything. I won’t be surprised if this show got an early renewal come May. Of course, that is if more people start watching. Do you hear me people? Start watching.

This was an episode that clearly began a new journey for Hank and Britt. The previous two episodes solely focused on formulated week-to-week cases and now I’m not so sure that’s all we’re going to get. This episode planted some deep roots into the mythology of the show. I figure that Hank and Britt are not coming out of this without at least a few scrapes and scars.

“Fustercluck” (I just like saying it), brought back Robert Lindus who is currently sitting in jail (Hank and Britt planted the murder weapon). He has a deal for them; $250,000 and the name for the person that killed Hank’s friend Mickey (From episode 1). The catch? They have to steal the money from Lindus. It seems to be an open and shut case. They steal the money successfully – in a great heist scene that could be straight out of Oceans 11 – and Lindus gets something that he wants.

Britt: “Are you going to come visit me in prison?”

Hank: “For conjugal visits? Yeah, sure.”

What exactly? A key. A key that opens a safe deposit box (Isn’t that always the way?). In the box is a letter. A letter that is the reason why Mickey is dead and why Eleanor had to run. They saw something that they shouldn’t. The letter is incriminating evidence that Lindus’ bosses were up to no good.

When Lindus get’s his money, he jumps bail. He needs the letter to stay alive. It’s the only reason why he’s not dead already. Of course when you jump, someone needs to catch you. Hank and Britt figure out what he’s doing and try to take him to Gustafson. But, when Lindus try’s to run, he get’s hit by a car. The two take him back to Hank’s house.

And this is where our second storyline comes in. In last week’s episode we see a mysterious figure climb into Hank’s attic. The culprit? Hank’s sister, Stephanie who has recently checked out of the hospital for unspecified reasons (She’s a little crazy). She’s been living in Hank’s attic for a month, more comfortably than Hank has been in his new/old home. When things can’t seem to get any worse, Lindus drops dead in the bathroom. Then there is a knock on the door (Who could it be?). Gustafson wants to bring Hank and Britt in for questioning, after Lindus’ wife accused the two of kidnapping her husband. This leaves them with a dead body and nowhere to put it, so they stash it. The two leave as Stephanie finds the dead body in the bathtub (Gasp!). Cue next week’s previews, which seem to mark another eventful episode, to say the least.

Terriers airs on Wednesday’s at 9pm on FX

Did you watch Terriers? What did you think? Are you going to tune in next week? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Oh, I love this show! I definitely agree with you; this episode had one surprise after another, and when Lindus got hit by a car, I have to admit, I did gasp aloud. I really liked the heist scene; it was something I never would have expected. I mean, dressing up as an alarm repairman? Pretty clever idea. Oh, and when Gustafson wanted to scope out Hank’s house, and Britt was on the toilet when he opened the bathroom door? That was pretty funny. I have no idea what they’re gonna do about the dead body, especially with Stephanie knowing about it. Her current state leaves her with no filter, so it is plausible that she could cause a few problems, if not here, then somewhere along the line. Anyway, to wrap up, this show has left me pleasantly surprised each week. Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. I totally forgot the scene where Gustafson walks in on Britt (on the toilet). That was so funny! I half expected to see Britt with half of the body out the window and Gustafson just staring at him. You know, I think that Stephanie might actually help get rid of the body. Somehow, I think that even though she’s not all there, she might be helpful when it comes to that type of crazy situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the body gone, Hank asking her what happened, and she just says ” I took care of it.” Man, I need to write my own show. 😉

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