Artist of the Month: Jason Mraz

“Everything in life influences my music. I’ve always used songwriting as a means to share what I think is profound.” – Jason Mraz

Based on a true story . . .

We met like any other couple might. I was still in High School and he was the cool, older bad-boy with a cocky smirk and a pocket full of dreams. He never went anywhere without his guitar, constantly scribbling away ridiculous rhymes in his notebook, fathering lyrical lines of humor as if he were a standup comedian. I was helplessly smitten, giggling at every first-sight, asking my friends if they had seen or heard of the boy who claimed he had “the remedy.” They laughed at me, believing this perfect, sometimes odd man to be a figment of my imagination. They knew nothing of my curbside prophet or his soulful tunes. They were too preoccupied with bands of boys filled with bubblegum, speaking in hollowed verses.

It was one night, when I finally had the opportunity to see him sing live, everything changed. He walked out on stage a bit unsure at first, having only the bright lights above to accompany him. His hypnotic voice captivated the room as he began to serenade, taking his memorable melodies and spreading them about evenly, covering the audience with a thick blanket of acoustic heaven. I felt so embarrassed surrounded by all those people who adored him, because I didn’t even know all the words to his songs yet! It didn’t matter, though. I was where I belonged, amongst people who knew how to appreciate such a singular event. It was in that moment I fell irrevocably and completely in love, forever changed by Mr. A-Z. It was, honestly, one of the best concert experiences I have ever had in my life.

When the performance had ended, the hoards of flustered fillies gathered into the small theatre’s lobby, compacting bodies like that of a sardine can. Fighting my way past pushy people with pushy elbows, I obtained my desired merchandise and began to head toward the exit. When, all of a sudden, the room began to erupt in screams the likes of which I had never heard.

Jason Mraz had been silently watching from the balcony above, smiling curiously at his fans below. It was then I emitted my first, true fangirl scream. He was so close, that if I just reached out, we could have touched. I swear he looked right into my eyes, unintentionally strengthening his hold on me.

I’m still in awe, barely believing we’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary together this year. That’s pretty damn good considering it’s a one-sided relationship.

In many ways, for this 2013 edition of Artist of the Month, determining who would take the coveted spot was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. It’s in the way he creates these uniquely enigmatic melodies, those twisted, provocative lyrics and silly little love songs. He surpasses his records with every live performance – if you can imagine – with his unmatched anecdotes and humor; how he blends together new mixes of his infamous tracks. It’s in the way he’s able to force your body to move with every intricate refrain.

In other ways, choosing Mr. Mraz as our featured artist made my life beyond difficult. Currently, I have one hundred and eight Mraz songs in my library. I mean, how do you decide which songs to spotlight? The only logical idea I could come up with, the only viable choice was to start at the beginning. Yes, the song that started it all.

Come on y’all, hop in your rocket and let’s go. ‘Cause, Baby, I’ve got your remedy.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Artist of the Month. Come back next time when we’ll feature a whole lot more amazing music from Jason Mraz!

Do you love Jason Mraz? How were you first introduced? Which Mraz song is your favorite? Favorite album? Have you seen him perform live? Do you have a favorite Jason Mraz quote? Tell me in the comments!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle says:

    Ha! I beat you! 122 Jason Mraz songs in my iTunes, baby! Boo-ya! No, I know it’s not a competition and your “how it all began” story was really sweet, I can’t compete with that. To be honest I’m not sure when I became addicted to Mraz. As someone (like you) who believes the late 90’s to be musically epic (I listened to NSync’s 1st two albums two weeks ago – I still know almost every word), you best believe I knew of the top JM songs from Rick Dees or MTV but that was it. I didn’t foray into the rest of his awesomeness. I think it was when I’m Yours came out that I decided I need to hear the rest of that album and then every album before that and I became kind of obsessed with his talent. Haven’t really listened to his new stuff (I did watch the making of his new album tho…) but all his old stuff still hold a place in my heart

    1. You win, but it was a close race! Lol.

      HOLY. CRAP. Do you realize we never talked about Nsync reuniting a couple of weeks ago? Did you see it? Oh, my God. It was short, but it was awesome. Haha! I still know all the words too.

      Thanks, it’s one of my favorite stories. Though, honestly, I first heard of Jason Mraz watching VH1 and seeing “Remedy” for the first time. I hear that a lot. A good portion of his fans only started listening after “I’m Yours.” Which makes me kind of mad – since I think he did some of his best work before that. You get a pass, though. You knew about him already. 😉

      Yeah, I don’t really listen to his new album that much – only a couple songs. I like it, but I don’t love it. Yesterday I decided “Waiting for My Rocket” is my favorite studio album. I have a sore spot for “Live at Java Joe’s” and “Live at the Eagles Ballroom.” Those are probably my real favorites.

      1. Elle says:

        Yes we didn’t talk about them and I was disappointed. They could’ve at least done a 1 song aka 3 or 4 min performance. 90 seconds! 90 seconds? Not good enough. That’s why i went back to listen to their old albums.

        I don’t think I have a fav studio album, I always pick my way through the songs i like best. Without a doubt Live at Eagles Ballroom is the BEST. UTTER PERFECTION!! Perfection! The band? AMAZING! The orchestra? FANTASTIC! Tonight, not again? If that song is really what they claim it’s about (wink wink) and it still can give me such a left field emotional response then I give up.

        1. Exactly! JT had over 10 minutes. 10 minutes! You would think they could have gave them, at least, a healthier portion of that. Or how about their own 10 minute segment? You’ve got all these boy band reuniting, but the one that we’ve actually been waiting for, they give us zilch!

          Haha! I love your reaction. Though, I’m surprised I’ve never heard the back story behind the song. What do they say it’s about?

  2. Elle says:

    Haha, I’ve heard the song is about getting off, pleasuring himself because he’s all by himself…

    1. Listening to all his music this past week, I found a lot of those double meanings in his songs. But I may just have a pervy mind. Lol.

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