TV Rewind: Terriers – “Manifest Destiny”

“The case is closed. It’s closed.”

Last week’s episode of Terriers was a non-stop roller coaster ride, and this week was no different. We last left our friends Hank and Britt, as they were being taken into questioning by Detective Gustafson. Showing up at their door was rather unexpected, as they had the oh-so-dead body of Robert Lindus in their (Rather, Hank’s) bathtub. Last we saw, Stephanie (Who has recently been released from the psychiatric ward) was standing over the dead body as Hank and Britt left for the police station. Cliffhangers. I know. So annoying! Luckily, this week we begin almost exactly where we left off. And if you’ve forgotten . . . that means SPOILER ALERT!

During questioning (Lindus’ wife accused Hank and Britt of kidnapping her husband), Hanks confesses (Sort of) to being hired by Lindus to steal – money and incriminating documents – from his (Lindus’) own safe. Gustafson has no reason to hold them, so what time is it? Time to get rid of a dead body! Hank and Britt return home to find that Stephanie (Hank’s sister) has taken Robert Lindus’ body and stuck him in an ice bath: “He was starting to stink.” And by the way, I so called it. Didn’t I say that Stephanie was going to take care of the body? It might not be to the extent of “fully” taking care of the body, but she did. So, take that point and put it in my column.

In one of the best scenes of the night, Hank and Britt take Lindus, put him in his car (That Britt stole), and attempt to fake a car crash. Hank has some doubts, but decide that it’s the best thing to do. The next day, Hank tells Lindus’ wife that the kidnapping was a fake, in an attempt to keep her and her son safe. He tells her that there is a man in a tan suit, who is after her family (BTW, the man in the tan suit killed Hank’s friend Mickey). She swipes it off her shoulders, and tells them that he (Tan Suit Guy) has already paid a visit. He asked where Lindus was, but she didn’t know. Yet, she knew who did. Any guesses? Yep, that’s right. She told Tan Suit Guy that Hank and Britt knew where Lindus was. This. Can’t. Be. Good.

Hank goes back home to get Stephanie and take her somewhere safe. Somewhere safe being, Gretchen’s (Hank’s ex). To sniff out (no pun intended) Tan Suit Guy, the two charge a room to Lindus’ credit card (To set up a fake trail). Of course, TSG shows up and the two proceed to follow him into a swanky office building (Go figure). After one uncomfortable elevator ride, Hanks follows TSG to Zeitlin & Associates, where Zeitlin is waiting for him with an offer. As the lawyer of the company Lindus was working for, he desperately wants the incriminating documents back. The document in question is a land report, that shows what chemicals are in the ground, etc. This document shows that there is an unhealthy (Cancerous) amount of chemicals in the land they were building on. TSG (Or now known as, Burke), Zetlin, and the company they work for will do anything to keep those documents from leaking out. Zetlin practically black mails Hank and Britt into given him the documents back (“Give it to us or we’ll kill you and your family” type of deal).

After another uncomfortable ride in an elevator with TSG (Which was insanely hilarious), Hanks nails TSG with his elbow (Take that!) and draws blood: “That was for Mickey.” It might not have been the vengeance he wanted, but it probably felt good. Unsure of what to do, Hank and Britt take the documents and stick them back with Robert Lindus (Who is currently dead, in a ditch, and in a flipped car). They call in a tip. It seems to be an open and shut episode. Their mostly out of hot water, the bad guys seem to have been put to rest, but is anything ever as it seems? No. Never. Gustafson knows that Hank made the tip (So?), Hank tells Gretchen that he still loves her (We knew this all along), and Stephanie tells Hank that the documents we’re forged (What?). Whatever they were doing, it wasn’t because the soil was toxic. Actually, we don’t know what they were doing, and Hanks doesn’t seem to want to find out.

All I have to say is: great episode. Each episode keeps getting better and more interesting. It’s definitely one of my new favorites. And it looks like next weeks episode, we’re back to case-of-the-week. I predict even more one-liners and even better plot lines, because I think Terriers has just earned their sea legs.

Best Lines of the Night

1. Britt: “What do you wanna do, man? Blast the AC and hope he keeps?”

2. Hank: (Looking at the car in the ditch) “What were you thinking? It’ll explode?”

Britt: “I was kinda hoping, yeah.” (This is why we watch Mythbusters)

3. Gretchen: “You haven’t done anything illegal?”

Hank: “Immoral? No.”

4. Britt: “Have you ever been in s*** this deep before?”

Hank: “Yeah, one time. I was in a septic tank, so it was (pfft) right up to here.”

5. Hank: (To Zetlin) “Congratulations. You can Google and use a digital camera.”

What did you think of last nights episode? Did you expect it to end as it did? What do you think was really going on with the land? Tell me in the comments!

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