TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Kill or Be Killed”

I guess it isn’t a secret, anymore

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This week’s episode was all about secrets coming out in the open. The tangled web of lies seems to be unfolding quickly in Mystic Falls. And even though this episode was slower paced, it didn’t seem to stop everything from going from bad to worse. Friendships, families, and enemy’s were all broken. It was a whole lot of drama, so let’s get going, shall we? Ahem! SPOILER ALERT!

One year ago: Mason Lockwood (A.k.a. Wolfy) is sitting in a bar in Florida. As Mason finishes his beer and starts to leave, a very weird and drunk guy – we’ll call him drunk guy – starts following him. In the parking lot, drunk guy pushes Mason and things start to get out of hand. Drunk guy accuses Mason of cheating with his girlfriend. Mason doesn’t know what he is talking about, and the two begin a shoving contest. A kick, a punch, and one shove later, Drunk guy is dead on the ground, blood pouring out of his head. Cue the werewolf curse!

Now: (Well this seems familiar) Mason is still looking for the moon stone, but telling Tyler a little bit more about the Lockwood curse (Anyone killed by your hand = a lifetime of full moon romps as a wolf). Meanwhile, Caroline (Plus, Stefan and Elena, for that matter) is trying to cope with that “Katherine problem.” And Caroline is trying to keep her mom from finding out her secret. Back at the Grill, Jeremy knows Tyler’s secret and is trying to be friendly (Or is he?). The two go back to Tyler’s mansion with some company (Who are you?).

At the Historical Society’s Volunteer Picnic (There sure seems to be a lot of social functions in Mystic Falls), Stefan tries to rehash a truce with Mason. Trying to atone for Damon’s mistake, Stefan sort of succeeds with (Maybe threatens) Mason. Damon, on the other hand, really want’s to kill a werewolf.

A werewolf who is a double-crosser (Aren’t they all?)! Mason tells the Sheriff that she has two vampires living right under her nose (Really? Because I think it’s three). Who? Stefan and Damon Salvatore. No! Yes! No! Oh, yes. She doesn’t want to believe it, after all Damon is her friend. So the question is, what to do? What to do? Hmmm . . . let’s think about this for a moment.

While all that is happening, Stefan and Elena are still putting on a show for Caroline (And Damon). The two have a mock fight – code words exchanged (I love you = I can’t do this anymore) – to keep up the illusion that Katherine is winning.

Back at casa de’ Tyler, drinks are being poured and Jeremy’s drawings are being shown. What could he possibly be drawing? Why, werewolves! Of course! This prompts Tyler to threaten Jeremy (Be careful of that curse now) with fists a blazin’. Jeremy admits to knowing his secret, but it seems that Tyler is grateful. He now has someone to talk to (Because Uncle Mason isn’t giving any secrets away).

As the Volunteer Picnic rolls on, Damon stops for a drink of lemonade, but it really doesn’t turn out that well. It’s been laced with vervain. Choking ensues and a secret is revealed as the Sheriff is right in eye view (Uh. Oh.). But not so fast! Damon and Stefan believe that Mason is responsible, so they go out in the woods to find/kill him (If you go out in the woods today . . .). It’s another double-cross. As the confrontation with Mason begins, Damon and Stefan are shot with wooden bullets and injected with vervain (No!). The culprit? Caroline’s Sheriff Mama and two deputy’s.

With Mason in tow, they bring the Salvatore brothers through the woods and into that weird underground jail/cave thing under the Lockwood property. All seems lost, as the vampire killing (You could say staking) is about to begin. But, hold on there! Caroline and Elena are on their way (Yay!). No! Mason is trying to stop them. Oh, wait. Caroline just threw him against a tree. Everything is okay. When they reach the underground tunnel, Caroline is apprehensive to go in (She doesn’t want he mom to know what she is). Elena, as usual, immediately tries to help, but is stopped by the deputy’s. All of a sudden a gust of wind passes, and the deputy’s neck’s are being bitten (Now that’s a good vampire). The Sheriff looks at her daughter covered in blood: “Hi, Mom.”

Stefan and Damon are okay (Damon drinking some deputy blood), but they have a problem. The Sheriff. What to do? What to do? Kill her? No, that won’t happen. They decided it’s best to take her back to the Salvatore home, put her in the basement and wait until the vervain is out of her system so they can dazzle compel her. Caroline wants to talk to her mom, but the Sheriff (Rather harshly) believes that she doesn’t have a daughter anymore (*sad face*).

Elsewhere, at casa de’ Tyler, Tyler tells Jeremy that the moon stone has some supernatural power, but doesn’t know what it is. And he doesn’t trust Mason enough to give it to him (You shouldn’t). The two girls walk in, and start to play a little game of catch that moon stone. Tyler is obviously worried and upset that something might happen to it. He follows one of the girls (Drunk, BTW) up the stairs and grabs the moon stone out of her hand. She falls (I told you to be careful, Tyler!). But, no worries. She’s fine (What? No new wolfy to play with?). Later, Tyler admits to Mason that he doesn’t want the same fate as his uncle and refuses to be apart to anything related to it. He gives Mason the moon stone (I wouldn’t have done that if I were you).

Stefan has an idea. He believes he can take a small amount of human blood every day to gather up his strength and defeat Katherine. Elena knows this is a bad idea, but decides that love needs to conquer all (Ahh). She knows that they have to remain strong (Together) to defeat Katherine. So Elena offers her blood to Stefan and he accepts (I hope this is a good idea).

Then it’s time for Elena and Caroline to have a little talk. Caroline knows she hasn’t been a good friend and admits that she is telling Katherine everything that is going on. She is scared of Katherine and doesn’t know what to do (She threatened Matt).

After Mason’s and Tyler’s talk (He doesn’t want to be a wolfy), we see Mason get into a car . . . a nice car, with a passenger. Who, pray tell?

One Year Ago: A kick, a punch, and one shove later, Drunk guy is dead on the ground, blood pouring out of his head. Mason is in shock, but someone is there to console him. His girlfriend – wait for it – Katherine (What?)! She hugs him as he is trying to deal with what just happened, and a huge smirk runs across her face.

Now: (This seems awful familiar) Mason tells Katherine that he finally found the moon stone. She is definitely appreciative as they begin to share a deeply passionate kiss (Ew! Werewolf slobber (Ha ha, just kidding)).

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What do you think will happen next? Tell me in the comments!

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