Supernatural Rewind: “Weekend At Bobby’s”

We appreciate you, Bobby!

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If there is one thing that Friday’s episode of Supernatural (Directed by Jensen Ackles!) taught us, it was that you shouldn’t take family for granted. Especially, If they can kill demons, bury a body, and take phone calls. In fact, being the person who handles all the drama the Winchesters – and a lot of other hunters – dig (Summon) up is a very hard job. He can’t even enjoy a nice slice of peach cobbler! I for one, dearest Uncle Bobby, appreciate you. And will do so, by recapping this episode.

Balls! I forgot to say SPOILER ALERT!

One year ago, Bobby sold his soul (It was during the impending Apocalypse. You can’t blame the guy for wanting to help) to our favorite demon, Crowley. With the exchange came a few insider details, a new pair of legs, and the promise to return Bobby’s soul after our boys defeated Satan, stopped the world from ending, etc. As the episode begins, the wounds are still freshly opened, Sam just swan dived into Hell, and Bobby is summoning Crowley. He wants his soul back. Only, Crowley can’t (Or rather, won’t) give it to him. He tells him, that a few minor points in their contract have been overlooked – like Bobby having only 10 years to live. So as the old adage says, “never trust a demon” (Even if he is charming, highly sarcastic, and very entertaining).

Now, the newly reunited Sam and Dean are hunting once again, but are stumped at what they find. A claw. A claw they’ve never seen before. So what do they do? They call Uncle Bobby for help. Dean takes a picture of the remains with his camera phone (I never thought I’d say those words. Who knew that 1 year as a normal person would make him so tech savvy?), and sends it to Bobby whose lack of up-to-date technology is hilarious (Dial-up. Ha!). I’m holding out for Sam to buy him a decent computer by the end of the season. Mostly, I just want to see the hi-jinks that would ensue if Sam and Dean ever walked into a Best Buy.

After long hours of research, a quick break-in to a University library, and a rousing rendition of The Gambler, Bobby calls Dean to tell him that they’re hunting a Lamia. Only native to Greece, the Lamia continues the “monsters are going nuts and we have no idea why” storyline. Personally, I think that we need get some answers regarding that soon. Yes, there is something wrong will all the supernatural creatures we’ve come across lately. We know that. Let’s start to unravel some answers, shall we?

Anyhoo, Dean’s lack of appreciation was just another nail into Bobby’s bad day. He goes downstairs to the basement, where we find a cross-roads demon tied to a chair (What have you been up to, Bobby?). It’s just another day as Bobby tortures the demon  – by burning her bones? Say, what? – for information on Crowley.

Okay, let’s stop here for a moment. That’s quite a big surprise into the Supernatural mythology. Isn’t it? Where did that come from? Burning the demons bones (The ones when they were human) has the same effect as ghosts? That kind of came out of nowhere. They tried to keep the mystery going throughout the episode of what Bobby was actually burning, but bones wasn’t such a surprise. What was, is that it can kill a demon. I think that probably could have come in handy the past 5 seasons, don’t you think?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled recap. As Bobby is just about to light the fire, the door bell rings. It’s his neighbor, Marcy, who not so secretly has a huge crush on him (Aww). She gives him some peach cobbler and asks him if he want’s to watch Drag Me to Hell (Ha!) with her. He say’s he’s been“Trying to avoid it” (Oh, sweet irony). He seems to be obviously amazed that someone has a crush on him. Me, not so much. Bobby’s got game! Don’t you know that?

Meanwhile, Bobby is also busy helping a slew of other hunters, including Rufus (From season 5’s Good God, Y’all). He needs a body buried, so where does he decide to go? Bobby’s, of course! It seemed like the logical choice, when he had a supernatural creature in the trunk and the cops after him. Rufus brings him an Okami (Only found in Japan, until now. See a pattern?). They bury it and go on their way. Rufus didn’t do too good of a job of killing it, seeing as the Okami rose from the grave and went to feed. Instead of stabbing it 7 times with a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest, he only stabbed it 5 times. Come on, Rufus! You need to bring your A game.

Having a particular craving for white females, the Okami headed over to Marcy’s, but alas, Bobby was there to save the damsel in distress once again. He fed it into a wood chipper, accidentally spraying it’s blood juices all over Marcy’s white nightgown (Familiar?). Yuck. I have a feeling that she’s not going to knock on his door anytime soon. Poor, Bobby. He saves her and all he gets is a peach cobbler that he can never eat.

Over in Wisconsin, Sam and Dean are having Lamia problems. The silver knife blessed by a priest didn’t work out, as the priest is lying dead on the floor and Sam is getting his butt kicked by the Lamia. Dean asks Bobby (who is currently dealing with the Fed’s) for an alternative way to kill it – only it sounds more like a recipe for a nice spice rub. Fire. Screaming. It looks like this Lamia has been put to sleep.

Later, in one of those classic Dean asks Bobby for advice moments, Dean voices he’s concerns over new Sam. He tries to tell him how he’s feeling, but Bobby get’s another call. Needless to say, Dean isn’t to happy about it. This ignites something that Bobby has been dying to say to the boys – maybe not over speakerphone, though. He gives the two a nice tongue lashing. “Sam, Dean, I love you like my own. I do. But sometimes – sometimes, you two are the whiniest, most self-absorbed sons of bitches I’ve ever met…” Take that, boys! It was so nice to see him stand up for himself like that. This is why Bobby is the best.

Back at “Crowley owns my soul central”, Rufus has a lead on Crowley, or rather Fergus McLeod. Bobby asks for his help in obtaining a ring that belonged to Crowley’s son. A little ghost conjuring seemed to be in the cards, but Bobby had a different plan. He uses the ring (And the son) to get information that is damaging to Crowley’s reputation – like he sold his soul for some extra inches below the belt (Ha!) and the location of his bones. To make sure that he gets his soul back, Bobby lists the help of the boys – who have been flown to computer generated Scotland! – to light his bones ablaze if the deal goes bad. It’s a happy ending, as Bobby keeps his soul (And legs), and Crowley gets to keep his bones.

A few words on Jensen Ackles directorial debut: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Creating that balance between comedy and drama is hard to do, but he pulled it off. Plus, he kept the spirit of the show alive and well. I look forward to more Ackles directed episodes. Do you hear me, Jensen? P:S Can you put a few shirtless scenes in the next one?

Best lines of the night:

1. Crowley: “You didn’t read you’re contract . . . Paragraph 18, subsection B  – Which is on your naughty bits.”

2. Dean: “What happened? You fall and can’t get up?”

3. Dean: “Well, kick Bo Derek out of your bathtub. We got a case here.”

4. Cop: “Have you seen this man? Rufus Turner? A.k.a. Luther Vandros. A.k.a. Ruben Studdard.”

5. Bobby: “Do I look like Dr. Phil to you?”

Crowley: “A little.”

6. Crowley: (As Bobby) “I want my soul back, idjit.”

(As himself) “‘Fraid not.”

(As Bobby) “But I’m surly and I got a beard. Gimme.”

(As himself) “Blah, blah, blah. Homespun cornpone insult. Witty retort from yours truly. The bottom line is, you get bupkis.”

7. Crowley: (To Sam) “I don’t need for you to fight my battles for me, Moose.”

See you next week for an all new recap!

What did you think about Friday’s episode? What did you think of the directing style of Mr. Jensen Ackles? Excited for next weeks episode? Tell me in the comments!

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