From You the Flowers Grow

Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or creative mind, it can be difficult at times to find illumination in a world overflowing with darkness. We look for inspiration in a word, in a thought, an image, or in a song. We search for it everywhere, underneath every hiding spot, even in the oddest of places. We are tasked with a crucial mission. Our sole purpose is to steal knowledge and make it our own. It is our responsibility to delicately design a dream from our own experiences in love and in life, and make you see it from our point of view. We desire to devise a fantasy so real it feels like you can reach out and touch it, a vision so tangible you can picture it right in front of you. This demanding profession is tiresome, but one we would never trade. Insight can slip away easily, but it always comes back to find you.

Inspiration usually reveals itself to me when I am listening to music. Most of the words I have written have been triggered by a song. A melody is always running around in circles in my head. There is always a bewitching tune holding me captive. The song constantly changes, but Florence Welch is the only artist I go back to again and again. She has an unbreakable hold on me. She is glued to my side. She whispers in my ear and the words float down from the sky. She sings to me and flowers begin to bloom in the palm of my hand. When I listen to her music I feel seen, I feel invincible. She is my muse. I find beauty in her lyrics. I obtain creativity from her songs. When I listen to her voice I am in awe. I feel blessed to have found a artist who understands me, whose music has changed me. Inspiration appears effortlessly when she is there to guide me.

Source: Useless Magic (from the song “Patricia”)

See you tomorrow!

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