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Hey everyone! Since there wasn’t a Press Play Friday last week (Sorry!), I thought it would be nice to give you an extra music fix. Here are a few song suggestions that I feel are “must downloads.” And for this week’s Press Play Friday, I’ll be featuring The Mitch Hansen Band! So please be free to send in any song selections you want me to cover!

Don’t forget I want YOUR music suggestions! You can Tweet, Facebook, or E-mail your suggestions to me. And you can always leave your song, artist, or album suggestions in the comments below!

Download This!:

1.  The End – Kings Of Leon

2. Uummannaq Song – KT Tunstall

Reader Suggestion:

3. Black Wedding – Meg & Dia

Many thanks to Cindy for her artist suggestion!

Which of these songs are your favorite? Love any of the artists above? Have a song, artist, or album you want to suggest? Tell me in the comments!

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