TV Rewind: Terriers – “Agua Caliente”

Season 1 Episode 8

In a strange turn of events, Britt and Hank teamed up with their former partners last night. While the dynamic duo are the real reason I watch the show, I have to admit, it was nice to see them out of their comfort zones.

The episode begins as Hank and Britt are doing some minor work serving a restraining order. As Hank follows the intended recipient, Britt is kidnapped by the drug cartel and taken to Tijuana. Hank enlists the help of Mark Gustafson to find his missing partner. Their relationship seems to have remained intact even after Hank left the police department – enough for Hank to joke with Mark’s wife, but not enough for Hank to tell him that he split up with Gretchen. Reluctantly, Gustafson agrees to help Hank recover Britt from Tijuana.

Meanwhile, Britt finds out the real reason behind his kidnapping. His old partner, Ray, had lost a very precious package of the cartel’s and told the scary drug dealers that Britt is the only person who could get it back, since he’s an expert thief. The package – incidentally filled with a large amount of cocaine – is being held at the local police department. It’s Britt and Ray’s job to get it back. Only, there’s a hitch. If Britt doesn’t bring the package back to them by a certain time, Katie will be killed by the cartel member following her.

In a classic switcheroo moment, Britt picks a fight with Ray at a bar. Things get heated, until the police show up – which was Britt’s (I’m assuming) plan all along. In the jail cell, Ray “recovers” a lock-pick and Britt heads out to find the package. One very easy retrieval later, Britt goes back to the cell to find Ray has punched out a cop and has stolen his uniform. Ray “escorts” Britt out and everything seems to be on track. However, it turns out not to be so easy. As the two proceed back to the warehouse where they were held, the scary drug dealers boss pop’s a bullet into their captors heads, leaving Britt with no hope to call off the henchman.

This when Britt does something incredibly stupid. In a last effort to keep his lady-love alive and well, Britt walks up to the even scarier drug boss and makes him an offer. He will give the drugs to him, if he can get the cell phone of his captor. In a very neat resolution, Britt get’s to keep all his appendages and the cell phone.

As things seem to be wrapping up, Hank and Gustafson arrive at the police station where Britt was being held. Only, Britt is now an escaped fugitive and on the run. Finally, Hanks get’s a hold of Britt and the two meet up rather comically. A few feet from one another, the two reunite. Britt hops into Gustafson’s trunk for the return across the border.

In the meantime, Katie is still being watched by the cartel’s henchman. As she takes her final exam and is persistently eyed by the professor she slept with a couple of episodes ago, Britt can’t get a hold of her. She get’s home, but before she can get the message from Britt, the henchman is waiting for her. If things couldn’t get any worse, her professor shows up at her door and is also taken hostage. The officers that have been sent by Gustafson arrive and leave in no time. The henchman tries to flee with Katie, but she fights back. A few hits and punches, but she is unsuccessful. Hank, Britt, and Gustafson arrive shortly after. Knowing that something is wrong, Hank goes around the back of the house and disarms the henchman, only to be shot in the process (No!). Britt and Katie are safe, if only for now. The professor and Britt meet, yet he is still unaware of Katie’s infidelity. I assume his blissful ignorance will end soon.

Overall, it was a great episode. The neat and tidy ending was a bit of a let down, compared to previous episodes. But this show is all about the characters. Even though Hank and Britt were separated for most of the time, it was evident, more than ever, that these two characters need each other. The chemistry between Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James is amazing. I just hope more people will realize what a unique and entertaining show this is.

What did you think of last nights episode? Will Britt ever find out about Katie’s infidelity? Did you like the team up of Hank and Gustafson? Tell me in the comments!

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