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Witch stole my look

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Can I get a second here? I need to recollect my thoughts after last nights BOOM!, POW!, BANG! episode. I didn’t know which way to turn, everything was happening so fast. It was a standout episode, no doubt about it. The non-stop roller-coaster ride made me cheer, yell, sigh, and cry. I just have to say, “Well done,” I did not see any of that coming, especially the end. I applaud thee, Vampire Diaries. You always know how to keep us on the edge of our seats. Now, to the good stuff. For those fang fans who saw this incredible episode, onwards and downwards. To the rest of you, SPOILER ALERT!

We delve right in this week. Caroline is recalling something that happened at The Grill. While stalking Matt, Katherine showed up and gave her a message. If Stefan and Damon don’t give here the moon stone, she is going to rip the town a new one at the masquerade ball tonight (Uh oh.). Damon plan’s on killing her, but Stefan has other plans. He’s going to do the dirty deed (Hell, yeah). The gang  – Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline, Damon, Stefan, and a reluctant Bonnie – all volunteer to take the evil vamp down.

Speaking of the evil vamp, a friend of Katherine arrives. A friend of the witch persuasion. You can call her Lucy. Katherine has enlisted her help for back-up, but also to break the curse. I can’t help but think that the moon stone has nothing to do with the werewolves, but with Katherine. Could that be why she ran away all those years ago? We shall see.

At the masquerade, Katherine makes sure our poor Matt is going to do the job she assigned him. I’d say that having Tyler drink a large amount of alcohol is a way to begin such a task. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are preparing the room to trap Katherine. Is it just me, or is there a love connection happening here? I must say, Jeremy and Bonnie do make a cute couple. And I would love to see them happy for a change. Jeremy and Bonnie, I give you my blessing.

Back at the Gilbert house, Alaric has been assigned the task to look after Elena. She’s not really okay with the situation, even though it was Stefan’s idea. He only want’s you safe, Elena. He loves you. Can’t you just do what you’re told? No. She can’t. She takes the car keys and leaves for the masquerade. Bad idea. BTW: Can I say, what a miraculous recovery you made, Aunt Jenna. I see they gave you one more line this episode. Tell me, are you still even relevant anymore?

Now is the time when everything goes to hell in a hand basket. The party rages on and Bonnie feels a disturbance in the force. She’s see’s Lucy and knows somethings up. Katherine and Stefan continue to play the cat and mouse game. Stefan, the charming and teasing man is back, and tells Katherine that he will give her the moon stone if she comes with him. She doesn’t trust him, so she bargains her own deal. “I have a better plan. You go fetch it and I will try not to kill anyone, in the meantime.” Wait, nevermind. As that girl whose name I don’t remember asks Stefan if he’s seen Matt, Katherine takes a blow to the girls spinal cord, paralyzing her and eventually killing her . . . in front of everyone. Those humans, so oblivious to all the supernatural drama around them.

After that bit of excitement, Stefan is a bit hesitant to go on with the plan. Damon assures him that everything will go as expected and it will all be over. Later, Jeremy gives Katherine a false message from the boys. She meets up with (Or threatens) Caroline for the truth. Caroline tells her that Bonnie is waiting with the moon stone upstairs. Katherine goes inside and Bonnie is nowhere to be seen, only Stefan. Ha-ha! They tricked you, Katherine. It’s over. We can stick a fork in ya, because you’re done.

Katherine laughs at the sight of Stefan holding the wooden stake. She knows he can’t kill her. Only, don’t hold on to that idea. Maybe Stefan can’t, but Damon can. He shoots a stake into her back. You would think after that, things would warp up nicely. However, remember we’re in the vamp world. Nothing ever ends nicely. It seems that Lucy-the-witch really did have a purpose. She has cursed Elena. Whatever happens to Katherine, be it a stake to the heart or a kiss from Damon, Elena will feel the effects of her doppelgänger’s excursions. Not good! Not good! This can not end good.

Luckily, Jeremy warns them in time before any serious damage could be done. Katherine is still alive and still messing with the brothers heads. Going on and on about how lucky Elena is to have both brothers fighting over her, Stefan tries to figure out why Katherine want’s the moon stone. Eventually, he comes to the conclusion that she was running away from someone. Who could it be? By the looks of next week’s preview, I figure we’ll find out next week.

Meanwhile, things are just getting started between Matt and Tyler. Katherine’s plan seems to be going well, as Matt starts to pick a fight. He throws a couple punches and Tyler responds. Only, Caroline hears what’s going on and tries to stop it. She throws Matt against a wall and knocks him out. Then Katherine’s back-up plan comes in. The girl who Tyler was with stabs him with a knife. He pushes her and she hit’s her head on the desk. It’s over. She’s dead. Ladies and gentleman, we have a new werewolf in the house!

Is any one else getting light-headed from all this drama? Yes? No? Okay, let’s continue. Bonnie catches up with Lucy-the-witch. She admits that she’s only working for Katherine because she saved her life. The two witches touch, lights begin to flicker, and Lucy tells Bonnie that they can trust one another (Their cousins!). Cut to Lucy giving Katherine the moon stone. She won. Katherine won.

What? What’s that? She didn’t? Oh, no she didn’t! Lucy did some kind of witch spell on the stone, so when Katherine touched it – let’s just say there was lot’s of screaming. Katherine’s dead. Elena’s okay. We can all relax now.

Damn. Stefan goes to comfort Elena. It’s over. They can be together. Only it doesn’t change anything for Elena. She needs to make sure her family is safe. Elena and Stefan are still broken up (Damn). I need to interject here. I need to say this, “Stupid, stupid girl!” Okay. I’m done.

Just when we thought Katherine was dead and gone . . . surprise! Damon thought death was too good for Katherine, so he decided to lock her in the vampire tomb – where she should have been, in the first place. I get it, Damon. My only concern is if she’s going to stay there, forever. You should have just staked the bitch. I’m just saying, that would have been the wise decision. You shouldn’t be surprised if one day she shows up at your door. I don’t thinks it’s out of the range of possibilities. Maybe you should have thought this all the way through.

Do you know what else should have been thought all the way through? How about leaving Elena alone? Huh? Am I right? Maybe Elena being kidnapped by that masked figure is a punishment for the brothers. You never leave your human girlfriend alone. There is always someone who wants to kill her. You should know that Stefan! Don’t think you’re getting out of this one too, Damon.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What do you think will happen next? Who kidnapped Elena? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! Seriously, no other expression can describe the exhilaration that I just experienced watching this episode. If I thought I was getting slapped from one twists and turn to the other by last week’s episode, I thought wrong!!!! Last week’s episode seems tame compared to “Masquerade”. But seriously how many “events” happen in this town?

    Awesome blogpost btw, Kim. I most definitely see the love connection with Jeremy & Bonnie & I too give my blessing (they are cute together!). I can’t wait for next week!! I love how dynamic this show is, where you can have regular cast members get together (not just romantic relations – like Caroline & Tyler) and interact in ways that just brings the show to a whole ‘nother level. Plus the fact that there is somebody bigger and badder than Katherine most definitely ups the stakes (pun intended)!!!

    I secretly hope next week’s episode is more developmental and not so climatic – my nerves can’t handle it!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, this episode was insane! It was like being pulled in 10 different directions at once. Hopefully, next week we’ll see some more plot development, but still have that sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action we all love.

      I can’t wait for next week either! Do you think it’s someone we know? I really have no idea, but we need some answers. We still don’t know why Katherine and Elena look exactly alike, or why she wanted the moonstone. Maybe the masked stranger will fill us in.

      Is it Thursday yet? 🙂

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