Album Review: Sara Bareilles – Kaleidoscope Heart

There is no second album slump for Sara Bareilles

I’ve now had a week to process this. The lyrics are almost completely memorized. The melodies are now individually recognizable. And I’m trying to figure out which song is my favorite (This is proving rather difficult). I’m confident that I can give you an honest review. I think that this album can be summed up in one word: amazing. Yes. Amazing.

I’m looking at other reviews, to see what everyone is saying, but I find that this second album debut from pop singer Sara Bareilles is only being compared to other artists who have already established themselves. Why can’t we compare Sara Bareilles to Sara Bareilles? I think she has earned it. With Kaleidoscope Heart she has popped out of the sophomore box and has given a special gift: her music.

With rich pop/rock songs like Gonna Get Over You (This song is currently in contention as my favorite), that has a slightly dark subject matter but presented in a happy stylistic manner, I feel confident in saying that this album trumps her first album, Little Voice.

The first single off Kaleidoscope Heart, King Of Anything is basically her reintroduction into the pop world. It’s fun, it’s peppy, but it really doesn’t compare to the rest of the album. Consider this song just an appetizer to a delicious meal. The real standouts on the album are her heartbreak and love drenched ballads, Hold My Heart, Breathe Again, and my personal favorite, Bluebird. And her powerhouse voice can keep up with the likes of the biggest of names with her rock infused fast-paced songs like Let The Rain, Uncharted, and Machine Gun.

The album is a mix of genres, with pop, rock, blues and folk influences. The guitar based Basket Case is proof of that. Reminiscent of a Patty Griffin or Alison Krauss song, the song is a deeply touching breath of fresh air for the album. The bluesy Not Alone is another surprise for those of you who are expecting straight pop ballads and danceable tunes.

I think that Kaleidoscope Heart is what the pop world has been needing. The lyrics are meaningful, the music is powerful and heartfelt, and overall it’s probably one the best pop albums I’ve heard since 2008’s Little Voice.

Sara Bareilles is the queen of her genre. Forget over-staged, overproduced artists and songs. Sara Bareilles is just proof that there is still actual musicians out there who care about the music. Whether or not you like pop music, this album is a definite must buy.

Album Rating: A+

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For more about Sara Bareilles visit her official website

Did you race to your local online music store to purchase Kaleidoscope Heart last Tuesday? What is your favorite song on the album? What is your favorite Sara Bareilles song? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Honestly, I am so enamored with Kaleidoscope Heart that if I had a favourite Sara song from Little Voice, I have completely forgotten it! The album is AMAZING (honestly, it is the best word to describe it). I should be writing my own review pretty soon but I can’t calm down long enough to put coherent words into sentences. I’m pretty sure though, that by the time I get down to putting down my thoughts (hopefully Monday of next week) my favourite song off this album will change. I won’t tell you the contenders and sly creepers but so far Basket Case does IT for me.

    1. I know! My favorite keeps changing too! I love every song, so I can’t pick. But, It’s definitely my new music addiction. 🙂

  2. expencivepink says:

    Yes : D I loved the album to.
    Great review : )

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