TV Rewind: Terriers – “Pimp Daddy”

Season 1 Episode 9

Dear Terriers, there’s so much to say about last nights episode. Humor. Sadness. Romance. Mystery. You continue to surprise me. The characters – the storylines increasing become stronger and more interesting. You’re a gift to the TV world. Yes, it’s true. You’re a gift. Don’t let anybody say you’re not. Keep up the good work.

On that note, let’s get this recap started. For those who’ve see last nights all new episode of Terriers, onwards and downwards. To the rest of you slow-pokes SPOILER ALERT!

As Hank started his recovery from his new gunshot wound, he continued to dream of happier times with Gretchen. In a sweet scene, Hank recalls a specific morning the two shared. The light breaks in from the window, he sings his own version of “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons,” and entices Gretchen to make him breakfast. She flirts back and for a moment we see one of the only scenes where Hank is truly happy. It’s a strong contradiction to the way things are and the way they soon will be. Hank wakes up in bed alone and unwillingly starts his day.

Later, Hank receives a call he’s been waiting for. His jealousy over Jason (Gretchen’s soon-to be-husband) was and is at an all time high, and having a background check seemed like the right thing to do. Only, he wasn’t expecting (And neither were we) these results. When Jason was 15, he was accused of child molestation. Nothing became of the charges, but Hank needed to tell Gretchen. He shows her the file expecting one thing, but receiving another.

Gretchen: “Jason told me about this on our second date.”

Hank: “He did?”

Gretchen: “Because he’s honest. Because he’s stable. Because he cares more about me than himself . . . try asking someone if they need your help. You’re more reckless sober than you were drunk. Don’t tell me you’re protecting me. You’re the live grenade in my life.”

Yes, he may have wanted to break them up, and he did spy on Jason, but Hank only wanted to protect Gretchen. I understand her outrage at the situation, but that was harsh. It was the most heartbreaking scene of the season. Hank’s been through a lot, and that was just the icing on the cake. When Hank returned home, I really expected him to go for a bottle, but glad he didn’t. He’s broken and Gretchen broke him even more. When he just collapsed on the couch, I saw it as Hank finally giving up.

Meanwhile, Britt set out on his own with the case of the week. Hank’s physical therapists nephew needed the services of the Private investigators and Britt was happy to oblige. Retrieving the money from the transvestite hooker was easy enough, until Michaela required Britt to do some investigating on her behalf. All the while, Britt was dealing with the fact that Katie might be pregnant. And Katie was trying to deal with the fact that the baby might not be his. In the end, Britt did what he’s been trying to do for a while now. Katie’s pregnancy just made him realize how much their relationship means to him, and how much he loves her. So he pulled out that ring and got down on one knee. She said yes. Britt seemed so happy, but the tears and the look on Katie’s face revealed so much more that Britt doesn’t know. Secrets are going to come out in the open, sooner rather than later.

It was another great episode. Once again, our favorite duo – Hank and Britt – were separated for most of the episode. Though the one scene where they were together, still has me believing that they are the best duo on TV right now. Their chemistry floats off the screen. Their funny, charming, and great to watch. It might sound cheesy, but I think Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James are M.F.E.O. As for the relationship between Hank and Britt, how nice was it of Britt to take care of his BFF? Though Britt’s idea of a get-better-soon menu could use some work.

Hank: “Those doesn’t go there.”

Britt: “They do now. I got the whole food pyramid here for ya, buddy. I got frozen vegetable, frozen pizza, frozen cookie dough. And in honor of your Celtic roots, I got a box of Lucky Charms.”

Hank: “Mmmm . . . thank you.”

What did you think of last nights episode? Will Hank stop the wedding? Or do you think he’s done, for good? Will Katie tell Britt about her infidelity? Do you think the baby is his? Tell me in the comments!

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