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Kiss me goodbye

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The last five minutes! The last five minutes! Did you see the last five minutes?! I’ll admit, I was very skeptical about the episode. We got knee-deep into the mythology of the show, yet it was probably the weakest of the season. But the last five minutes! It just brought it all home. Damon won a little piece of my heart and it was good. So good. I know your nodding your head. You loved it too. Now let’s go back to the beginning and break this episode down. For those who’ve seen last nights episode, onwards and downwards. To the rest of you, do I really have to say it? Alright. SPOILER ALERT!

We pick up almost immediately after last week. Remember? When Stefan and Damon made the oh-so-not-wise decision of leaving Elena alone after the masquerade? Yeah. Stupid move. The masked man – now unmasked – meets up with a mysterious vehicle. The delivery boy puts Elena in the other vehicles trunk, then quickly becomes a snack for the driver. Yum.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline fills Damon in on the Tyler issue. She recalls the night of the masquerade and how she covered for his little indiscretion. Only, the werewolf thing seems to be more pressing matters for Damon. He wonders if Tyler knows about vampires, and warns Caroline not say a word to him on the matter, either.

Worrying about Elena (Her bed wasn’t slept in), Jeremy asks Stefan if she slept over the previous night. He knows Aunt Jenna is cool with the sleepover’s, but as long as she comes back in the morning. Oh, Aunt Jenna. Either you’re the coolest parent in Mystic Falls or the stupidest. Stefan declines the inclinations (Their still broken up. Boo), and puts on his worried face.

At Casa de Kidnapper, Trevor (Elena’s new driver) feels the need to take a taste of her blood. Bela is there to stop him. Wait. Bela? Supernatural‘s Bela? Oh, sorry. Rose. Rose is there to stop him. Darn it, CW. You can’t confuse me like that. Anyway, Rose stops the oh-so-hot Trevor, but is unable to stop Elena from asking questions. Rose gives her a nice smack across the face and knocks Elena out. After night-night time, Elena tried to use the escape route, but did it right in front of Trevor and Rose, so that plan went down the tubes (Stupid, human). Rose told Elena that they were in the middle-of-nowhere so even a successful escape would be problematic. Elena understood, but tried to reason with her kidnappers. If she is so far away, then way not tell her the reason she’s there. Right?

The reason: Five-hundred years ago, Trevor did a bad thing and pissed off the Originals – I’ll call them alpha vamps. Why not go all the way with the Supernatural/Vampire Diaries crossover special? – by trusting Katherine. Rose stood up for Trevor, which got her on the chopping block too. They’ve been on the run ever since and are tired of it. There plan is to negotiate Elena to Original/Alpha vamp Elijah in return for their freedom. Elijah has plans for Elena. She is the key (Say, what?). The moon stone is what binds the curse – not only the wolf curse, but the vampires needing to stay out of the sun curse. What breaks it? The sacrifice. To be exact, the blood of a doppelgänger (Huh?). Elena has to die for the curse to be broken. Katherine was the first Petrova doppelganger, but Trevor helped her out of that mess. We don’t know exactly how, though. Was he the one who turned her? The unspoken logic of it, is that vampires will be free to walk the earth, day or night. Not good.

Meanwhile, Stefan is in panic mode. He goes through his options. 1. Ask Katherine. It’s such a bad idea, Damon knocks it down. 2. Ask Bonnie. She tells him that there is another way to find Elena. With a map, a few drops of Jeremy’s blood, and Bonnie’s witchy ways, they’re able to locate Elena within a reasonable distance. Anyone else expected the map to go up in flames, Ruby style? Why stop the Supernatural references there? Jeremy want’s to help locate Elena, but everyone decides it’s best for the Salvatore boys to handle this one.

The only way Jeremy could help, was to help Bonnie. She had an idea, to use another witch trick to get a message to Elena. She writes her message on a piece of paper, takes a strand of Elena’s hair, and holds it in her hand. Silently, she speaks her spell and the paper is set ablaze. Bonnie’s nose begins to bleed and she faints on Jeremy’s bed. Eventually, the message arrives. Later Bonnie confesses. If she tries too hard, the magic will push back. She isn’t invincible, and if anyone knew that (I assume, Damon), they’d know her weakness. Bonnie and Jeremy grow even closer. She trust’s him, he trusts her. They both admit, they feel alone. Should we start combining their names now? Or later?

On the other side of town, Caroline has a problem. Tyler wants answers and has his own suspicions as to why Caroline kept his secret. He thinks Caroline is a werewolf, which makes Caroline laugh out loud. Tyler pushes her against a wall (Increased anger, strength, etc), but her vampness comes through. “I’m not a werewolf. Okay?” The two bond about their newly found powers. She want’s to tell him the truth about all the vampires, but she needs reassurance that he wont tell anyone her secret. Only, he has no one to tell (Aww). I really hate to think about it, but you know they’re going to grow closer. Matt is going to get angry and chaos is going to ensue. I don’t think we’ll ever see Matt and Caroline back together. Let’s synchronize our collective sad faces in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO!

Damon and Stefan grow ever closer to finding Elena. Of course, it would be a whole lot faster if they didn’t have to drive. Stefan see’s it as an opportunity to bond with Damon, and ask him questions about his feelings for Elena. Of course, Damon never admitted that he was doing it for Elena. Yet, his eyes told a different story (Squee!). Damon saw the road trip as more of an opportunity to fill his vampire belly will blood. Jokingly, he asks Stefan if he wanted any – never thinking he would say yes – and is surprised to hear the answer. Stefan’s been drinking a little bit of human blood every day to increase his tolerance. Damon is also surprised to hear that Stefan actually has been drinking Elena’s blood the whole time. Jealous? I think so.

Back at Casa de Kidnapper, Elijah has arrived. The oh-so-hot Trevor wants to leave, fearing for his life, but Rose convinces him to stay. Rose greets her guest at the door and begins to bargain. She has something he wants, and in return, she wants freedom. He figures since they’re so close to Mystic Falls, that Katherine has something to do with it (Doesn’t she always?). Rose tells him that Katherine didn’t die in the church in 1864, she survived. Elijah is not surprised, but is surprised to hear that Rose has her doppelgänger. He thought the family line ended with Katherine. Wrong. Elijah is intrigued and wants to see Elena, but Rose has to make sure he will stay true to his word – to let Rose and Trevor have their freedom. “You have my word, that I will pardon YOU.” Listen carefully, next time Bela – I mean Rose.

He takes a sniff or two at Elena, making sure that she is human. Elijah plans to take Elena away, but has one more piece of business to see to. Oh, darn. He slowly paces around Trevor, as he pleads and apologizes for his past actions. Elijah questions his loyalty. He was never going to grant Trevor his freedom. I should have seen it coming. With one quick swipe of his hand, Elijah cuts Trevor’s head clean off his shoulders. Bye, bye, Trevor. There was little hope you would make it out alive, but I liked you so much that I had to hope. If that accent wasn’t enough . . . oh, how I wanted you to stay. Alas, there was another plan. You were the storyline that wasn’t meant to be. You shall be missed.

The only way Elena can think to stay alive, is if she bargains with the location of the moon stone. She tries to negotiate, but Elijah rips off her necklace of vervain and requests the answer to his question. Unwillingly, she gives up the location of the moon stone, not to mention, Katherine. Before things could go any further, the brothers show up. A quick cat and mouse game ends with a stake through Elijah’s hand, but he isn’t hurt. The usual threats are spoken, then Elena appears. After sending him to a false state of power, Elena throw’s a vervain grenade – that they swiped from a sorely missed Alaric – into the vamps face. He healed quickly, only to have Stefan start firing a makeshift wood pellet gun at him. Unsuccessful, Elijah and Stefan tumble-down the stairs. At the last moment, Damon appears and stakes him to the door. Rose runs before Damon can get to her, but Elena told him to let her go. Damon looks at her lovingly, thinking Elena will run into his arms. But she doesn’t, she runs into Stefan’s. Seeing his pain, she mouths a quick “Thank you,” at her other rescuer.

At home, Stefan tries to get Damon to open up. He knows that they can’t keep Elena safe, if they keep trying to fight one another. They can’t let Elena get in the way of their friendship, like Katherine did. Then Stefan apologized. He apologized for the night he turned Damon. He said he was being selfish, and the only reason why he did it, was because he needed his brother. Cue your collective ooh’s and ah’s here.

Damon leaves Stefan to himself, just as Rose appears. She wants to help. Elena needs protecting, and only Rose knows from what. The Original’s (Alpha’s) are going to come for her – for him, Klaus. Klaus? Yes, I said Klaus. Who’s, Klaus? We shall see.

Now, here it comes Delena fans. Hold on to your seats. While Elena marvels at the disappearance of her wounds from Masquerade, Damon silently waits. He brings back her vervain necklace, but he has to tell her something first (And she needs to hear it). “I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you, that I can’t be selfish with you . . . I don’t deserve you, but my brother does.” Are you doing the happy dance too? I’ve never been a Delena fan, but I’m rethinking my position on the topic.

He kisses her on the forehead. What?! I don’t know about you, but I thought that would be the perfect time to exchange a nice long lip lock – not just a peck on the forehead. Then it’s all over. He wishes that she didn’t have to forget, but she has to. A single tear and he’s gone. The necklace is in its rightful place, and Elena is left wondering how it got there.

FINAL SCENE: Elijah is still staked to the door, presumably dead. The camera goes in closer, he lifts his head, the light comes back to his face, and he pulls the stake out. That vamp is alive!

The Vampire Diaries

Good grief! Another cliff-hanger! What did you think about last nights episode? Do you miss Trevor? Are you officially a Delena fan? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Damon. Not just because of his snarky comments, biting backtalk and “I don’t care about people” persona which i found 100% times better than “holier than thou” Stefan’s; but also because at times he was the one I LOVED to hate. So cold. So uncaring and constantly stirring deep emotions within me…and he is better looking (IMO), plus who doesn’t love a bad boy?

    That being said, the episodes showing Damon back in the day – his sweet nature and all out schoolboy crush (or intense adoration) on (for) Katherine and the fact that Stefan made him turn has made me develop a soft spot for him on top of all that I liked I about him before.

    For me this episode or shall I say the last five minutes turned that soft spot into pure jelly. I almost teared up!! My hand was at my mouth in shock and I was a sappy mess, especially when that single solitary tear role down his eye. Wow. Just wow.

    Like you said, this episode was probably the weakest, but i liked it. Elena of course was her annoying “Who?What?When?Where?How?” self, but I loved seeing the Jeremy/Bonnie and Caroline/Tyler interaction. I don’t know how I feel about these “alpha vamps” storyline, coming up so soon at least. We know that the Mystic Falls team can’t defeat them (or shouldn’t anyway – I mean they are the alpha vamps for a reason) so it should be interesting to see how they get themselves out of this one.

    (Well this was a long comment)…Is it Thursday yet? 🙂

    1. For me, I’ve never really could choose between Damon and Stefan. Stefan is a bit whiny for my taste, and Damon can sometimes be downright evil. I love the series, but I don’t love the characters (This probably makes me a bad Vamp Diaries fan). I love the storyline’s much more. The characters don’t pull me in (Bad TVD fan. Bad fan). Although, after Damon confessed to loving Elena, I must say, that I’m kinda Team Damon. That one scene was amazing! I need more of that, to really love the characters.

      You know, the alpha vamp story is just weird, for me. Part of it being that Supernatural is doing a similar storyline, and the rest being – I agree with you – that the gang is not going to be able to defeat them. These vampires aren’t as capable of fighting hardcore, like True Blood vamps can. I wish they would have stayed away from the alpha’s being the one’s after Katherine and Elena. I think that having a group of other powerful vampires would be more believable. It’s going to be interesting plot line to see unfold.

      P:S: Only 3 more days! 🙂

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