Supernatural Rewind: “Clap Your Hands If You Believe”

Fight the Fairies!

Dear, Supernatural. Thank you. Thank you for this wonderfully humorous and awesome pre-Thanksgiving feast for our eye sockets. I don’t know which I loved more, the amusing facial expressions and one liners from Mr. Jensen Ackles, or New Sam. I have to admit, he’s starting to grow on me. Don’t get me wrong, I still want the old Sam back. It’s just that New Sam’s lack of censorship is pretty entertaining, you have to admit. Did I mention, my sides were hurting after watching this episode? I guess I should have seen it coming, after that fateful day when the word fairies was uttered in the Supernatural universe. After Friday’s episode, it seems like once again, things are right in the world. It was a classic Supernatural episode. And that is something we can all be thankful for. For those who’ve seen Friday’s fairy-rific episode, clap your hands three times and read ahead. For the rest of you naughty fairies, say it together, SPOILER ALERT!

Three things teenagers should never do: 1. Make-out in a corn field 2. Look for whatever made that mysterious noise in the dark and creepy cornfield 3. Follow your boyfriend into the dark and creepy cornfield. I would think these things are known to be fact. Hasn’t anybody seen a slasher flick recently? I mean, really? Oh, look. Now you’ve done it. That football player has just been abducted by a mysterious orb of light. U.F.O? It could be, at least that’s what the famous Winchester boy’s think. Cue the X-Files themed opening credits (Which were awesome, except Castiel was nowhere to be found in this episode. Boo).

After interviewing several towns-folk, the general consensus: – regarding the several peculiar abductions –  aliens are involved. Oh, and one crazy woman who believes the culprits are fairies. Ha! Fairies. Never (Oops). Sam’s harsh words and skepticism towards the theory were enough to make Dean apologize for his brothers behavior “It’s a blood sugar thing. My apologies” (What’s going on here? Everything is all opposite). It’s more than obvious that New Sam is done trying to be the caring, good little gigantor boy he once used to be. Even Dean knows everything’s opposite. Sam is the one who is supposed to be all doe-eyed and caring. He wants Sam to fake it “Fake it till’ you make it.In the end, Dean makes it his mission to return Sam to his soulful self. Dean is going to be the Jiminy Cricket, to Sam’s Pinocchio (Awww).

Together, the boys checked out a local watchmaker (Football players father). Their suspicious of the seemingly shady watchmaker, so they decided to split up. Sam will look after Father Time, while Dean takes a gander at those crop circles everyone’s been talking about. Sam’s lead got him a one way train to a local bar, where he casual eye-stalked the watchmaker and called Dean. Only, something was wrong. Dean began hearing strange noises. An orb of light shot down upon him. “U.F.O! U.F.O!” “Close encounter! Close encounter! The frenzied yells of Dean (And the tactless wit of New Sam) had to be a highlight of the episode. It just reassured us how much we love Jensen Ackles (Don’t forget, JPad!) and why he deserves that Emm y. Dean finally stopped running and confronted the orb in his signature Dean fashion, “Come on!” The light took him in one swoop, while Sam quietly drank his beer (What are you doing?).

At the cornfield, Sam found Dean’s abandoned cell phone and continued on to visit a group of hippie, alien loving, Winnebago driving people making camp at the cornfield. Looking for information, Sam asked (Yelled. Whatever) a man whom the boys interviewed in the beginning of the episode. Sam believed that the man could help him find his brother, since he was basically a hunter – be it an alien hunter. Uneventfully, the man turned out to be a lying. He had no idea how to catch an alien. Hearing about Dean’s disappearance, a horny hippie chick gave her concern over the situation to Sam. She showed him sympathy, and he showed her . . . a good time.

Bullets flying, Dean returned to his place of abduction (Look at his face. He’s so freaked). When Dean returned to the hotel, he found Sam in a compromising position with horny hippie chick. Dean was beyond mad. After all, he’d been abducted and all Sam did was bang a hippie. He’d been gone for the better part of a few hours, but Dean thought it had just been one. Sam sat down next to his brother, as Dean began to spill the details of his close encounter (Maybe a little too close). Sam put his hand on Dean’s knee (Dean flinched. We laughed. Dean made hilarious awkward faces. We laughed again). Dean began to recall his almost-encounter with a probing table. “God! Don’t say it out-loud!” So what did he do? “I went crazy. I started hacking, and slashing, and firing. They actually seemed surprised.” He proceeded to the shower (There was no camera in there, was there?! Huh? Fail) to rub off (Probably with a rough luffa and mass quantities of soap) the incidents of the night.

The next day, Dean was flying high on f***y magic. He saw someone who Sam couldn’t, and proceeded to have a fight with Tinker Bell. The itty-bitty fairy (Yes, fairy) gave him a quick beat-down before he nuked the bitch in the microwave. When Dean tried to show Sam the fairy entrails in the microwave, once again, Sam saw nothing. On a positive note, after hearing Dean’s encounter with Tink (Did she have wings?) Sam came up with a theory. The hunch led the bro’s to the woman who suggested fairies in the first place. There they gained a little insider info. Ex. Dean was the only one who could see the fairy because he had been to fairy headquarters. She also told them that the fairies had only been taking first-born son’s, hated iron & silver, loved cream, come in all different forms, and when presented with sugar or salt, had to count each and every spec (WTF?).

Conveniently, Sam and Dean spotted the previously mentioned watchmaker buying a large amount of cream (You are so busted). Dean quickly made his way to the watchmaker’s shop where he found several Keeblers. When Sam caught up with the watchmaker, he began to blurt out the truth. He made a deal with a leprechaun. In exchange for his first-born son (Plus, lot’s of others. Fine print. It will kill ya), the watchmaker would gain much-needed help with his business. Luckily, there was a way to reverse the deal. All they needed to do was to get a spell book from the watchmaker’s shop. But before they could do that, Sam found Dean being hauled away by the Fuzz. He unintentionally attacked a little person – who he thought was his fairy stalker – but turned out to be the District Attorney. And here is where our favorite new catchphrase comes in: “Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies! Fight the fairies!” Oh, Dean. We love you.

While Dean spent the rest of the night in a jail cell, Sam and the watchmaker set out to reverse the deal. They were almost able to do it, until the leprechaun and fake alien aficionado (From before) tried to kick Sam’s ass. He also gave out an offer. The leprechaun could get Sam’s soul back, for a deal. Sam didn’t even stop to think about it, he declined, poured some salt on the floor and won the battle against the fairy.

As things started to wrap up, Dean voiced his concern over Sam not taking the leprechaun’s deal. He also refused a beer from his brother, while they sat upon the hood of Impala (Arg!). Dean started to wonder if Sam even wanted his soul back. Sam reassured him that, in fact, he did. But I suspect, Dean wasn’t convinced.


Best lines of the night:

1. Sam: “Look, if you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your wackadoo all over us. We’d rather not step in it.”

2. Dean: “Hey, you wanna be a real boy, Pinocchio? You gotta act the part.”

3. Sam: “The only thing this guy’s up-to is alcoholism.”

4. Sam: “Close encounter? What kind? First? Second? . . . Third kind, already? You better run, man. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.”

Dean: “Empathy, Sam. Empathy!”

5. Sam: “Have you considered the possibility that you suck at hunting U.F.O’s?”

It sounds better when he says it.

6. Dean: “They were grabby, incandescent douchebags. Goodnight.”

7. Sam: “It’s okay. Safe-room.”

8. Dean: “I had a close encounter, Sam. And I won.”

Sam: “You should take a shower.”

Dean: “I should take a shower.”

9. Dean: “If aliens are real, what’s next? Hobbit’s?”

10. Sam: “You’re saying, having a soul means . . . suffering?”

Dean: “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

11. Sam: “Do you have bigger cups?”

12. Dean: “I feel like I’ve got the crazy on me.”

According to EW: “Soulless \ˈsōl-ləs\ n. 1. lacking any humanizing qualities. 2. lacking tact, brotherly concern, and ability to suppress libido. 3. having an affinity for Bohemians, hookers, and Bohemian hookers. 4. showing unruliness by growing long sideburns and increasing wit.”

I will see you for an all new recap Dec. 6th!

Did you like Friday’s episode? Was it your favorite of the season? Are you starting to like New Sam too? Does he really want his soul back? Tell me in the comments!

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