Press Play Friday: I Love the 90’s

You’re Tearin’ Up My Heart

Time and time again, I’ve expressed how much I miss 90’s television, jelly shoes, and cassette tapes. Wait. Scratch that last part. I really don’t miss cassette tapes. The one thing we never reminisced about was the music. Yes, the music. Days filled with boy bands, bubble gum pop, grunge, and rock. Yeah, good times. Good times. It was a time when it was acceptable, no, required for you to have your favorite band’s posters covered on your walls from floor to ceiling (I plead guilty to this one. I just wish I took pictures). It was a time when you made your mom drive you to your local Target store before school, just so you could get that new *NSYNC album, even though you couldn’t listen to it until you got home (Guilty. Again). While I can’t complain about the quality of music today, in fact I truly can’t. It’s cool (I’m using appropriate 90’s slang here). There is something about scrolling your iPod touch for a piece of popular music, then discovering a song you haven’t heard in the longest time. Maybe it’s Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows, or My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (That song played on repeat for about a year), or maybe even that classic that was perfect for every single nostalgia video ever made in the 90’s, Time of Your Life by Green Day. No matter what song, artist, or boy band it was, I know that you know, there is that part of you that just wants to rock it out and confess your love for even the most taboo of songs or bands. That’s right. I’m talking about . . .


Tearin’ Up My Heart

Justin, Joey, Chris, Lance, & J.C. Best boy band ever. No doubt about it. Seriously, don’t doubt it. It’s true. Hey, when is that reunion gonna happen, anyway?

No Doubt

Don’t Speak

What song –  no. What band could have been more influential in the 90’s? Huh? Yeah, Nirvana. But if you were a pop princess like me, you’d know that the greatest song of the 90’s was Don’t Speak. It was everywhere!



Oh, Hanson. I do love thee still. You have stood the test of time. Yeah. I said it. I. Love. Hanson. What? I have one question, though. What the hell were you saying in this video?

Ace of Base

The Sign

Even Stephanie Tanner couldn’t resist the cool sound of Ace of Base. Remember when she started a band and they sang this song? Yeah. Good times.

What is your favorite song, band, or artist of the 90’s? Love *NSYNC? Do you miss 90’s music? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. finestcreativity says:

    ohhh such memories 🙂

  2. miseryofmidnight says:

    Why of why did you have to go there ?!?! Just reading this post makes me giddy. As I was scrolling I was wondering if I would agree with all you picks…and I did.

    I gotta say N’Sync is probably the best boy band ever. I remember recording their Disney “in concert” special on my mom’s pink cassette radio and playing that TO NO END even though the quality was horrible. Then I went out and bought the 1st album on “cassette” to play on my “walkman”. Funnily enough, aside from their 1st and maybe 2nd album and subsequent singles I wasn’t really much of a follower (if u know what I mean). Backstreet Boys on the other hand I practically know every song from their 1st four albums – they still can’t get me as excited as that 1st N’Sync album though – man the memories.

    1. Hahaha! I’m glad you agree with my picks. You know who I forgot? Spice Girls. I know I wore out my Spice World VHS. It was a great movie. lol 😉

      I know! I recorded that Nsync Disney concert on VHS and probably watched it everyday for two years. They were so awesome! I was the exact opposite, I bought the first Backstreet Boys album on cassette tape, loved it, but forgot about them. I was Nsync obsessed. I had books, tapes, all the marionette dolls from No Strings Attached (I still have them), posters, everything you can think of. It’s weird, I still know all the lyrics to their songs. I guess, once a fan, always a fan. lol

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