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Okay. I think I need a moment. My head is still spinning from last nights highly explosive episode. And by ‘highly explosive episode,’ I mean, so-much-was-said-that-I’m-still-not-sure-what-the-hell-is-going-on. There’s no Sun & Moon curse? Klaus is Elijah’s *r*th*r? Damon loves Elena? Wait. We already knew that one. Last night, our favorite prime-time vampire soap opera shoved us out of our little vampire safety net (Much like Elena did to Aunt Jenna) and forced us to rethink our entire understanding of the world according to The Vampire Diaries. Someone (I’m looking at you TVD writers) just pulled the proverbial rug right from under our legs! We just got hit with one revelation after another, until we were left weeping into our homemade Damon pillows and seriously questioning everything that has happened in Mystic Falls this season. Am I right? Seriously, I think we all need a moment to just calm down. Okay, that’s better. Now, how about we take some time and enjoy a recap? For those of you who have seen last night’s episode, follow the vampire brick road onwards and downwards. As for the rest of you, SPOILER ALERT!

Hey, Elena. Waiting for Elijah to get up from his semi-not-really-dead slumber after you pulled that magic knife out of him? Nice. If you don’t mind, we’ll wait with you. *twiddles thumbs * So . . . I have a question. You’ve been waiting a while, huh? And all this time, Damon and/or Stefan never questions where you are? You know vampires have super hearing. They can hear a human heart beat or a knife sliding out of a squishy body a mile awhile, let alone in the same house. If you don’t mind me asking, do the writers think we’ll just let these central details pass, or don’t your vampire protectors care about you all that much? Okay, nevermind. Elijah is waking up now. Dude, you don’t look so good. Wait. Did you just say, Katerina? Woah. Flashback.

England, 1492: Our almost forgotten favorite secondary character, Trevor, is introducing Original vamp Elijah to his mystery woman. Elijah, meet Katherine. Ms. Katerina is from Bulgaria, likes stabbing people in the back, and long walks on the beach. Why, Elijah you seem quite taken with her.

After trying to take a little nibble out of Elena, Elijah finds he’s having a hard time breathing . . . and standing. Uh. Oh. He hasn’t been invited in. When Elijah is finally forced out of the house, Elena finds it’s the perfect time to whisper her exit strategy (You do know, they still should be able to hear you?). Elena wants the pair to go somewhere else for a chat (Good idea). Can these two trust each other? Only one way to find out. Elena hands the magic dagger over to Elijah with ease.

Waking up alone, Stefan finally decides it’s time to wonder where Elena is. Damon and his blood bag, Andie Star (She’s still here?) have no idea where the human is either. That is, until Stefan and Damon discover that their formerly dead prisoner is gone. She wouldn’t. She did.

Meanwhile, Klauric is sending his man-witch Maddox is fetch his real body. Katherine wonders if that’s such a good idea, but Klauric rebut’s. Everything is in place to break the curse, so there’s no reason not to move forward with his plan. Katherine reminds him that Elena will die before anything happens to her friends and family, but that’s what he’s counting on. Before he leaves for the day, Klauric compels Katherine to stay put.

On the other side of town, Elena is offering her help, in exchange for Elijah’s. Ooh! Phone call. It’s Stefan. He pleads with his girlfriend to come back home (Seeing as how trusting Elijah always seem to go wrong), but the stubborn human refuses. She needs to talk to Elijah alone. Elena explains that since she removed the magic dagger, Elijah has reason to trust her, and she would be incredibly stupid to betray him again. She asks Stefan to obey her choice, and warns Damon not to do anything stupid.

Damon –  just like any respectable vampire who actually cares about his human – thinks that they need to rescue Elena before anything can happen. Stefan disagrees (What?). Elijah is the only one with enough information about Klaus. He probably knows another way to kill him. Elena is the only one who can get him to help the cause. Stefan thinks they just need to let Elena ‘do her thing.’ Stupid vampire.

Elena begins to fill in the missing pieces for Elijah (Klaus is in town. He’s using Alaric’s body as a meatsuit. The Martin witches are dead), while they make a pit stop at the Lockwood Mansion for a change of clothes for the vamp. They begin to talk and Elijah has some pretty big news for the human. Ready? Here it comes. Klaus and Elijah are brothers! Yes, that’s right Elijah. O.M.G.

When Elijah tries to explain about his origin, things get confusing. Elijah was born to human parents in eastern Europe. However, they became the first original vampire family; from them all other vampires were created. So, I guess we’re assuming that through some kind of weird medical experiment, or a radioactive vampire spider, or whatever other comic book style origin story you can think of, this family magically became vampires without being turned by a “mother” type vampire (He said they were the first vampires). Yes, I am seriously confused.

While walking in the garden, Elijah breaks another piece of news. There is no Sun & Moon curse. Being super old, Klauric made up the Aztec drawings about the curse. Why? Because the easiest way to find a doppelgänger or moonstone is to have two warring species fight over it (Okay. Whatever you say). The truth is Klaus and Elijah faked the Sun & Moon curse, because the real one is much worse. It’s a curse on Klaus. Hmmm . . . interesting. 

Another little, small, inconsequential item is revealed a while later. Nothing really important. Only, Klaus is a half werewolf/half vampire. Yes. You heard me correctly. He’s a half-breed (And we thought Renesmee was messed up). Have I stunned you into silence? Do you need to take a nap? Okay. Let me tell you a little bedtime story. When the original family became vampires, they found that mama vamp had an affair with a werewolf. Klaus is from a different bloodline. Papa vamp then killed mama vamps lover, starting an everlasting war between the two species.

Since having this vamp/werewolf hybrid would be an imbalance of power (He’s stronger than the two combined), the witches made sure that Klaus’ werewolf side stayed dormant; hence the curse. If Klaus’ werewolf side is triggered, he can sever his bloodline to create a new race of vampire/werewolf newborns, endangering everyone, and ultimately disrupting the space/time continuum. Wait. Scratch out that last part.

Elena figures, no big deal. They have the magic dagger. They can kill Klaus. Only, not so fast. When a werewolf is wounded by silver, it heals. The magic dagger is made of silver. Can you see the problem? There is only one way to kill Klaus. A witch. Actually, a witch that can harness a large amount of power when there is full moon (A werewolf during transition is at its weakest). Do we know anyone like that? Oh, and one more thing. The doppelgänger doesn’t have to die. Convenient or what?

Aunt Jenna makes a call to Stefan. She has no idea where Elena and Jeremy are (Do you ever?). Stefan tells her not to worry, but she should stay somewhere else for a while . . . Oh, and stay away from Ric. That might be a little difficult, seeing as she is standing in the Gilbert kitchen at the moment, and she’s suppose to meet Alaric at the Grill. Uh. Oh. Stefan’s on his way. When he finally arrives at the Gilbert home, Stefan is in for a surprise. Klauric (Not good).

A less sexy, but more creepy Klauric begins to monologue once again in attempt to fill Aunt Jenna in on the inner workings of Mystic Falls. He tells Aunt Jenna that he (She still thinks he’s Alaric) has an obsession with vampires, and vampires are real. When Aunty J requests Klauric to leave and he doesn’t, she tries to exit instead. Only, Klauric will have none of that. He pulls a knife on her. Stefan and his super speed are able to get Klauric under control, but in the process, he reveals his true vampire self when her orders Aunt Jenna to leave. Oops.

Going rouge, Damon takes things into his own hands. With Andie Star in tow, he makes a little visit to Alaric’s, only to find a very alive Katherine. He has one question for her, before he decides if she is worthy of being rescued. Why did she double-cross the brothers? Damon isn’t really surprised by her answer; she was looking out for herself. With that, he hands over a vial of vervain, preventing any further compulsion by Klauric.

Back at the Salvatore Mansion, the fall-out begins. Elena is finally able to break the news to Aunt Jenna. Yes, vampires are in fact real Aunty J. Oblivious no more, Jenna is actually more concerned that everyone (Jeremy, John, Elena) knew way before her. Elena comforts, her scared and overwhelmed relative.

Later that night, Stefan confronts Damon about his use of Andie Star as a blood bag. He disapproves, of course. “You should be thankful she’s here. It keeps me from going for what I really want.” What is that, Damon? Wait. I know. Oh, Stefan knows too. “You’re right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.” There it is. Actually, Stefan doesn’t care if his brother is in love with his girlfriend, as long as he protects her. He has the one thing Damon never will, Elena’s respect. BAM! In an instant, the two vampire brothers are fighting. A broken bookcase here, another punch there, and the fight is over. Elena’s home . . . so is Elijah. Elijah promises no harm will come to the Salvatore brothers, as long as they apologize. Apologize? Yes. With no hesitation, Stefan steps up and apologizes to Elijah for trying to kill him. Damon has other ideas. A barely dressed Andie Star wants to be there for her vampire blood buddy. You know, it’s not a good idea to push Damon when he’s upset. Yeah, like that. Damon takes a large bite and sends Andie on her way.

Final scene: When Klauric returns home, we meet the elusive Greta Martin (A seemingly very eager participant in Klaus’ plan). A few candles and a spell later, Alaric is free. He drops to the ground (No!). Oh so slowly, the door opens. Klaus is in the building!

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What did you think of Klaus? Did you love/hate the new storyline? Are you now on Team Elijah? What happened to Alaric? Will Stefan ever take charge or just let his human run free? Will Damon ever tell Elena his true feelings? Tell me in the comments!

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that was pretty much me last night. Wow. Wow. Awesome recap and even awesomer show.

    So it seems history is repeating itself. Apparently brothers fighting over dopplegangers are a trend. I am so glad Elijah is back and getting that insight into his past just makes me like him so much more. I wonder if he still has some feelings for Katherine. Obviously we know now he was genuinely trying to protect Elena (as he was doing for Katerina back in the day before she took matters into her own hands). I wonder if he still has feelings for Katherine…deep down somewhere.

    Andie and Damion are hilarious together. I really don’t understand their relationship but it’s nice that she she seems to care for him and he obviously has some smidgen of affection towards her as well even though she is a distraction.

    I’m with you on the slips these writers are making but I guess a little suspension of disbelief is ok to let the story build. For example it seemed to me that Elena came and found Jenna in the house which would mean she didn’t invite her. Weird.

    BTW Jenna’s parenting skill is hilarious. NOW she freaks out cuz she can’t get in contact with her wards. Funny.

    I am not too sure how I feel about the Damon/Stefan/Elena love triangle. I still prefer Damion but he is a loose, selfish and destructive cannon. These mood swings are not the best look for him. I imagine he will be just as overprotective with Elena as Stefan if they get together. I mean the dude can’t catch a break when it comes to relationships so I figure if it does happen he’s gonna latch on for dear life.

    Stefan really annoys me. He is just too good all the time. Nobody can be that good. At least we know Elena has a Martyr complex but Stefan just needs to chill.

    I really liked Greta, she seems a little bad-ass and very sexy. It should be interesting to see her dynamic with the other members of the group, especially Bonnie considering she had a part to play in her family’s death.

    And Klaus. Modern day Klaus is hot! Damn it they’re all pretty hot. But I can’t wait for next week’s showdown. At least we know the Bromance is back on with Alaric and Damon and that Tyler and Caroline is in the mix. The whole gang’s back together again. Sighs. I can hardly wait.

    1. I know! This show just keeps getting better and better. I love how they brought up the love triangle between Klaus, Katherine, and Elijah. I do kinda suspect that Elijah still has feelings for Katherine. Remember when he was waking up and called “Katerina?” Could that have been a clue to his true feelings? Hmmm?

      I don’t know if I like Andie and Damon. I do like how they show her being a distraction for him from Elena. It kinda shows how much he does love Elena, even though he can’t say it (Or do anything about it).

      I can understand a few small things that we have to overlook, but when something is embedded in the mythology (i.e Vampires have super good hearing) and they blatantly overlook it, I just get taken out of the story. Aunt Jenna got into the house without being invited, because that rule is only for vampires. As far as her parenting skills go, she really is a horrible parental figure, isn’t she? It is hilarious.

      The love triangle is getting old, but I really just want Elena to get together with Damon 😉 He does have mood swings and is self-destructive, but I think that’s because he doesn’t have someone to talk to. He really doesn’t do the ‘feelings’ thing, so I think his love for Elena kind of scares him. Am I looking to far into this? I actually don’t think Stefan is protective enough. He just stands by and lets her do these dangerous stunts that are eventually going to catch up with her. It’ll be nice seeing Damon stand up to her. Imagine the possibilities …

      Yeah, Greta is going to be interesting. Doc Martin said she was with Klaus against her will, but she looked pretty comfy with him. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out – if she’ll betray Klaus, or go after the Salvatore’s after finding out about the Martin’s death.

      How did I not see the renewed bromance between Alaric and Damon in the previews? Definitely going to have to watch that again.

  2. setinmotion says:

    ooh such a good episode! at every twist and turn I was like O M G!!! so yes, Elijah was right on that behalf…

    I’m going to say something that may shock, but misery since youre such an Elijah fan I hope you approve. This episode has turned me into a little bit Team Elijah. I know he said that he had feelings for Katherine, but she’s such a cold-hearted bitch (sorry, it’s true) and they didnt act on it before he died, but i was getting some chemistry between him and elena. although they’re name is hard to join together. Elenjah? Eliena? hahaha. I think he’s probably got a bit of an Edward complex, likes that she is the human? Or maybe its because he wasnt successful the first time he feels like he wants to make up for it this time around?

    IS that why he wants Klaus to die as well? BEcause he was going to sacrifice Katherine? Hmmm…so many questions!

    I’m still pro-Damon though. He’s being an arse, but it would be horrible if the girl you love is dating your annoying-can’t-even-protect-her-properly brother. And what is up with that Stefan? He’s too busy gelling his hair to pay much attention to his gal obviously 🙂

    I like Greta but I’m kinda getting the impression she might have something up her sleeve? I’d like to see her join forces with Bonnie…freaking unstoppable. I hope we get to hear a bit more of her story.

    But seriously…can anyone see Elijah and Elena getting together? I really hope he sticks around. He’s an interesting character.

    Ps. Do you mean VIAL of vervain?

    1. Well, I think we’re all on the same page. I’m kinda Team Elijah too. You make a good point. I really didn’t see Elijah having a thing for Elena, but it does seem that way now that I think about it. I think he’s trying to save Elena, because he couldn’t save Katherine. He’s sort of pushing his feelings from Katherine onto Elena. Yeah, I think he wants Klaus to die not only because of that whole hybrid thing, but because he stole Katherine away from him.

      Oh, Stefan. He is seriously getting rather annoying. All he does is talk about feelings. He really needs to step it up and do something for a change.

      I agree. I think Greta has something up her sleeve too. I don’t think she’ll join forces with Bonnie right away. I think Bonnie is going to have to prove that she did care about the Martin boys to get Greta’s help.

      Elijah and Elena? I’m sorry, but no. She needs to get together with Damon, remember? 🙂

      Yes. I did mean vial of vervain. It has been fixed. Thanks!

    2. miseryofmidnight says:

      I totally get what u say about Elena and Elijah. The name combo would be interesting though 🙂 It’s true about Katherine being a cold hearted bitch but i think somewhere down the line her character has to be broken, as in free from telling all these lies just to save herself and hopefully that means she can truly connect with someone. It doesn’t have to be Elijah though.

    3. Sam says:

      I agree with you about Elijah/Elena. The feelings he had for the original Petrova girl were feelings he pushed onto Katherine. She obviously turned out to be so much less so the idea of Elijah still having any feelings for her is kind of laughable. Here’s someone who values loyalty and honour. Pretty much the opposite of Katherine, as a human, and most definitely as a vampire. I get the impression that his only feelings regarding Katherine are disappointment and hatred.
      Elena on the other hand displays loyalty to family and friends. He seemed both intrigued and impressed by her. Frankly, they would be more interesting than Elena/Damon to me. Mostly because Damon is a twitchy eyed creep 90% of the time this season.

  3. setinmotion says:

    ooh ahh good to know that I might be on the right track 🙂

    haha I’m all for Damon in the end but I’d like to see SOMETHING develop between Elijah and Elena. Maybe they could become close friends when they fight Klaus or something? I just want SOMETHING to develop between them.

    Either way, Stefan has to go-to be honest I kinda want him to get with Caroline….thoughts?

    1. Stefan and Caroline FTW!! 🙂

  4. setinmotion says:

    FTW? For The Win? I hope so because then you agree with me 🙂

    1. Yes, I definitely agree 🙂

  5. setinmotion says:

    FTW! hahahaha.

    Ps I’m currently reading Breakfast At Tiffany’s. So far it’s been really good!

    1. Are you loving all the fluff and romance?

  6. setinmotion says:

    I really am! I like the whole Edward being sorta famous as well. It makes a nice change. Like they have to have a big problem but it means that Edward is only sorta angst-y for a change.

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