TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Birthday”

“You can cry if you want to.”

Source: Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Welcome friends and my fellow TVD groupies (You know who you are). I missed you all so much. Ooh! I must give a shout out to all you new readers out there. You are out there, aren’t you? Oh, good. Welcome to the first installment of this years super-awesome Vampire Diaries reviews/recaps brought to you by yours truly. How are you all doing? Have you come down from your TVD induced high yet? Yeah, me neither. After last seasons killer season finale (We miss you Aunty J and Uncle John. Uh, not really), we all had high expectations for the season three premiere. So much hope was placed on a breakthrough for Delena, a rightfully wicked storyline and character change for Stefan, and much more screen time for our favorite teacher and hunter, Alaric (Or was that just me?). Now the morning after, our heads are filled with last nights shenanigans – dissecting and reliving each moment in detail. We must ask ourselves the ultimate question. Did last nights premiere satisfy our cravings? Well, did it? I see you’re nodding your head. It’s true that last night was tame compared to the season two premiere, but what we experienced was much more of an emotional ride that pushed these characters to new limits. The last time we saw the residents of Mystic Falls, chaos ruled. Klaus had brought down his sadistic power over Elena and her family, while Stefan made a deal to sacrifice himself to save his brother, Damon, from a nasty werewolf bite (All that unneeded angst and drama is still not forgiven TVD writers). Set two months after the events of last seasons finale, we found our favorite characters trying deal with the aftermath. Warning! This is a SPOILER ALERT.

A white house sits alone in the Tennessee woods – darkness coating everything it sees. The front porch light beckons to unknown visitors. A blonde woman retreats past the front porch steps in search of a lost canine friend. Rudy! Oh, Rudy! What she finds instead is much more frightening. Klaus (Was he always this good-looking before?). Doing his best to charm The Blonde with his faux southern innocence, he fails in successfully obtaining an invite into the home. On his second try, things look much more familiar. Dropping his friendly – and yet sill creepy – persona, then adding a few threats in-between, Klaus is ‘welcomed’ into the home. Klaus demands the location of a Ray Sutton from The Blonde’s roommate. Yeah, that doesn’t go over so well. The Roommate flees (That was stupid) right into the arms of  . . . Why look who it is. It’s Stefan. Oh, how I missed your bouffant. Hey, did you get it cut? It looks a little tamer. Nevermind. Sensing the impending danger (Stefan is a bit scary. It’s all in the bouffant), The Roommate gives up the location of this Ray Sutton. That’s really not going to help, Sweetie. Stone face Stefan is ordered to kill the pair (Like you didn’t see that coming). The dark vampire eyes stop for a moment before he begins to feast on his evening snack. Tasty. As Klaus walks away from the screams, he gives one gentle smirk. Bastard.

Our heroine and newly deemed orphan, Elena, dreamily stares into her open room. Missing Stefan? Or thinking about Damon, prehaps? Gathering her strength, Elena starts the day by waking her brother/cousin Jeremy and talking to the cheery party planning, Caroline. Tonight is a celebration, after all. It’s Elena’s 18th birthday party. The human is less than enthusiastic about Caroline and her ostentatious ways, but still concedes. We discover that Elena is requesting the help of Sheriff Forbes in the search for her missing Stefan. Self-appointed caretaker, Alaric, is helping out in the search, as well – and sleeping on the Gilbert’s sofa.

Wow. Could you smile any brighter, Caroline? Werewolf Tyler struts up to his vampire bestie. The two mosey over to The Grill (And their newly acquired outdoor seating) for a little chat. Tyler tells her that his mom (Mrs. Lockwood) and everyone else believe the two are dating. “That’s crazy.” Yeah, keep denying it Forwood. *Rolls eyes.*

Making his grand entrance – in a bubble bath – Damon requests his still-living, still a distraction, blood vending machine (Andie Star) to  . . . blah, blah, blah. You don’t really care, do you? What you do care about is Naked Damon. Yep. That’s right. Naked. Wet. Damon. Our prayers have been answered – sort of.  The vampire and his six-pack abs take a nice (naked) walk (Hey, could you move that a bit to the right? Thanks) around the Salvatore home, unaware (Yeah, right) that Elena is right downstairs. Surprise! The human gets an eyeful of her would-be lovers unabashed naked form. You know you liked it, Elena. The cocky (Ha!) vamp finally puts on a towel (Boo!) as Elena tells him about her latest find in the search for Stefan. Damon isn’t as hopeful that this will be the lead that will take them to Stefan, but after Elena’s attempt to make the trip herself, he agrees to check out the lead. Unbeknownst to her, Damon already had been keeping tabs on his little brother. It’s not nice to keep secrets, Damon.

Look, it’s Beremy. Jeremy and his conveniently missing witch girlfriend, Bonnie, chat during Jer’s new job at The Grill (Good for him). After finishing up their brief and rather pointless call . . . Wait, what’s that? The lights begin to flicker. Not good. FLASH! Dead Vicki. FLASH! Dead Anna. Jeremy is still seeing dead people. You know, girls. You could let us know what you want. Or do we have to ask? Sheesh! Like we don’t have anything else to do. Matt, thank God you’re here. Anna was just about to touch (*cough* This might be important *cough*) Jeremy.

Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, Klaus finds his man, Ray Sutton. Only, he’s not a man. He’s a werewolf. Apparently, they’re hard to come by. Since Klaus wants to make an army of hybrid slaves, he needs to know where the rest of Ray’s pack is. For this, he might need a little help. Enter our man in black, Stefan. He wants to play a little game. Well, it’s more like torture, really. The two end up playing an unfortunate game of darts – with most of the darts ending up in Ray. Obviously, Klaus doesn’t keep Stefan around only for his sunny disposition.

While those two hit it off, a woman informs Klaus that she saw Damon poking around where he shouldn’t. Well, he can’t let that happen. Klaus is determined to find our sexy vamp himself, until Stefan volunteers to take care of the situation. In that moment, you can’t help but see a piece of Old Stefan shinning through this new exterior. It makes me wonder if Stefan has an ulterior motive. Could his Ripper facade only be a ruse? We shall see.

Hot on the trail, Damon and Alaric (The bromance is alive!) find themselves at the home of The Blonde and The Roommate, whom we met in the opening scene. Blood is splattered on the floor – on the walls – while two perfectly placed dead bodies are sitting in the living room. Damon is certain that Stefan was the one that made such a mess. After all, it was his signature mark. There’s a reason why they call him The Ripper. Our sweet boy blacks out as he feeds, pulls his victims bodies apart, then when he realizes what he’s done, the guilt returns and he puts the bodies back together (Ewww). “It’s the damnedest thing.” With a couple of gallons of gasoline and a match, Damon becomes Stefan’s personal clean-up crew. But before the sparks set the flame, the pair find Ray’s personal werewolf basement of horrors. Will this give them a clue to what big, bad Klaus has up his sleeve? I hope so.

The party preparation is in full swing at the Salvatore mansion. Elena defends Damon once again, after Tyler continually speaks of how he is unsure if Damon really wants to save Stefan. Caroline scolds her best friend. Best candidate to be her boyfriend, is more like it. When Elena leaves, Tyler tells Caroline that he is taking a date to the party. Caroline dislikes the idea immensely, even though she won’t say it. He defends his choice by speaking the truth. He’s horny. Werewolves are naturally horny (Good to know). As are vampires, Caroline adds. Cue awkward silence. Damn. You can cut the sexual tension in here with a pair of vampire teeth.

Later, it’s time for stalker Damon to give Elena her birthday present. Awww . . . it’s her necklace (The one Stefan gave to her). Such a sweet vampire. Damon’s love for Elena is apparent. Though why he is still using Andie Star for a distraction is still beyond me. Why, Damon? Why?

Oh no, Caroline. What have you done? The small, intimate gathering Elena had hoped for had turned into debauched night filled with sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. Hey, where’s the sex? Get on that, Delena!

The newly re-formed friendship between Jeremy “I see dead people” Gilbert and Matt strengthened when Jeremy told him his secret. The young Jeremy tells Matt that he needs to get away from it all, hence returning to his old ways. Smoking is bad Jeremy. When the two try to take up and leave, Vicki and Anna make another appearance. Don’t they show up at the weirdest times? “Help me,Vicki asks. What’s up with that? Matt dismisses Jeremy’s ‘hallucination’ of Vicki as the after effects of missing someone he lost. Yeah, I don’t think that’s it. 

At the local news studio, Andie Star attempts to leave for the night, but Stefan’s theatrics get in the way. Light on. Light off. Light on. Make up your mind. We know it’s you. You don’t have to go all Rear Window on us. Jeez. What’s with the pouty face? Just tell us why you’re here, Stefan. It’s apparent that his overdramatic ways are an attempt to get to Damon through Andie. Of course, Damon isn’t far behind – though he doesn’t know of Stefan’s presence, as of yet. Well, now he does. “Hello, Brother.” Stefan warns Damon to back off. He doesn’t need saving. Um . . . you’re wrong. He just wants Damon to let him go. Does this sound familiar? *cough* Edward *cough* Could Stefan be pushing Damon away in order to save him? It’s highly likely. Though, compelling Andie not to move, positioning her on a ledge, then telling her to move – in effect, killing her (Finally) – might be a bit contradictory. Stefan is bordering between the line of good and evil. Though he used Andie for his selfish needs, Damon did care for her. Later, her death forces him to breakdown. Poor Damon.

Back at the party, Caroline drowns her sorrows in alcohol while watching Tyler dry-hump his slutty date on the dance floor. Jealous much? When the dancing pair make their way toward the vamp, Caroline compels his date to leave the party. You go girl! A while later, Tyler confronts his friend. What does she want? She doesn’t want him, but wont allow him to date? They already had that discussion before, Tyler reminds her. He wants more, but he wont wait around until Caroline know for sure what she wants out of their relationship. What are you gonna do, Caroline? Kiss him, of course. “Let’s get out of here.” Oh, okay. Such horny, supernatural creatures. Let the partially naked sexy times begin! Thank you, TVD writers.

When Damon returns from his meeting with Stefan, Elena confronts him about hiding his secret tracker closet. She is not happy with him. After his loss, Damon’s patience is wearing thin. He tells her that what she thought was Klaus’ victims, are actually Stefan’s. Elena is utterly shocked. Newsflash, Elena. Stefan is a Ripper. Still, she holds on to hope that her love can be saved. Though, Damon has seemingly lost any amount of hoped he had left. A flash of guilt crosses his face after being so harsh with Elena.

Klaus’ interrogation of Ray Sutton has gained him the location of the pack, but Klaus wants more. An army of hybrids, actually. So what does the big meanie do? He feeds Ray his blood and kills him. One future rabid hybrid coming up! When Stefan returns, Klaus outs him. He knows Stefan still cares for his brother, but every time he feeds on human blood, it’s easier to forget. Is that true, Stefan? Do you still care? Awww . . . you do. You do care. You still love Elena. Stefan calls his lady-love, and after a few (long & tortuous) rings she answers. Couldn’t you have picked it up sooner? We’re dying here! Silence is Stefan’s only language, but Elena knows. She reassures Stefan and tells him that she loves him. That’s right. All together now . . . Awww!

What the hell, Caroline? You’re taking the walk of shame, instead of waking up next to a hunky werewolf? Not cool. Oh hey, Mrs. Lockwood. What are you doing? Oh, that has to hurt. In the final scene of the night, Mrs. Lockwood pelts our favorite vampire friend with vervain darts. Vamp down! Vamp down! This can not be good.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the season 3 premiere of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite moment? Favorite line? What did you think of Caroline & Tyler? Will we ever know what is really going on with Jeremy? Is Stefan hiding something? What did you think of Stefan: The Ripper? Will Alaric come back? Does Elena still trust Damon? Will Damon help her find Stefan? What did you think of the cliffhanger? Tell me in the comments!

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    THANK GOODNESS ITS BACK ON TV!! Season three looks to be an awwweeesssoommmme one to. hurray! we can party now.

    firstly, see that you have not lost any of your parraz (i dont think thats how its spelt but oh well) for writing reviews. HILARIOUS. and so true.
    That scene with Damon in the bath? Yumo! Although I noticed how they strategically placed bits of furniture so we didn’t get the money shot. come on TVD writers. Ian Somerhalder has done full on naked scenes before, I’m sure hed be up for it again!
    Although, what was going on with his hair? Boy needs to get that shit sorted by the next episode.

    And yes, Klaus IS hotter, I thought the exact same thing. Last season? Meh. This season? Less meh.

    But I’m sooo hearting on Forwood (good use of the nickname btw). Actually…I think I’m starting to get a bit of a crush on Tyler. Definitely hotter than Stefan at least (bouffant. snicker snicker.) But…Mrs Lockwood is not a fan. WHY?! what have vampires ever done to her? well, probably a lot, but come on, did you see that sex scene? Damn, how could it would be to be in a relationship where you BOTH were indestructible (mostly) and had super strength. Mmmm-hmmm!

    Anyway. that’s all i really have to add. I’ll put something up on my page soon and link you though.

    also. anyone else sick of kat graham? Shes all like “I’m a singer now” and therefore has no time for TVD. ITS CRAZY! WOudl it be wrong to just kill her off? Probably, but they’ve done that with numerous other characters…

    1. Yes! TVD is back and I think it did kick off with a great start. I can’t wait to see the season progress.

      Thank you! It’s good to know my pizaz(?) is back. I was a little worried I lost some of my snark over the Hellatus. Damon in the bath… Oh, sorry. I lost my focus 😉 Yes! Stupid pieces of furniture! I just kept thinking about how smart those TVD writers were. It certainly was a way to get our attention. Lol. I agree. That. Hair. Has. To. Go. It was horrible.

      Haha! “Less meh.” I don’t know if I like him being hotter. It makes me hate him less. Lol.

      Oh, Forwood. I heart them too. I love how Caroline just tackled him. I’m so glad we didn’t get a fade-to-black either. I would have been so mad. Hmmm… I don’t know why, but I can’t get on the Team Tyler train. I still kinda like Stefan more, especially after this episode. *runs and hides* 🙂

      I think Mrs. Lockwood needs to learn a thing or two about welcoming guests into her home, especially her sons girlfriend. You don’t shoot them with vervain, lady. How does she know Caroline is a vampire anyway? She keeps being compelled to forget things and whatnot. Last I remember, she didn’t know.

      Yes! I never liked Bonnie anyway. Plus, that whole video chat thing is just lazy and all they’re doing that for is for product placement. Not cool.

      P.S. I can’t wait to read your post!

  2. Cindy says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t like the whole video conference with Bonnie in the back room. I mean, she couldn’t be there for Elena’s 18th B-day episode? Eh, can’t say I missed her terribly though. I, too, thought Damon’s hair was…interesting. Hopefully that will change for the better.

    I liked that Alaric was living with them! Those two don’t have any trustworthy adult to turn to anymore, so why did you leave at the end, Al? When you’re that cool of a guy, it doesn’t matter if you’re their teacher sleeping on their couch. Of course, he does need a little help in the chaperoning department. Just saying…

    I was floored when Mrs. Lockwood gunned Caroline down with vervain bullets. I was expecting something along on the lines of an awkward exit, so that was out of left field. Definitely curious about how she knows about Caroline’s vampirism.

    Now, about Stefan…I am a bit torn. Do I think he has an ultimately wonderful reason for sticking with Klaus? Sure. The thing is, he’s kinda going a bit far here. I mean, he really didn’t have to kill Andie; I think he made his point clear with her just standing high up on a ledge [although she won’t be missed all that much, especially since that means more Delena time 😉 ]. Basically, just because he may have started out with good intentions, doesn’t mean he won’t get side-tracked. And I’m thinking he’s DEFINITELY going to get side-tracked.

    1. Oh, how I hate everytime they use that stupid video chat! Yeah, you would think Bonnie would be there to celebrate her best friends birthday. Some best friend she is.

      I loved Alaric staying with them too. I couldn’t believe it when he left. Yes, he has issues to deal with (a.k.a Aunt Jenna), but that whole part about being a bad role model was crap. He was the only one looking out for them. I really hope he sticks around still. It won’t be the same without him. *sigh*

      True. Stefan did go a bit too far killing Andie. I think he’s fighting with the beast inside him for control. He hasn’t totally let go of himself yet. That’s why he’s able to be malicious and still care for Elena at the same time. Like Klaus said, the more human blood he drinks the less control he’s going to have. I do think he has a plan though. I agree, something is going to make him completley retreat to the dark side, then I think Klaus will order him to harm Elena, and Stefan will realize his true kind nature. But that’s just a theory 🙂

  3. miseryofmidnight says:

    Hello my lovelies. Where has the last few months gone? I don’t know but I’m glad we’re back to our recapping ways. Kim, I missed you and yes you’ve still got it – the parrazz, that is – loved the recap.

    Awesome premiere. Fav scene of the night? Stefan on the phone with Elena…almost brought tears to my eyes. Soooo touching. I noticed Damon’s hair too, lol. I feel like he needs to have some scruff (is it me or his clean shavenness is just too clean?).

    I can’t get on the Tyler bandwagon either. I like him and Caroline but he doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. Was I the only one who was sorry to see Andy go? I really liked her relationship with Damon but I suppose an unattached Damon will open the doors for Delena? Maybe… maybe not.

    Kim, no mention of Simon Camden from 7th Heaven being Sutton. Tsk Tsk. Not a fan? I was so surprised. I was like “Hey, it’s you!! I hope his character gets developed. Should be interesting.

    As for the rest of the season. I love seeing the change of roles with Stefan and Damon and hope that Stef keeps on his downward spiral. You could see in the final scene that he still has some good in him but like Damon said, he’s always had that remorseful side. I hope they really milk his terrorizing ways (maybe for more than one season?). I also can’t wait to see the Jeremy development and the Forwood triangle – Mom included. BTW, I miss Elijah

    Did anyone watch Secret Circle?

    1. Hi! I missed you too. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the recap. I’m sending hugs out to all of you.

      Yes, the Stefan phone call was my favorite scene too. I think it was some of the best acting Paul has done on the show. Heck yes, Damon needs to scruff it up a bit … And cut the hair. Lol.

      I agree. I love Forwood, but Tyler is just (In Hannah’s words) meh. Not for me either. Yep, I think you were the only one who liked Andie. I didn’t think the character had enough depth. To me, she just seemed like a filler character. Though, I did like the idea of Damon having someone to take his mind off Elena. I just wish they went a different direction than Andie. I do think Damon and Elena will get closer after this, if he actually tells her what happened.

      Sorry. No 7th Heaven for me. Hmmm … I’m not sure about Ray. The whole newborn hybrid will be interesting to see, but I’m not sure he’s going to last – since I think we meet his pack next week.

      So far, I’m all for Ripper Stefan. Yes! I would love to see him go for more than one season. I was so sick of sappy, ‘lets talk about our feelings’ Stefan. Plus, seeing Damon actually breakdown with emotion is a welcomed change. In fact, it’s what’s going to get him Elena. And you know, I’m all for Delena. Lol. Arg! I really wanted them to give us a bigger hint when it came to what’s going on with Jeremy. The touch thing seemed important to me, but I want to know WHY they’re there. I really don’t want to wait until midseason to find out either. Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll se Elijah again. Can you say flashback? 🙂

      No, because those damn previews every commercial really started to annoy me. Lol. Plus, I kept thinking about how similar it sounded to the movie “The Craft.” Was it any good?

  4. setinmotion says:

    Hahaha! I don’t think you’re allowed to use the word meh in reference to Tyler after I said I’ve developed a big ol’ crush on him. honestly, I’m not sure why I like him, particularly since he really irritated me in the third season. I mean, he’s hot. yay! But I think maybe its’ because he isn’t as serious as the others? and he isn’t all secretive and like “its the end of the world” (ok, so maybe sometimes it IS the end of the world…but still) as the others, which makes a nice change. Plus, I thought that scene with him and Caroline when she was like “just because I tell you stuff doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know” was hilarious. And pretty much summed up 18 year old boys.

    Misery, I watched the first episode of Secret Circle last night. Not so sure how I feel about it. I know that the girl who plays Faye though is Australian, which is cool. I feel like its very similar to TVD, did you get that vibe too? What did you think of it?

    And i hope we see Elijah too! Now HE had definitely gotten hotter as the season went on.

    Also, Kim I agree, i’d like to see Stefan being evil stefan for quite a while, but do you think itd be a hard one to sustain?

    1. Congratulations, Hannah!! You posted the blogs 300th comment! Yay! *throws confetti and streamers* 🙂

      You know, I think if the writers make the right decisions, Ripper Stefan could sustain his sadistic tendencies for a couple seasons. I think it’s all a matter of how they handle the character. He has to balance his evilness and still maintain some of his old ways, for the audience to still believe in his character. Hopefully, Ripper Stefan will at least stay until the end of the season.

  5. setinmotion says:

    Hmm….agreed. I would quite like evil Stefan to pretend to be good Stefan…but then do something sneaky without anyone noticing. Do you see where I’m coming from?

    Also. YAY!

    1. Yes. That’s what I was thinking, exactly. Somehow Ripper Stefan is going to either have to take Damon out (He’s sneaky that one) or harm Elena (By Klaus’ orders, of course). He’s going to have to go back to the inner circle, and things could get really interesting then. Uh. Oh. I guess I’m Team Ripper now… But I still love Damon. Lol.

  6. setinmotion says:

    noooo! you can’t be team ripper. BAD kim. BAD. we love DAMON! DAMON!
    mmm…bad guys

    1. miseryofmidnight says:

      I refuse to choose sides but there’s just something about bad boys.

      “The Secret Circle” pilot episode was one of the better pilots I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to watching the series develop. It didn’t remind me of TVD but I read in other places that a lot of people thought it would be like TVD because the books were written by the same person and TVD Producer Kevin Williamson is producing it as well. Kim, check it out & tell us what u think.

  7. Alright, ladies calm down. I’m going to have to agree with Misery and refuse to choose sides. It just seems wrong to choose one hot vampire
    brother over another lesser hot (Lets face it. Damon Is hotter than Stefan) vampire brother, doesn’t it? Lol.

    Okay. I’ll watch 🙂

  8. setinmotion says:

    hahahhahahaha. fine. i will pick a cute werewolf over the cute brothers and that way we’re all happy.


    Yeah, I saw that it was created by the same people who did TVD, I dunno its just the vibe I got. New person comes to town, weird stuff goes on, etc etc. I guess that is like a couple of tv shows these days. Hey! Do either of you guys know about that new tv show Rachel Bilson is in? I quite like her but I have no idea what the show is about…

    1. WHAT? What happened to the leader of the Team Damon fan club? Team Vampire? Shame. Shame, my friend. Lol.

      I saw the preview for the show, but didn’t see an official description. From what I saw, the plot looked familiar to the movie “Doc Hollywood,” with Michael J. Fox. I don’t know if you saw the movie, but the show seemed similar. City Doctor forced to make due in a small town.

  9. setinmotion says:

    Hmm I haven’t heard of Doc Hollywood but it does sound kinda similar. I think she goes to this town and shes the fifth member of this witchy circle making them all powerful…and which means people are after her. defo a little interesting but not sure how keen I was.

    haha i still love vampires! i guess i know i might have to wait a while for delena so forwood makes a nice distraction 🙂

    1. I think Secret Circle is the one with the witches, right? But I think the Rachel Bilson one is where she’s a doctor.

      Haha! Good to know you still Team Delena 🙂

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