Album Review: Jack’s Mannequin – People and Things

“Keep your eyes on the road, on the Glass Passenger. He sings for a traveling band.”

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Debuting their third studio album, Jack’s Mannequin has once again, brought us back to a place we love and remember so fondly. It’s great to be here again, isn’t it? With a new, but delightfully familiar sound, People and Things is the latest creation of melodies & lyrics from our friend and resident musical genius, Andrew McMahon. For fans, People and Things will be a surprising fusion of the easy, rock & pop inspired Everything in Transit and the powerful & personal journey of The Glass Passenger. It will be easy to recognize the usual flawless execution Andrew presents with each and every song he writes. Saying that, I’ve now had a week to break down the lyrics and phrasing – the melodies and the comforting refrains. I’ve listened to each song countless times. I’ve written ‘I love Andrew’ on all my notebooks (Not true, but the sentiment is there). I can honestly say, that whether or not you’re a fan, there is no doubt this album is an exceptionally crafted musical voyage you will instantly fall in love with. The thing that will bring you back time and time again, is the recognition that every Jack’s Mannequin song has a voice; each selection is unique and noteworthy.

Amy, I has to be my favorite song on the record and another classic Jack’s Mannequin track. I have no doubt this is one tune that will have audiences singing along at every show. The song is an exceptional addition to People and Things. Tracks like Television and Release Me also confirm Andrew’s success at writing heartfelt, endearing hooks.

This album also brings us something different from our favorite piano player. Restless Dream is a guitar solo ballad that beautifully demonstrates Andrew’s powerful words and voice. The other ballad on the record (and a close second to my favorite) is the simple and romantic, No Man Is an Island. With just a piano and a textured voice, this is a song that will see a few escaped tears.

“Love can bring you riches. Love can give you pain. Love can dig you ditches, get your wheels stuck in the rain. As long as your heart’s beating, it should never beat alone. No man is an island when a woman is his home.”

One track that will definitely put a smile on your face is the memorable, Dancing with a Gun; a sweet pop-inspired tune that will have you remembering to live each day to the fullest. “As fast as it comes, it’s gone. And we’re not through dancing.” Another notable track on the album is Hostage, with the classic alternative style we’ve come to love from Jack’s Mannequin with a twist. The catchy chorus is one earworm you can’t do without. Fans will undoubtedly love the singable, Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die). A shout-out to The Glass Passenger and their intense touring, this is a track that I imagine my fellow fans will be eagerly requesting when the band hits their city.

People and Things is a welcomed addition to the rest of the family. This album is a must have to add to your current music collection. Jack’s Mannequin has continually brought us contemporary, great music that surprises and conveys messages that are genuine. Their music is unequally crafted. People and Things is no different. It’s clear, Andrew McMahon is still on the top of his game.

Album Rating: A

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Did you race to your local online music store to purchase People and Things last Tuesday? What is your favorite song on the album? What is your favorite Jack’s Mannequin song? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    I couldn’t agree any more with your review! Amy, I has to be my favorite, as well. I was hooked the second I heard the piano and the drumbeat. People, Running is another catchy one. It is both insightful and quite danceable.

    Restless Dream was quite the unexpected surprise; I practically equate Jack’s Mannequin with the piano. It’s a pretty dreamy song (wow, that works with the title quite well). I love the fact that this song really showcases Andrew’s artistry with words. Ah, it may just be my new lullaby.

    1. ‘Restless Dream’ was a great surprise and one of my favorites on the album. Though, I was a little dissapointed that the piano wasn’t showcased as much on the album as a whole. We didn’t get a epic eight minute finale, either; like ‘MFEO,’ or ‘Caves.’

      Who am I kidding? I still loved every single song 🙂

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