TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Reckoning”

Stefan’s Been A Bad Boy: Part 2

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Oh, my. Oh, my! Things just got a whole lot more complicated in Mystic Falls. Last nights stellar episode was not only a night filled with surprises, but supplied us with enough twists and turns that we’ll surely be spinning and seeing stars for at least another couple of weeks. Wow. It seems, when Klaus makes an entrance, he sure does make an entrance. Doesn’t he? He officially put his permanent mark on the residents of Mystic Falls last night, creating chaos wherever he stepped. Elena came face-to-face, once again, with her former vampire lover. While at first, it seemed the two made some progress, Klaus came along and completely shut down the idea of a Stelena reunion; forcing Stefan to become the thing we had feared most. Through it all, Tyler was the one who was most effected by Klaus’ evil reign. I can’t even . . . Gah! What? Like I’m going to spill the beans, now? Ha! No one was safe from his spell. Such a fantastic episode. *Twiddles thumbs* Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the awesome recap and play-by-play. You know you want it, so here it comes. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

THUMP. Empty classrooms and dark, deserted hallways. THUMP. Well, this could be either very bad or very good. THUMP. I’m thinking it’s bad. Oh hey, Matt. It’s nice to see you. Looking good. Matt pumps some iron, but is soon interrupted by a mysterious bump in the night. Ooh, spooky. Now, being like every respectable random hot guy in a horror story, Matt decides to search for the corrupting noise. They never learn. Ghostly shadows move across the dimly lit halls, as Matt’s anxiety increases. Wait. Stop. Did you hear that? Oh so slowly, Matt creaks open a vacant classroom door to find . . . Oh, come on. Guys, what the hell? The Mystic Falls crew of deviant, supernaturally inclined students have their nefarious plans foiled by a distracted Matt. Caroline is adamant that the crew have the best year ever, which means for them, participating in Senior Prank Night is a must. Classic.

Eeelllleeeennnaaaaa, where are you going? The human decides to take a little walk to Alaric’s classroom – You know, to super glue he’s desk shut (I wanna see that scene, please). However, her journey is suddenly apprehended by a pretty blonde guy with a sexy British accent. No, not that guy. Klaus. What? You were expecting someone else? Run, run, run as fast as you can. I can’t say I’m surprised, really. We knew it was only a matter of time. Klaus doesn’t seem too surprised to see the allegedly dead doppelgänger walking around like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal for Klaus. He decides he needs to remedy the situation and fast. The hybrid vamp drags the human towards the crowded gymnasium, putting an immediate stop to Senior Prank Night. He requests (Compels, whatever) two students to stay for some much-needed entertainment. Sadistic bastard.

Waiting outside of Mystic Falls High, a snarky Rebecca greets an out-of it Stefan, looking for answers. Rebecca tells the vamp that the reason he can’t remember anything is, because Klaus has been breaking his neck all afternoon (You know, for kicks and stuff). Our hopes for a Stefecca romance begin to disappear quickly, as the Original vamp makes her stance known. It didn’t take long for Klaus to figure out what Stefan had been hiding. As far as she figures it, he’s as good as dead. Or should I say, Elena is as good as dead. Gulp. Yeah, that’s not going to work for Stefan. He pounces on his former flame, ordering her to tell him where his beloved Elena is. Well, Rebecca doesn’t like that at all. She thrusts a large metal pole right into his abdomen. Yikes. That’s gotta hurt, even for a vampire.

Forwood! Forwood! Forwood! Our new favorite couple is taking over Prank Night with vengeance, but Caroline is more concerned about their friend Matt’s well-being. Of course, this conversation can only lead to a short, interrupted make out session. Seriously? Can’t these two ever catch a break. Poor, little Miss Original is more than happy to get her hands dirty by bringing the werewolf to her awaiting brother.

On the other side of the school, a brooding Bonnie is also curious as to Matt’s current state. It isn’t easy having supernatural creatures as friends. They briefly discuss Jeremy, and Matt’s need to see his dead sister one last time. Fighting back tears, the lonely human takes a break to stock up for the rest of Prank Night. Everything seems to be fine (When is it ever fine?), until the foreboding music begins to sound. A closed-door is now an open one and dead Vicki is pleading with Matt to hear her. “I can help you.” Help with what, may I ask?

Not much later, Bonnie and Matt discover Klaus and Elena’s rendezvous in the gym. Klaus threatens the witch and her friends by taking Tyler hostage (No!) and feeding the werewolf his blood. Oh, Hale no. Not good. Not good. The evil vamp (and big ol’ meanie) speaks of the impending doom if Bonnie does not find a cure for Klaus’ hybrid trouble. SNAP! Tyler’s dead and we’re all freaking the heck out. Can’t breathe. Can’t. Breathe. Alright, everyone calm down. It’ll be alright. Right? You better hope so. Okay. Bonnie quickly discovers that the only resolution in sight is to get Jeremy there ASAP. Uh. Oh.

Stefan awakes once again and begins the healing process. Dude’s having a rough night. He sprints into the gym to find his lady-love in the hands of his former faux bestie. Stefan tells the hybrid that he isn’t there to save his damsel in distress. Of course not. *Mutters bitterly.* Stefan is there to ask for forgiveness. Elena means nothing to him! Nothing. Nothing I tell you! Ass. That would have been somewhat believable, if not for the fact that when Klaus violently slapped Elena, Stefan was right there to put a stop to the madness. He does care! Yay! A gravely voiced Stefan pleads with the hybrid to spare Elena’s life. He will do anything. Yeah, stop lying. Klaus has had enough. He compels Stefan to stop fighting and to obey his every whim. *Whimper.* This is not good. To prove his loyalty, Klaus orders the Ripper to kill the two human students. Bite. Nibble. Bite. Drink. They’re goner’s. Elena is shocked at what she sees, but knows Stefan was not responsible for his actions.

Rebecca tells an intact Caroline (Thank goodness) that Tyler is dead . . . ish. Ha ha. You’re a riot. The vampire holds onto her werewolf lover and pleads with him to open his eyes. Snarky bitch, on the other hand, is busy going through Caroline’s photos on her mobile. What’s this? Yes, that is ‘your’ necklace, but you don’t have to go all raging psycho on us. Oh, wait. Rebecca stomps over to Klaus and shows him her discovery. Where is the necklace, Elena? Klaus yells at her for a response. The human is easy to out Katherine for the crime. Well, after Rebecca bites her! What the hell? Bitch needs to go down. Klaus is not pleased. He’s going to have to improvise. He sets the gymnasium clock for twenty minutes. If Bonnie has not found a cure by then, heads will roll. To make things even more interesting – because we don’t have enough to deal with – Klaus compels Stefan to feed on his doppelgänger girlfriend when the clock winds down to zero. The Ripper stares at the human with his blood-red eyes. Oh, crap.

Making little progress, Bonnie and Matt have no luck finding Jeremy. Matt goes back to the weight room to find his belongings scattered on the floor. A shoe, here. A shirt, there. It eventually leads him to the pool, where he finds his keys on the bottom floor. Just great. Vicki decides this is the perfect moment to appear, and wills her brother to hear her. She kicks his shoe into the water. SPLASH. Vicki? He knows that the ghost is trying to communicate something and asks Bonnie to help him out. No such luck. She doesn’t have that kind of magic and will not risk putting Matt in danger. Matt thought as much, making a contingency plan. He will strap a weight to his feet and drop himself in the pool. All he needs, is a few minutes on the other side to talk to Vicki, then lifeguard Bonnie can bring him back to life. Easy, right?

Now, let’s take a moment here. What the F**k, Matt? Words can not even begin to express what a stupid, inconsiderate, crazy plan that was. It’s nice that Matt’s character has actually gained some momentum and more than a couple of lines an episode, but this was just too much. Shame. Shame, TVD writers. Anyway, the stupid human goes through with his plan and jumps in the water. His lungs begin to fill with liquid. I’m not going to cry. I am not going to cry. Dammit! Bonnie you better save Matt. I swear . . . The witch runs as fast as she can and dives into the open pool. She pulls the unmoving Matt up and begins CPR. It’s not working, or is it? A haze appears as Vicki looks upon her dead brother. The human is so happy to see his sister again, despite the situation. The girl tells her brother that she has a message for Bonnie. Yeah, what is it? It’s really not going to matter if Matt’s dead. Get a move on, Bonnie! The witch sobs over her friends body, trying her hardest to bring him back. COUGH. SPUTTER. Matt! You’re alive. *Happy dance.* I don’t care if it worked, he still needs his ass kicked for pulling such a stunt. Whatever. Can we know what the message was, now? Sure. Later. Hey!

Meanwhile, Katherine’s bright idea to bring Damon along for her renegade road trip suddenly seems to be going very wrong. He doesn’t want to stop for a midnight snack. I hear Trucker is hard to get out of car cushions. He’s flinging her insults right back with equal speed, if not faster. Can’t have that, can we? He’s not even responding to her obvious advances, like shoving her tongue down his throat. Oh, how infuriating . . . wait a minute. This is actually kinda hot. If you squint a little, you can imagine it’s Delena. If this is a preview of what’s to come with that relationship we’re in for a fun time. Ahem! Sorry. While seemingly getting into their steamy kiss, Damon denies such an act. “I thought I give it a shot. Truth is, you just don’t do it for me anymore.” Oh, burn. Katherine makes her position clear (to us) that her only reason for the side trip with Damon, is to get him as far away from Mystic Falls as she possibly can, so he won’t try and do anything stupid. Yeah, like that’s going to work.

Taking a break from the monotonous drive, Damon finally asks Katherine what exactly her plan is. About time! The Lying Vampire Bitch retrieves Elena’s much sought after necklace and gives Damon what for. Leverage. Katherine tells our favorite vamp that she needed to stay one step ahead of her enemy, so she stole the necklace Klaus was so keen on finding. She also stole something much more interesting. Ooh, what is it? What is it? Jeremy. Jeremy? What the hell?

Jeremy Gilbert is the key to kill Klaus. No, seriously. Katherine tells a curious and annoyed Damon, that there is a way to kill the havoc reeking hybrid. However, the secret lies with the dead. Let me tell you a brief and uneventful tale. A long time ago, Katherine’s vampire friend, Pearl (Remember her?) told the inquisitive vamp that there was a way to kill (really kill) Klaus. Yeah, keep talking. Unfortunately, before that could happen, Pearl found herself six feet underground. Okay. So . . . Luckily, Pearl told this elusive secret to one person before her death. Who? Who? Her daughter, Anna. Dun, dun, dun!

Signaling the dead, the human opens his mind to let Anna in. The ghost refuses to help, but reluctantly agrees after Damon hits her living BF on his noggin. Ouch. They’re (Klaus & Co) are looking for Michael; a vampire and a hunter. Duh. Anna tells them it would be a really bad idea to wake the guy, since he’d probably kill everyone in Mystic Falls. That sounds like reason enough, but I have a feeling you people aren’t going to listen. A while later, Damon requests his phone back from sticky-fingers, Katherine. Unwillingly, she gives him the phone. Something isn’t right. Good thinking, Sherlock. Klaus has Elena. Really? I had no idea. Despite her protests, Katherine watches as Damon makes his way back to Mystic Falls. He’s got to save his lady.

The clock is getting closer and closer to zero. Stefan paces back and forth, not knowing what to do to save his human from his uncontrollable Ripper self. Elena begs Stefan to resist; fight for their love. Love? That’s right, love. “I owe you everything, because through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up; from turning it all off.” Did you hear that? He loves her still. He was just saying all those horrible things, doing all those horrible things, to protect her. Idiot. I know, but it has to count for something. Like it’s going to matter much, when Stefan has to feed off Elena, because of that asshat hybrid. Yeah. Well . . . He’s not going to be able to stop. He said it himself. All we can do is wait and see.

Okay. We waited. Now, let’s see. The seconds pass by quickly. Stefan is trying to resist, but it’s no use. Elena is going to have to run. The human argues, but after a close call with Stefan’s teeth, she decides it’s for the best. Fight, Stefan. Fight. Elena flees into the deserted halls of Mystic High, while Stefan is forced to follow after. “We have to stop meeting like this.” What the hell? Klaus finds the escaped human and offers her up to the Ripper. Stefan does everything he can to resist the spell he’s under, going as far as stabbing himself with a wooden stake. Poor Stefan. Klaus is disappointed in his protégé (so to speak). Klaus pulls out the obstruction. “The only thing stronger than your craving for blood, is the love you have for this one girl.” Damn right. The hybrid is curious as to why Stefan (the Ripper) just doesn’t simply turn off the part of him holding on to his humanity. Klaus tells him to turn it off. Not happening. Again. No way. Do it! No. Persistent bastard that he is, he compels Stefan to lose whatever semblance of humanity he had left and feed on Elena. Evil look. Smirk. Scream. FADE TO BLACK.

What the hell? You’ve got to be kidding me? No, not really. Bitch. What did you say? Nothing. Jeez, I really need to stop talking to myself. Oh, crap. Tyler, you’re awake. The werewolf, soon-to-be hybrid is greeted by his vampire and Rebecca. The Original gains pleasure in hearing Caroline break the bad news to her boyfriend. 1. Klaus is turning you into a hybrid 2. You’re in transition 3. You’re dead if Bonnie can’t find a cure within two minutes or less. Sorry. Yeah, thanks a lot. Hey, do you want to know what Vicki said? It’s about time. Well, she said that the reason why Klaus can’t turn any wolves into hybrids, is because the doppelgänger (Elena Gilbert) is still alive. Um . . . we already knew that. Yeah, but they didn’t. So . . .

So, enter Klaus. The smirky hybrid offers up a small test-tube of doppelgänger blood to the transitioning Tyler. He didn’t. Did he? Elena’s . . . dead? No, didn’t you just hear him? He can’t kill the doppelgänger. Okay, but – Hold on a second, I’m not finished here. Gah! Rebecca holds Caroline back, as Tyler tosses back the vile of Elena’s blood. The use-to-be wolf screams in pain as the blood flows into his system. Klaus looks upon the latest test subject. Will it work? Yes, I think so. Fangs and those weird werewolf eyes? A job well done, Klaus. You’ve figured it out. I assume this can only mean terror and death, but the point is, you set a goal and conquered it. Good job.

Excuse me? Yes? You were saying something about Elena? Oh yeah, right. Elena finds herself at the local hospital, with a nice bandage on her neck. The human looks around to find a packet of her blood being taken from her. A nurse sets the record straight. Klaus needs her blood. Elena tries to fight, but the compelled nurse sedates her and she soon falls asleep.

For more on this story, let’s check in with Rebecca and Klaus. Rebecca? Yes, it seems that since the Original witch hated Klaus (who doesn’t?), she tricked him into believing that he needed the doppelgänger dead – knowing he actually needed her blood to make all his hybrid slaves. You see, the witch created a curse, the doppelgänger would die, and Klaus wouldn’t be able to turn any of his werewolf lackeys into hybrids. She wasn’t one for world domination, I see. Why does Klaus want an army of hybrids, then? This is actually quite sad. He doesn’t want to be alone. Oh, that is sad. I know. Why is it so hard to hate this guy? Seriously!

No, Damon. I can’t let you hurt Klaus now. Just go save Elena, will you? “Don’t you want to know about your friend, Michael?” What? Damon lies to the hybrid and tells him that he & Katherine found the hunter, and he knows where the Originals are. Oh, darn. Klaus didn’t like that. He flees . . . without his human blood bag. That means it’s Damon to the rescue! Though tempted by her blood, Damon sweetly carries Elena to the safety of his home. He’s such a sweetheart.

Back at Mystic High, a pleasantly happy Tyler tells Caroline that everything’s fine. Actually, it’s more than fine. Dude! You do know you’re a hybrid now. I’m sure Klaus won’t let you go and live a peaceful existence with your vampire. If you think everything is sunshine and rainbows, you’ve got another thing coming. Caroline is also suspicious of her hybrids current mental state, but doesn’t fight it. She willingly grasps onto Tyler’s embrace. Forwood lives . . . for now. Still hanging around, Bonnie tells Matt that what he did was reckless and stupid. Preach it, girl. He is the one person who can actually lead a normal, supernatural free life. He can’t forget that. Thanks, Bonnie. The witch leaves the human a lone, after he requests a few minutes to say one last goodbye to his dead ghost sister. Vicki? Oh, no. Not you too!

Comfy and cozy in the Salvatore home, Damon offers to rid Elena of the events of the past few hours. She declines. Elena wants to remember. She needs to remember. Damon also attempts to give his human love her Stefan purchased necklace, but she won’t take it. “He’s really gone this time.” Yes, after Klaus’ compulsion kick, the Stefan you loved is no more. He’s just gone. Our beloved Damon reassures Elena that he is there for her. He shouldn’t have left, but he promises will never leave her again. Awwwww . . . . now that’s what I’m talking about. “Well, isn’t this cozy.” Stefan? Oh, no. The emotionless Ripper tells the close duo that he’s back in Mystic Falls indefinitely. Klaus needs someone to look after his human blood machine and Stefan is just the man to do the job. So, carry on. Well, this is going to be interesting.

Final scene: Katherine and Jeremy find themselves at Michael’s tomb. The vampire pushes the lid off the dusted coffin. Oh, look. It’s the cop from Stefan’s flashback. How nice. Hate to say, I told you so. Katherine looks over the petrified vampire. His eyes open. BAM! That’s it, people. Roll those credits! This episode has been brought to you by CLIFF and HANGER. When you need answers, we’ll be there to make sure you don’t get them.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What will happen now that Stefan (the Ripper) is back in Mystic Falls? How will Damon handle it? Will Elena try to bring her Stefan back? Will Klaus come back for Tyler? Is Matt seeing ghosts like Jeremy? Will Katherine bring Michael to Mystic Falls? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    I don’t think I’m in the best frame of mind to form coherent sentences since I just finished watching the episode about five minutes ago…*deep breaths, deep breaths”. I can only imagine what the finale will be like we are being treated to such crazed intensity right now. How can they keep getting better episode after episode much less season after season?

    Ok Ok, thoughts. So Stefan still loves Elena deep deep deep down. I’m a little placated considering I really wanted him to just get fed up with her and the whole sappiness of the whole thing but I’ll take what I can get. The fact that he’ll still be in Mystic Falls and living with Damon really adds to the dynamic of the love triangle. About Stelena…so Ian and Nina admit they’re finally together after a year or so of rumors…great. Somehow I have a feeling that the chemistry between Elena and Damon will fall short for me. Which is sad cuz even though I am not much of a Delena shipper. I do want Damon to be happy (for once). But hopefully I’m wrong and the chemistry (when they finally TRULY get together cuz God knows it might not be for a while) will knock our socks off.

    I’m confused. Based on what Anna said, I find it hard to believe that the darkness that was Vicki was all because she knows that Klaus can’t create hybrids cuz Elena is alive? So anti-climatic! Unless there’s more Anna and Vicki drama coming since Jeremy should still be able to see them at least for a couple more episodes (unless they’ve served their purpose). Also why does Michael’s eyes just open? Seriously shouldn’t there have been something significant that had to happen for him to wake up? Just a lift of the old coffin lid, huh? Maybe those changes are reinforced with some witchery.

    Oh Forwood. I see bad things in your future. And somehow I feel Caroline sees it too. She was not looking too certain of anything during that hug.

    Also, poor lonely Klaus. It’s kinda sad isn’t it. Can’t wait till his mother wakes up. Oooooh the drama.

    1. I know! Last night was cra-zay. I agree. I don’t know how they can keep writing these amazing episodes week after week and still have fun, interesting storylines. I would so love to be in the writers room when they come up with these ideas. *Sigh*

      I really wanted some deviation with the ‘I love you, but I’m lying to protect you’ deal. We get it. It’s been done before. Yeah, now that he’s back in the swing of things, the triangle is going to be intense. Even more so because, Stefan is completely Ripper now – there’s no part of old Stefan left. I seriously wonder how Elena is going to handle this. Will she try to save him (again) or move on with Damon? Then in the preview, Stefan was going all caveman. What if Elena begins to fall for really bad boy Stefan? The possessive aspect can be very appealing. Darn it. Now I want that Stelena to happen. Curses! Hannah is not going to like that I said that. Team Delena . . . yeah. Delena *Looks around.* 😉 I don’t know, that Katherine and Damon kiss was pretty convincing. There was definite chemistry.

      Helping Matt didn’t seem too dark to me, either. Maybe if Matt is actually seeing ghosts like Jeremy there will be more ‘darkness’ drama. I’m sure we’re not through with the Anna storyline yet. Yes, the eye thing was boring. Hopefully Michael will be as bad-ass as Anna made him out to be. A vampire who’s a vampire hunter? These TVD writers better deliver.

      Poor Forwood. Now that Tyler’s a hybrid, things are going to get messy and they haven’t even had a chance to go out on a proper date yet! Not fair. Finally, a relationship we can all get behind and Klaus had to mess it all up. Jerk. Yes, but I want his whole family to wake up. Family hijinks and drama in mass quantities, that’s what I want to see. Rebecca is already getting really annoying. Maybe they can find Klaus a nice hybrid mate? Maybe he would stop being such a cranky pants if he got laid. Just sayin.’ Lol.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Hahaha there were some cracker lines in your blog tonight. “A job well done, Klaus. You’ve figured it out. I assume this can only mean terror and death, but the point is, you set a goal and concurred it. Good job.” Haha, gold. Although I think you meant conquered, not concurred?

    Best line of the night? Damon: “Stop being cute.” Katherine: “that’s not possible.” Great call.

    Even though he is an evil, sadistic bastard who enjoys continually breaking cute vampires necks and causing confusion, pain and misery wherever he goes…I do feel sorry for him. But at the same time, does it really MATTER? Can’t he just shack up with another vampire? Or a human he then turns into a vampire? Or a werewolf who enjoys having sex with vampires? Or he could compel someone? Or just pay for it…

    Really, I think he is over-reacting slightly. If you want to get laid Klaus there is no reason to start a new species.

    Personally, I’m sick of Rebecca’s character. She is a whiny annoying bitch. Even putting aside her hatred for Elena. Seriously, how is contributing to the show?

    Haha, its ok Kim I can kinda see where you’re coming…hot, steamy angry sex with an angry sexy vampire? Defo can see the appeal. But if he just grunts and growls like he has been for the past couple of episodes then I’m not going to be for it. We need us some witty one-liners.

    I’m surprised though Rochelle that you don’t think Delena will have chemistry. Whenever Katherine and Damon have hooked up (eg. start of season 2 when she breaks his heart…again. Stupid vampire bitch.) I was always super interested. ahahaha.

    Poor Forwood 😦 Surely they can make it work somehow though right? I mean the TVD writers wouldn’t be THAT cruel to us, would they??

    1. miseryofmidnight says:

      Damon and Katherine are awesome together and Damon and Elena works right now because they’re always at each others throats and when they have tender moments its such a departure that its sweet and adorable. I guess I’m just expecting the worst. It’s been such a long time coming that a totally sweet relationship between them might not meet the really high expectation of them being together. Then again, I’m pretty sure it will all be awesome like everything TVD. It was just a thought.

      Oh and yes. Once Caroline’s happiness is involved I think the writers could be that cruel.

    2. Thanks 🙂 Yeah. It’s sad that Klaus feels like he’s all alone, but maybe he shouldn’t have partially killed all the people who he could talk to (i.e. His family). He really did this to himself, you know. If he wasn’t so stubborn, he wouldn’t have attempted to become a hybrid, and he could have settled down with a nice lady vamp who appreciated him for who he was. So sad.

      Haha! “Or he could compel someone? Or just pay for it.”

      I’m really starting to dislike Rebecca too. At first, her character was an interesting twist for Stefan, but now she just seems like a whiny brat. Not cool.

      Yes, I agree. I hope the writers give Emotionless Stefan’s character some bite to him (Ha!). One-liners are a must, plus more drama with Damon is always nice.

      I don’t know . . . I hope Forwood survives, but Tyler was acting very strange. You would think he’d be a little more upset, after being turned into a hybrid.

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