TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Romance is kinda, sorta in the air

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Wow. Did anyone else feel the tension in Mystic Falls slowly elevate off the charts and into dangerous territory last night? The unresolved sexual tension between Damon and Elena alone was at an all time high. It was an episode with its foundation placed solely on relationships and their ever developing highs and lows. Brothers and sisters. Boyfriends and girlfriends. Boyfriends and dead, ghost ex-girlfriends. Ripper’s and humans. Hybrids and vampires. Each relationship the Mystic Falls residents held was tested and reshaped into something new. We were all left wondering the current status of every relationship; if there even was one. *Cough* Jeremy and Bonnie. *Cough* Last night’s all new episode also had us asking, “WTF, Vicki?” Her sugar-coated attempt at helping Matt last week was demolished by her corrupted need and her lopsided ambivalence toward her ghost mission. Though, the most-talked about surprise was shown only seconds before the credits began to roll. An old friend (foe, whatever) had graced us with his presence, which led to Damon’s rude-awakening. It’s clear, something is happening in Mystic Falls. Its former residents are back from the grave and creating havoc. Cue spine-chilling music! What will happen from here on out? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Now, dear friends it’s time for your awesome recap and play-by-play. All you Stelena and Delena shippers watch out. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

On this weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries: Elena is having a tough time, after seeing her vampire ex-boyfriend turned into the ultimate Ripper, with no ounce of humanity left within his damned soul. Yikes. Also, said ex-boyfriend has come back to Mystic Falls to keep an eye on his former lady (or blood bag, as he so eloquently put it) at the request of his sadistic hybrid overlord. Oh, that’s gotta sting. Yep. Though, Elena’s trying to do the best she can in this tough situation. How so? Well, our little human is venturing out into the deserted woods and practicing kicking some vampire ass. Yay! Alaric tries to teach the Buffy in-training a thing or two, but is worried that Elena’s heart really isn’t in it. She fights back. Someone has to take Stefan down a peg and it’s going to be her. She needs to protect herself. It’s game on.

First day back at Mystic High. Woot! Yeah, I don’t think so. Caroline and Bonnie are trying their best to see things in a bright light, despite their boyfriend troubles. You know, fresh of the assembly line hybrids and ghost ex-girlfriends? Really, I’m surprised they’ve made it this far without a major breakdown or something. I would hold that thought. Elena is the one who puts things back into perspective for the Three Musketeers. It’s Stelena’s anniversary. One year ago, vampire and human met and fell in love. Today, Elena tries to put everything behind her and move on. You go girl.

Bonnie’s boy trouble isn’t getting any better. Jeremy tries to reconcile with the witch, but it’s no use. The two are on a rocky road. Bonnie is still upset over the fact that he’s been talking to his dead vampire ex-girlfriends. Like he has a choice. Take it easy on the poor guy, Bonnie. Speaking of, Matt is still seeing his dead sister Vicki. They share a moment or two, before Vicki drops another plot twist. She tells her brother that there might be a way for her to come back. What? How? Dammit, Tyler. She was just about to spill the beans.

At the Salvatore Mansion, Damon finds his Ripper brother having a little get together. What’s a few dead bodies on the floor, really? Stefan’s rouge game of bloody Twister is not making a good impression on the seemingly straight-laced (but with some anger issues), Damon; neither is an unwanted house guest. Rebecca blasts her way into the home, angry at her hybrid brother for leaving her stranded. What a shame. On the other hand, even Klaus is sick and tired of Rebecca. The blonde vampire brat invites herself to stay for an undetermined amount of time.

Later, Damon tells Elena about his new house mate and creates a hilarious nickname for the blonde vampire brat. Wanna hear it? Yes. Okay. Barbie Klaus. Oh, that’s a good one. I know. When Caroline tries to convince Elena to come to the school bonfire that night, the two friends get interrupted by a very handsy Tyler. He kisses his vampire sweetheart, but somethings wrong. “Is that blood?” Uh. Oh. He’s in trouble. Caroline warns the new half-vampire that he needs to be more careful. He can’t bring his midmorning snack to school anymore. Tyler, on the other hand, is psyched to be the first experiment gone right for his new friend, Klaus. What the heck? His enthusiasm is unwanted. Boy needs to get himself in-check.

Elena escapes that lovers quarrel, only to be thrown into her own. The human greets the snarky new Stefan with disdain. The Ripper tells her that he’s there to keep an eye on her. He grabs her arm when she tries to flee, but he doesn’t back down. Luckily, Alaric is there to rescue the damsel in distress. Thing is, Stefan doesn’t like that. He forces the hunter against a bank of lockers and threatens the human to stay clear of his vampire war path.

During history class (I love teacher Alaric. More please), Elena tells Alaric that they need to do something before Stefan has a chance to do something dangerous. When the class assembles – Stefan included – Teacher Alaric is surprised to find a new student amongst the few. Welcome Barbie Klaus! This can not be good. Of course not. Rebecca tries to weasel her way into Mystic High’s daily regime, while knocking Caroline down a few pegs. Barbie Klaus is going to do whatever it takes to steal Caroline’s popularity, spunk (?), and boy toy. Think again, sister. Meanwhile, Tyler is not being too cautious with his newly acquired compelling skills. Caroline, once again, warns the hybrid to cool it. He’s not acting like himself. No, duh.

On the other side of the field, an annoying Stefan is doing his best to make sure Elena hates him. His new bastard attitude is not winning any points with her. So much so, that she is determined to take Stefan down. Damon finds her in her agitated state, pumping some iron. Elena tells him her plan. It’s simple, really. Lock Stefan up until that Michael guy can kill Klaus. Wow. That is simple. At first, Damon is weary of her plan. They can’t just stick Stefan into rehab and then everything will be fine. Elena knows this, but wants Damon to this for her. She can’t let Stefan break her. She won’t let him. Hear that, Damon. Oh, I think he does. The vampire takes his humans hand and presses it against his chest. Uh . . . . Damon tries to lesson her on how to hurt a vampire, but the scene turns out more as an extremely steamy session at foreplay. He turns her around and massages a patch of open skin below her ribcage. He brings his mouth close to her ear and speaks in low, rough tones. “I’ll do whatever it is you need me to do, Elena.” I could think of a few things. Golly, is it hot in here? Or is that just me? Elena is obviously effected by his charm, as she stands so close to the vampire. Their lips almost touch. You know you want him, Elena. Stop denying yourself. Damon tells his girl, no one will hurt her, especially Stefan.

Matt needs to talk to Vicki again. He needs to know how he can bring her back. The ghost tells him that a powerful witch on the other side is helping her. If Matt is willing to help, the witch will make it so that Vicki will be able to come and go as she pleases. Matt agrees to aid his ghost sister. What the hell? Another interruption? Not cool. Jeremy passes by the couple, only to revive the conversation he heard to Anna. She warns him about the darkness (again). Vicki is bad news. If a witch is helping her to transition back into reality, things are going to go from bad to worse.

At the bonfire, the Mystery Gang go over their plan to subdue Stefan. Elena will distract Stefan, Alaric will shoot him, Caroline will prepare the Forbes’ jail cell, and Damon will work his magic on Rebecca. Everything seems to be set. Everything except, Tyler. The hybrid makes his stance clear as he vows his allegiance to Klaus. He’s become a “freaky, hybrid, slave minion.” Well, we can’t have that. Damon takes him down with a vervain shot. It seems that Mr. Hybrid has been sired to his maker. Klaus. It’s rare, but it means that Tyler will always put Klaus’ needs before everyone else’s. That’s not right. It might explain Tyler’s new attitude, but it also means that trouble is not far for the Mystic crew.

Elena’s new bad-ass attitude comes out in full force as the blood addict Ripper tries to put the damper on Elena’s fun. Distracting Rebecca seems to be an easy job for Damon. The two share a quiet moment eating toasted marshmallows. Hey. Wait a minute. What’s with these vampires and eating? I still don’t think vampires can eat. Yeah, I know. I don’t know what to tell you. Whatever. Seeing their obvious spectacle, Elena looks a bit . . . what’s the word? Jealous? That’s right. Jealous. Stefan makes sure to point this out to the troubled human. He only wants to help, after all. Elena denies it, of course. She flees the scene. And just when it’s getting good. Rebecca refuses the charming vampire’s advances and shoves a large branch in his abdomen. Ouch. Without anybody noticing, mind you.

With some candles lit, a picture of Vicki, and a few drops of his blood, Matt starts the process to bring Vicki into his world. The light spikes, the wind blows, and Vicki is back to reality. Matt and his sister are able to hug once more. Immediately, Vicki lets it slip that she made a deal with the witch to let her stay. It’s Vicki’s job to restore the balance of things. Which means . . . what it always means . . . the doppelgänger has to die. Poor Elena. Everyone always wants to kill her. Matt tries to stop the ghost from acting on her mission, but Vicki clocks him over the head with a wrench. Bad ghost. Bad. The human can not catch a break. He runs to Bonnie for help.

Waking up from his vervain laced sleepy time, Caroline confronts her hybrid boyfriend about his attitude (again). She tells him about being sired, but the wolf/vampire tells her that no one can tell him what to do. Yeah, I would think again. Caroline says what everyone else is thinking. Tyler has become his old self again. You remember him, don’t you? The jackass with the anger issues? Yeah, him. Thank you for being honest, Caroline. Tyler regretfully apologizes and tells his love that he doesn’t want to be that guy again. We don’t want that either, Tyler. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to hate him. “Everything I like about me is you.” Say it with me, “awwww.” The hybrid goes in for a sweet kiss, but it turns out to be more. Yeah, more that they won’t let us see. Arg! Well, it seems everything is right again with Forwood. For now. What did you say? Nothing. Oh, now I see what you mean. Rebecca shows up unexpectedly at the Lockwood home to bestow a sweet treat upon the hybrid; a fresh, open wound for him to drink from. Don’t do it, Tyler. Unfortunately, he does. Stupid, Rebecca.

Snarky, mean Stefan finds a very drunk Elena on the school bleachers. He tells her he’s going to take her home, but the human wants to have a little more fun. She stumbles around and positions herself on the side of the tall bleachers. She almost falls once, twice. On the third try, she succeeds. Luckily, her vampire bodyguard is there to catch her. The two look into each others eyes. Um . . . are we having a moment here. Yes, I think we are. “I knew you would catch me.” Yeah, we knew it too. Dammit! Why does this Ripper Stefan have to be so gosh darn sexy. It isn’t fair. I know what you mean. All too soon the moment is over for Stelena, as Alaric shoots the vampire with a couple of vervain darts. Let’s do this! The two are able to park the unconscious Stefan into the back of Alaric’s nifty SUV. Vicki? What are you doing here? Creating trouble. Typical. Alaric notices the spilled gasoline seconds before Vicki lights the match to set it on fire. No! Get out of the car, Elena. It wouldn’t be so dramatic if she was able to quickly get out of the motor vehicle, would it? So, Vicki is there to trap her. The fire rises higher, as witch Bonnie tries to bring Vicki back to the other side. She chants and waits, while the smoke weaves its way into Elena’s lungs. The glass won’t break. The door won’t open. Elena tries to awaken Stefan to help. Slowly, Vicki’s power begins to fade as Bonnie continues to recite the reversal spell. Finally, Stefan is able to kick out the back of the car and the human and vampire escape. BOOM! All at once, Alaric needs to purchase another old man mobile. Meanwhile, Matt shuts Vicki out completely, forcing her to go back to wherever she came from. Game over. Though, I don’t think she’s going to take this lightly. Ghost Vicki is adamant to come back. I’m sure vengeance will be first on her priority list.

Back at the Salvatore Mansion, the Delena moment continues. Damon soothes his weary human by fixing her wounds. Elena only confirms her jealousy over Damon’s little flirt session with Rebecca, when she questions Damon about it. He plays it cool and tells her that he was faking most of it. Delena. Delena. No! Alaric interrupts their ‘moment,’ before anything can happen. What’s with all the damn C blocking all the time? Not cool. A unbound and free Stefan tells Alaric that he will always protect Elena. That would actually mean something if you weren’t a crazed Ripper, buddy. When Stefan requests Elena’s presence alone, she speaks of her hope that he can still come out of this and be his old self once again; humanity and all. “I know who you really are Stefan, better than anyone. And I’m not giving up.” Here we go again. “Elena do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?” He did not just say that. He did. Ass. Elena agrees. Really? Yep. She’s not going to take his blatant insults any longer. With a quick punch, the vampire finds himself on the wrong end of two wooden daggers. Servers him right. See you later, Stefan.

Really, Katherine. A mouse? You’re trying to wake up an ancient vampire with the promise of a little, itsy bitsy rat? I think you need to try harder. Damon agrees and tells the vampire to get the job done. They need Klaus dead . . .  like yesterday. Katherine finally takes some initiative and slices open a cemetery mourner for Michael’s afternoon snack. The blood drips down and the vampire awakens, only to protest to the blood being offered to him. He won’t drink and he won’t give answers. He just goes back to sleep. Bummer. When he finally speaks again, he tells the Vampire Bitch that he does not partake in human blood. Okay, another vegetarian. Katherine asks him if he knows a way to kill Klaus. He confirms her suspicions and vows to kill the hybrid menace. First, he’s going to need some arm room and some blood. What’s your pleasure? Vampire blood. Huh? Say that again. Vampire. Blood. Uh. Oh. One moment she’s talking to the domicile ancient vamp, the next Katherine is his supper. MUNCH. MUNCH. MUNCH. Oh, I did not see that coming. MUNCH. Oh, crap.

After everything is said and done, Jeremy still can’t stop thinking about Anna. The ghost reveals she still has feelings for her former flame as well. The two wonder how to proceed. They touch hands and find that they can actually touch. That shouldn’t happen. Okay. I think something’s wrong here.

Yes, something is definitely wrong. Damon is cleaning up the mess Stefan made, when a figure continues to torment the vampire with breaking anything he can get his hands on. Damon’s next. The figure throws Damon across the room. Hey. That’s not nice. You better . . . what the hell? Uncle Mason? You heard correctly. Uncle. My heart was ripped out. Mason. “This is going to be fun.” Dun, dun, dun!

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Will Klaus ever return? Is Katherine still alive? Will Michael take a trip to Mystic Falls? Will Tyler and Rebecca get together? Do you like Ripper Stefan more than Old Stefan? Will Elena woman-up and admit her feelings for Damon? Will Vicki come back for revenge? Tell me in the comments! 

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    So this was the first time in the history of TVD that I actually watched an episode twice in one sitting…cuz it was just SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!

    It was just so exciting and AHHHHHH. Even now I can’t control myself. Luv luv luv RIPPAH STEFAN!! His scene with Damon in the A.M. and Elena (all of em) was just so snarky. I never ever want boring “I’ll love you forever” Stefan to come back.

    Speaking of coming back. WTH TVD writers. You are messing with my head! First off, Vicky was always, ALWAYS off the rails but I’m glad Matt finally knows how messed up his sister is. Think she’ll make another appearance? I doubt it. Also, Anna. Sweet Anna. Seeing her and Jeremy together made me wanna go back and watch TVD all over again (but I aint got that kinda time). Can you say “Bonnie who?”

    Uncle Mason is back. Hmm. Makes me wonder how long these ghosts will be around for and how it will all play out. Who will get to come back? Why only some? So many questions!. I really hope Lexi makes an appearance (please, please pretty please Kevin and Julie, bring back Lexi), I just don’t want her rehabilitating Rippah Stefan, cuz he is awesome! After two seasons of douchy Stefan we need at least 3 of Rippah Stefan. Who’s with me?

    Katherine isn’t dead. Nina Dobrev is just tired. Let’s admit it. She needs a break especially since her newfound willpower has her acting more bad-assery like another doppelganger we know. Also, hello Mikael! I love how all these old vampires have sexy British accents and can play understated menace like no other. Mikaels, voice in the tomb was so soft, so smooth, so utterly relaxing. Even Katherine was mesmerized at the end there, until he chomped down on her.

    Oh Matt. Seriously! Give this boy some sunshine and unicorns. Dude deserves a break. Who’s shipping Matt and Bonnie? Not me, cuz she’s annoying but he needs to be happy enough to walk around shirtless, is all I’m saying!

    Forwood. Douchy Tyler was back and I was loving it. Cuz he’s a much better douche this time around. A douche with depth. I’m glad Caroline gave him a good talking to and his reaction was great but alas, he can’t help himself.

    DId I miss anything. Oh yes. Rebekah is awesome. BTW I saw the promo for next and have absolutely NO IDEA what the story is. So…is it Thursday yet?

  2. setinmotion says:

    Ahahahahahaha Rochelle! Your entire comment was HILARIOUS! And so accurate.
    Best line of the night? Damon: “Oh you know Stefan. Reading, writing in his journal, shaping his hair…”
    And DAYUM! I think for the first time all series I was getting a little bit flustered by Stefan. Bad Stefan is HOT! And I see how TVD writers did it-they made him a really bit arsehole, who still likes Elena a little bit despite everything. That scene when he caught her? I actually wanted them to kiss. Because let’s be honest, hate/love sex between the two? Ah-mazing!

    Nina Dobrev kicked arse this episode. FINALLY Elena has decided that she is sick of playing the patient mortal girlfriend who stands by her vampire’s side through thick and thin. Pfffttttt! Girl has realised that Stefan is a douche and she has bigger fish to fry.

    Eg that scene(s) between her and Damon. Yumo! Elena: “I was faking most of it.” Damon: “So was I” *lingering looks*

    Good point Kim, good point. Stop with the cock blocking and give us something TVD writers, all these teasing and no results leave us very frustrated. Grrrr.

    I’m unsure about Tyler. It’s good that he realised he was being a douche, but as we saw from his final scene it isn’t that easy. I thought the whole sire thing was interesting, they finally got something right with the whole vampire thing (Bram Stoker would be happy)

    Michael? Unexpected, but funny. Katherine isn’t dead, she’s just going to be a bit weak for a while I assume. I wonder how he is going to kill Klaus though? Wherever he has gone…

    Definitely shipping Anna and Jeremy. Fuck it, I don’t care that she’s a ghost. Bonnie gives me the shits.

    Can see what you mean Rochelle about the Bonnie/Matt romance. She’s a pain in the arse but someone needs to throw the guy a bone.

  3. setinmotion says:

    Oh and what the hell is with Mason? Anyone else confused?

    1. I’m thinking, when Matt helped in that little spell to get Vicki to the other side, some other ghosts escaped the veil when the passage was opened. Who knows what other dead MF patrons we’re going to see. Haha! Can you tell I watch too much Supernatural? 🙂

  4. Whoa. So much to discuss here. Lovin’ it!

    First off, Ripper Stefan. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves his new jackass attitude. I sencerily hope this new and improved sexy Stefan can stay awhile. He’s so much fun. Gotta love those bad boys. Right, Hannah? Lol. Yes! I’m so confused. Even when Stefan is being a big ol’ bastard he still cares for Elena. How am I supposed to buy personalized T-shirts when I can’t decide who I love more. Stelena? Or Delena? I can’t choose!

    Who else wants to see Elena become a full-on vampire hunter? Raise your hands. It would make her character so much more interesting. Don’t you think?

    Team Jeranna. Enough said.

    Katherine and Michael. I loved how he gave her a false sense if security with that soothing British voice. Though, a vampire who feeds on vampires? Intersting, but it’s a little wonky mythological wise. Hmmm…maybe Katherine will be his new sidekick. Can you imagine all the awesome one-liners there could be?

    Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. What a shame. He made up for his jackassery, then did something incredibly stupid. I’m sure this new storyline will be entertaining, but I can’t help but wish Forwood had some more good times to share. Of course, this is Mystic Falls. Sooner or later, everything goes to Hell. Anyone else think it’s a little creepy, Rebecca wanting to get it on with a hybrid her brother created? Tyler drank Klaus’ blood and all, somehow couldn’t they be related? Or am I looking too much into this?

    Matt and Bonnie? Together? Hell no! We just need to find him a sweet human girl, that’s all. Problem solved.

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