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I see a lot of dead people

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Hey. You know how I said that The End of The Affair was my favorite episode? Yeah, after last night, I’m gonna have to rethink that. Seriously, what a fantastic, yet drama filled night. Right? Drama. Drama. Drama. Boyfriend drama. Friend drama. Plus, a whole lot of ghost drama. Last night was packed to the brim with familiar faces from episodes past. While some of these so-called friends surprised us with their good intentions, some (or one in-particular) twisted their previous loyalty around and showed us their true colors. Though, we hoped a selected few would stay around for a little while longer (Ahem! Lexi), things did not turn out as such. Even in the short time they occupied Mystic Falls, the ghosts of episodes late managed to turn the town upside down and generate even more new story-lines for us to enjoy. Now, please turn your attention to the front of the class. Your scheduled recap is waiting for you. Look out! This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Dead Uncle Mason decided to pay a little visit to resident vampire and heart ripper, Damon Salvatore. This week we find our sassy hero in peril, chained and stabbed, not so unlike the treatment Damon gave to Ghost Mason not too long ago. The unconscious vamp wakes up and finds himself in this troublesome situation with Ghost Mason overlooking with disdain. Only, Damon believes Ripper Stefan was responsible for the ‘complication.’ Stefan denies having anything to do with Damon’s current trouble, but kindly removes the hot poker from his chest cavity. He such a nice guy. Uh, huh. Unfortunately, Damon’s ring has been removed and Stefan wasn’t gathering up any brownie points when he refused to unchain Damon from the chair. This left Ghost Mason to easily draw the shades of the darkened room and give Damon a little sun-scorched pick-me-up.

Another happening in Mystic Falls. I seriously don’t think a day goes by without some party or celebration in the tiny town. Tonight we gather for the Light of Illumination. Something. Something. Lanterns. Something. Something. Founders. All we know is that we can’t have a party in Mystic without something happening, right? Right. It seems that Anna and Jeremy are still going strong in their happy bubble, while Bonnie is irate over the fact the Jeremy is still in contact with his dead ex, vampire lover. Bonnie has no clue how to handle the delicate situation.

Driving in his car, looking cool, Damon acquires the help of Blondie and Witchy (Oh, Damon) to help him with his personal ghost problem. Obviously, while Bonnie was doing her witch thing to put the kibosh on Dead Vicki’s perusal of dual residency, something got messed up. Damon needs her to find a resolution, otherwise he’s in for a rather interesting day. Bonnie asks Matt if he’s seen Vicki around anymore. He hasn’t. Thank goodness. She is worried that if any other ghosts have achieved a physical foothold in this world, then things have gone very, very wrong. Really? After Caroline hints about a possible Matt and Bonnie hookup (No. Just No), the witch’s magic spell book of mystery decides to give the conflicted witch a recipe for disaster. I mean, a spell to reveal any local ghosts hanging around.

At The Grill, Elena brings Stefan’s old journal to the attention of Jeremy and Alaric. The human has been doing her research on how her former vampire lovers BFF – Lexi – had talked the Ripper down and into the previously humanity filled Stefan we all knew. Elena has the not-so bright idea to ask Jeremy if he can contact the dead vampire on the other side for some help, since Elena has no idea what she’s doing. Alaric is weary about summoning another dead person. You know, once your car gets blown up by a ghost, you tend to not want to have that kind of thing happen again. Smart man. Elena believes it’s their one chance to fix Stefan. Alaric is not so sure. Oh. Hi ya, Stefan. The vamp invites himself (So rude) to the small gathering and searches the pages of his old diary. Sexy Stefan wishes the human to forget the past and just move on. Ouch. The Ripper’s callous jokes about a nighttime flesh snack bring out Elena’s utter determination to get the man she loves back on the straight and narrow. Well, good luck with that.

Later, we find ourselves in a familiar place (The run-down mansion of 100 dead witches), so Bonnie can work her witch voodoo. What is this spell supposed to do, exactly? I have no idea. Just go with it. The candles flicker and the wind pick’s up. The witch chants over and over again. Then, surprise! Bonnie is clasping the hands of her dead witch grandma. Hi. Miss Sheila is a little disappointed in her granddaughter for making such a huge mess. She chastises the witch for bringing Jeremy back and ignoring the warnings of a severe consequence, but ultimately understands Bonnie was doing it out of love. Miss Sheila tells her granddaughter that she has opened a portal. The witch that was helping Vicki did a not-so-nice thing and took advantage, effectively opening the door wide open for any ghost with unfinished business to get a free pass into Mystic Falls. Bonnie needs to make it right. They need to close that door. Well, that’s the tricky part. A talisman on the this side is holding the witches power. Let me guess. It’s Elena’s necklace. Correct! 10 points to Gryffindor! Ahem! Sorry. In order for the witches to stop the ghost apocalypse, they have to destroy the necklace. Typical. Elena tells Caroline to ask Damon where the necklace is.

Jeremy takes Ghost Anna to a secluded spot – the men’s bathroom – for a little chat. Jeremy wonders why his former flame asked him not to share the details of her frequent appearances. Anna states that the result of Bonnie’s best friend knowing about their close relationship could lead to some awkward moments. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. Or in this case, dead vampires who have relationships with fleshy humans. Jeremy also has a few other questions for the ghost. How can they touch? I don’t know. Is she working with Vicki’s ghost friend? Anna denies any connection Jeremy might think she has with the witch. Somehow, I don’t believe you. Anna pleads with him to believe her. Jeremy is confused. He shouldn’t even be talking to the ghost. Yet, he just can’t stay away. Old feelings reach the surface, as Jeremy sweeps the ghost into his arms and lays a big fat kiss on her lips. Um . . . okay. Wow. You two are really going at it. I’m just gonna . . . yeah. Whoa, Elena. Can’t you give these two a little privacy. “Anna?” Wait. You can see her? Yeah, I can see her. Um, okay. Buy why are you in the men’s bathroom? Uh . . . Well, someone’s in the wrong bathroom. Upset by walking in on such a sight, Elena orders the ghost to disappear. She’s making a lot of trouble for her friends. The ghost flees after hearing those harsh words.

Sexy Stefan is just walking down the street when he spies a strangely familiar face. Lexi! Our hopes for her return come true, while Stefan’s hopes for staying conscious this episode diminish. The dead, snarky vamp gets straight to the point. Stefan needs help. He’s gone off the deep end and Lexi is there to make sure he swims back to the kiddy pool. Of course, the only way to get his full cooperation is to smash his pretty head into a car window. You may be all bad and sexy now, Stefan. But, I can’t say you didn’t deserve that. Not too long after, Lexi reaches out to Elena to help school her in “Ripper Detox: 101.” Elena is a little unsure what to do, but finally concedes and goes with the dead vamp.

Trying to ease the tension, Damon confronts his former buddy, Alaric, about their bromance trouble. The hunter is still pissed at the vamp for his attempted murder. It’s not an easy thing to forgive. The pair decided to drink away their trouble. Hold on. Not so fast. Someone wants in on the midday drunk fun too. “Mason?” Yes, Alaric. Mason Lockwood saddles up to the bar and drowns down some whisky. Oh, and when he’s done, he smashes the empty glass onto Damon’s awaiting head. Dude! Curious as to why the dead werewolf is haunting him in-particular (Nothing about how other people can see him as well? No? Okay), Damon just assumes he’s out for revenge. In that case, he better get in line. Much to everyone’s surprise, Ghost Mason only wants one thing. What would that be exactly? Damon’s dead vampire heart on a platter? A new car? No, an apology. Oh, a . . . what? Yep. All the man wants is an apology. Sure. Damon is also skeptical about Ghost Mason’s intentions, but once he hears that G.M might have a lead on killing Klaus, the charming vampire hands out one curt apology. “I didn’t have to kill you. I do a lot of things I don’t have to do.” Okay. Good enough. What? Sure, there wasn’t an actual apology in there, but it worked for Ghost Mason, so let’s just run with it. G.M tells Damon to meet him at the old Lockwood cellar . . . alone. Don’t forget the shovel!

Underneath Mystic Falls City Hall, Lexi and Elena waltz into the vampire holding cell to have a little fun with Ripper Stefan. Elena fills Lexi in on the situation. The vampire is confident that she can remind Stefan of his misplaced humanity. She also warns the human that she’s not going to like what she sees (and hears), but Elena is determined to stay put. Of course, she is. Sexy Stefan fights against the chains that bind him, but it’s no use. He is unable to stop Lexi from getting inside his head. Her focus is clear. She makes the vamp believe his is feeling the effects of a quick blood detox, thus enraging the monster that is inside. He must starve away the blood lust. Stefan begins to hallucinate five years worth without drinking a single drop of blood. The Ripper inside is unleashed and the insults spew across the small enclosure.

Caroline and Bonnie search every inch of the Salvatore Mansion for the desired necklace. Even Damon’s soap bowl? You know he likes to hide things there. Yes, even there. Still, nothing. Elena is actually grateful for that fact. She needs more time with Stefan. Elena pleads with the dynamic duo to hold off on destroying the necklace just a little bit longer. Well, until they can cure her love of his ridiculous obsession with blood. Meanwhile, while Caroline fills Bonnie in on this new bit of information, she let’s it slip that Jeremy kissed Anna. Uh Oh. Bye, bye Beremy.

Not dealing so well with the pain, Stefan pleads with Elena to help him. He vows to be a good boy and promises to change. Stefan asks her to make it stop. Elena looks unsure of what to do. Believe him? Don’t believe him? “Look at me, Elena. I love you.” Oh no. He did not just pull the “I love you” card! He did . . . more than once. Elena doesn’t believe him. Good girl. This leads the aching vampire to spit out some more vile insults. “I wish I never met you.” Blah. Blah. Blah. The Ripper is a jackass. Lexi then takes the next step in her five point plan. Stefan needs to feel. Pain. Rage. Anything that makes him see past the blood. Lexi stabs him with a wooden stake repeatedly. This needs to go on until Stefan is ready to be saved. Elena can’t take Stefan’s screams. She runs into the night.

Searching the crowds for a missing Anna, Jeremy bumps into a semi-familiar menacing face. I think we’ve met before. Yeah, we have. Oh, I know you! You’re one of the evil Tomb Vampires. Am I right? Correct! The creepy guy (A.k.a. Frederick) is delighted to see Anna. After all, they have some unfinished business with the founding families. When Jeremy finally finds Anna, Creepy Guy gives away the surprise. Alaric steps up to help with the lighting ceremony. The lanterns light. A scream. A dead body hanging from a tree. Oh, this is going to be a long night.

As Jeremy fills Caroline in on all the new details, Caroline has a revelation. The necklace is not where it was supposed to be. Maybe someone took it? Someone who might have heard about the necklace? Someone who might not want to go back to lonely Ghost World? That’s right. I’m looking at you, Anna. When Jeremy asks his lady ghost about it, she denies and denies. No one believes her (except Jeremy). Hey, Anna. Where did you go? Elena confronts her brother/cousin about Anna’s loyalty, but that conversation didn’t go so well. Jeremy professes his love for the ghost vamp. “I’ve always loved her.” That’s sweet, but Bonnie and Elena are probably going to kick your ass. Elena has some sympathy for the conflicted human, but knows that what he wants and what he feels for the ghost is not real. He can’t live his whole life loving a ghost. She’s gone. Everything he’s holding on to is in the past. Poor kid. Anna’s sad face reappears. This doesn’t look good. Caroline (and everyone else) was right. Anna took the necklace and her true motive is reviled. Anna kept the necklace, because she wanted to see if she could find her mother again. She doesn’t want to be alone anymore on the other side. The ghost also urges her human to let her go. She is holding him back. So all Anna wanted was to find her mother? Did she even care about Jeremy at all?

Dammit, Creepy Guy! Can you stop making trouble for at least five minutes? Cars are stopped and crashed on the road as Frederick and his lackey’s take their vengeance out on the founding families. Bonnie leaves Caroline to destroy the necklace. Vampire Barbie, on the other hand, is ready to fight. Take that!

Mason and Damon set out on their journey. Ghost Mason let’s it be known that there is an old Lockwood family legend about a weapon that can kill an Original vampire. That might come in handy. Sure will. Step by step, the two search a hidden cave-like structure beneath the Lockwood property for any sign of the weapon. Damon waits patiently (Not really), for Ghost Mason’s true motives to be unleashed. Pig headed as usual, suspicious Damon goes right when G.M said left; thus finding himself on the wrong end of several pain filled wooden spikes. Poor guy can’t catch a break. Of course, when the going gets tough, Damon grovels – in his unique way. “Yo. Help a brother out?” Thank you, Ghost Mason. Removing the large splinters, Ghost Mason eases Damon’s fears about his loyalty. He doesn’t need revenge. He needs redemption. Awwww. Despite some battle wounds, the two march forward in their search. BAM! Hit a wall there, Damon? An anti-vampire shield is in place. Ghost Mason must proceed alone. He holds up his light and searches the dark cave. Do you see anything? “It’s . . .” Hello? Mason?

Bonnie! Jeremy rushes the necklace to his witch. With the help of her grandmother, the two chant the words needed to rid Mystic of their ghost problem. One by one, ghost by ghost. They all disappear from the town. Frederick. Gone. Mason. Gone. Miss Sheila. Gone. Anna? Well, though skipping out on Jeremy, Anna still did get her happy ending. Reunited with her mother, Pearl, Anna can finally rest in peace. Sigh. Moments before Lexi takes her own leave, she promises Elena that somewhere, deep inside his Ripper exterior, the Stefan she loves is there, waiting to be set free. She just has to break through. Bye, Lexi. *Sadface.*

In the final moments of the episode, the results of the ghost infiltration are revealed to the citizens of Mystic Falls. Ripper Stefan wonders what Elena’s next move will be. He is happy to believe that Elena is finally giving up on him. Though, once again, she surprises him. She’s not giving up. Her hope is still intact, but she can’t do anything until Stefan finds his. Elena believes he can get through this. She begs him to fight, to feel something. ‘Cause if he doesn’t, he’s going to lose Elena forever. Not so hopeful for a reunion, Bonnie refuses to hear any explanation Jeremy is willing to give. He apologizes for his unfeeling actions. Jeremy leaves, as Bonnie finds something that she thought was gone. The necklace; still intact. The epic bromance of Damon and Alaric is on its way to be reworked and re-energized, when Damon calls upon his friend to find whatever Ghost Mason had stumbled upon in the cave. Alaric looks upon the cave walls, to find some sort of group of hieroglyphics. “I found something.” What is it? “I have no idea.”

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Are all the ghosts gone for good? Will Jeremy and Bonnie get back together? When will Klaus return? What will happen to Stefan? Will he ever find his humanity again? Are you happy that the bromance between Damon and Alaric is back? What is on those cave walls? What will happen next? Tell me in the comments!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    Hmmm, I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I felt about this episode. There were good bits and bad bits.
    I liked how we got to see all those characters that had died in the past-particularly Lexi as it had been hinted at quite a fair bit that we were going to see her, and the way that they intersected all the different ghost-y stories together.
    but…I felt like it was a little bit of treading water, that bits were forgotten and that we were going around in circles.
    For instance, last week we got to see Elena HTFU and take on Stefan because she realised that she isn’t going to be Bella Swan and that’s she a bit girl. Win for her. I know I was cheering on the sidelines. And yet this episode was STILL about how much she loves Stefan, that she will save him and be there for him and blah blah blah. I was just a bit annoyed about it, because well one, there was no sexy Delena scenes, two, Stefan became a little bit pathetic again, and three, it kinda made me feel like Elena was doing things for him instead of her again.
    I know, bit of an over-reaction but thats how i feel.
    Also, Tyler was mentioned but not actually in this episode. Ie he still chowing on some unsuspecting human with Rebecca at his side? Do they others know? Or is that just Masen? And if thats the case, why didn’t Damon ask what he meant by it? (Although, it is Damon so…)

    And even the whole Klaus this. Eeh. Ok, so now we might potentially have ANOTHER way to kill him but does that mean Michael is definitely a dead end (haha oun intended) or is he going to pop up again soon?

    Sorry! Bit negative but I was still a bit confused at the end. I’m glad the whole Anna thing got sorted, and that even though Jeremy was bad for kissing her, let’s be honest, it was the end that was needed between him and Bonnie.

    Hmm, thoughts? Or am I just a negative nelly this week?

    1. No, you’re not being negative. You’ve actually made some great points. I think I liked it, because most of the pacing of the episode was on-point. Plus, the scenes between Lexi/Stefan and Damon/Alaric came with the usual great TVD banter and enough moments to make you gasp just a little bit. Now that I think about, I’m going to have to rethink what I rethunk in the first place. Wait. Did that make any sense? Lol.

      I really have to agree with you on this whole Elena debacle. She was so kick-ass and awesome when she was in her Buffy mode last week, then all of a sudden she’s back to that whiny little girl we dislike. I can understand that she still has hope for Stefan to change, but she needed to stop being so docile and do something drastic. She should have treated him more like Lexi did. Elena needs to give Stefan some tough love.

      Haha! We were all dissapointed there were no sexy Delena scenes.

      Yes, there should have been some little scene or other about Tyler and his new hybrid attitude. Frankly, I think they could have cut a few of the Bonnie scenes in the episode. We really didn’t get any really important information. I think it hurt the episode a bit. It seemed like useless filler to me with that entire chanting jag. I’m kinda glad Beremy is over too.

      Was it just me, or were you mad at Anna as well for using Jeremy to get to her mom? Did she even want Jeremy back? I really didn’t like how their storyline ended.

      I was so confused with the Michael thing too. Damon said that was a dead end (Ha!), but last I remember, he said he would kill Klaus. That doesn’t seem like a failure to me. Though, Katherine is out of commission. Maybe since he can’t contact her, he thinks she failed? I don’t know. Give me answers, TVD!!

      Oh, what’s with this hieroglyphic cave stuff? Is this just an excuse to introduce us to the Klaus family? If that’s the case, there are surely more inventive ways to accomplish this.

  2. setinmotion says:

    oh good! I’m glad that its not just me (I’ve had a shit week and it was an awful thought to think that might have crept into my TVD opinions!)

    Yeah I don’t really understand Bonnie’s character. I feel like she is there out of necessity, instead of an actual interesting character. It’s like they occasionally need a witch to do their witchy things so that’s why she’s around, but the writers aren’t too invested in her so she doesn’t really get any storyline.

    And any storyline she does get, like Beremy, quickly goes down the drain.

    And speaking of storylines, what about Matt? To be honest, I don’t really care either way, but it was a bit bizarre how he was so into being involved the past 2 episodes and as soon as he realised that he’s screwed up, he pisses off-and everyone is ok with that! Huh?!?!

    Yeah…it’s annoying about Elena, but I think you were right about Lexi/Stefan and that Damon/Alaric are back to being bros again. I missed that. It’s a bit disappointing that she was only back for one episode wasn’t it?

    Yeah…I’m confused about the Michael story arch. Is Katherine even dead? I mean, she’s a vampire-so if she had her blood taken from her wouldn’t that just weaken her for a bit while she regenerates or something (I might be taking a little bit of vampire lore from True Blood here so help me out), so she actually isnt dead? And where the hell IS Klaus? And Rebecca for that matter? So. Many. Questions.

    And I have no idea baout the hieroglyphs. If it is a history of the originals its a bit weird that he’s conveniently located under the old Lockwood mansion…

    1. I agree. I don’t think Bonnie’s character adds anything of importance to the storyline. She’s kinda boring if you ask me. Yeah, it seems like they just keep her there for random plot lines. The whole witch thing isn’t that interesting anymore. I do feel bad for Jeremy, though. Poor kid can never have a normal heathy relationship.

      I’m kinda with you on this one. It was nice to see Matt have an actual storyline and more than just one line per episode, but I won’t be too upset if his appearance this season is cut. It was weird how he just dissapeared this episode. He seems to do that a lot. Couldn’t he help? I mean, he’s finally been let in on the big supernatural secret and he’s still sitting back?

      Lexi is so bad-ass when it comes to Stefan. It’s was great to see someone actually put Stefan in line. Yes, it was sad to see her go (again). Darn it, Bonnie! Did you have to send away all the ghosts?

      I have no idea. TVD has some unusual rules when it comes to their vampires. Eating, sleeping, etc. I don’t think Katherine is dead. I hardly believe they would let her go out like that. If he took some of her blood supply, wouldn’t she become slightly petrified? Like when she didn’t have any blood in the tomb? Alive, but not really? I have no clue.

      Klaus is one hell of a mystery. He drops his sister like a hot potato when he hears about the psychotic vampire vampire hunter and just flys the coop? Since this is Klaus we’re talking about, I’m sure he’s doing evil and not sitting around the pool drinking margaritas. I just hope we are let in on this mystery soon. Hey, TVD writers. Is next week too soon? Lol.

      So, so convenient. It makes me question, what other secrets Mystic Falls is hiding? The fountain of youth? A yellow brick road? A secret passage way to the Cullen home? Oh, the possibilities 🙂

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