Florence + The Machine “No Light, No Light”

“You want a revelation, some kind of resolution”

Florence Welch sways above the New York City backdrop – wind gliding through her auburn hair – as a chorus of Catholic school children accompany her melodic voice. All the while, the candles flicker and dim, while a voodoo priest dances to the relentless drum beat of No Light, No Light. Our musical songstress takes flight, fleeing her demons. God. Religion. Love. Death.“You want a revelation. You want to get it right.” Florence seemingly jumps from her heavenly perch; falling – begging for someone to catch her. Breaking the glass ceiling, she settles in the arms of the choir. A soft caress. A kiss. A whisper. Florence’s eyes open to her savior, her lover. We expect nothing less than the usual eccentric storytelling we receive from every Florence + The Machine music video, and No Light, No Light is no different. The visual metaphors spill into every crevice of the expressive picture, hiding images for you to catch and decipher. A woman finding a skeptical romance in the arms of her lover? A lost soul, running away from heartache? There are so many perceptions and images voicing their words in this visually engaging video, that it takes at least a couple of views to understand and appreciate the presented artwork. I think all of you Florence Fans will undoubtedly recognize and love the newest addition to the group; finding the artistic sights of the video Flo-worthy. Take a gander, friends. Tell me what you think of the latest from Ceremonials.

What did you think of the ‘No Light, No Light’ music video? What’s your favorite scene? Love the song? What is your favorite track on Ceremonials? Tell me in the comments!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. I adore the song & I can definitely relate it right now. I just keep on liking them more and more. thanks for sharing.
    ps. I dig yo name 😉

    1. Haha! I like your name too.

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