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Mind Games

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Twist. Turn. Twist. Turn. I think it’s safe to say, that last nights episode of The Vampire Diaries left our heads spinning and our fingers clutching our Damon pillows. Wouldn’t you agree? This crazy, fast paced episode had us scratching our heads, wondering ‘What the hell just happened?’ It was a night that sated our need for action and excitement – closing the book on some storylines – but also established a few more. It wouldn’t be a mid-season finale if it didn’t. What? Yes, it’s true. Though the month without our darling Salvatore brothers will be difficult to endure, we shall prevail. We shall be patient. We shall watch numerous TVD fanvid’s to get our fix. Right? I hope so. Now, turn that frown upside down. We have an episode to recap. Let’s see what our friends in Mystic Falls were up to this week. You know the drill. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Today on One Hybrid to Kill, Stefan begins to follow through on his orders from Michael. The humanity free vampire calls the unsuspecting hybrid to tell him the bad news. His father’s dead. Or is he?

Flashback! In order to lure Klaus back to Mystic, the team create an elaborate ruse. After developing a fabricated lie as to how Elena killed Michael (He threatened her, she stabbed him with one of those special daggers. You get the gist), Stefan details what exactly they have to do to take the hybrid overlord down. Klaus being, Klaus, he is going to want proof that his Step-Daddy is actually six feet under, or in this case, in a petrified state of un-dead. With Stefan’s ‘I have to do everything Klaus tells me’ situation, they team have to make sure this doesn’t become a problem. So, Michael offers his help. There is no way Klaus can see through their plan if Michael actually dies. Say, what? Yes, the Original Vamp takes one for the team when Elena actually stabs Michael with the dagger. Stefan witnesses the act. They have found a way around Stefan’s compulsion.

Though his semi-lies are flawless, Klaus needs more proof. He needs to talk to Rebecca. Well, she’s right here. The somber vampire tells her brother that indeed, Michael is dead. He can come home now. “Was that easy, or what?” Oh, you shouldn’t have said that Damon. Elena pulls the dagger from Michael’s heart. There is more to be done.

Rebecca waits for her father to awaken from his petrified state. Michael is surprised and delighted to see his daughter, but she is unwilling to forgive. Barbie Klaus knows what her brother has done, but Klaus’ sadistic actions can’t compare to Michael’s. He is the one who turned them into the creatures they are today. He destined his family to this horrific life and she can not forgive that. There is no reconciliation insight for the pair.

Meanwhile, Elena attempts to talk to a very sad Bonnie. Boyfriend trouble. Again. The witch doesn’t seem to want to talk about her problems or go to the homecoming dance. Sometime later, Damon and Elena take inventory of their arsenal. Wooden stakes? Check. Wolfsbane grenades? Check. Everything is set, but Elena is worried about Rebecca’s allegiance. Damon knows this and ensures Elena that he has his own contingency plan. He won’t tell her, of course. Darn. The perpetually non-optimistic smartass, Stefan, is also unsure of their plans success rate. Only, he’s more concerned that someone’s – He’s talking to you, Elena – humanity will get in the way. Well, I guess that means we won’t have any trouble from you, Stefan.

Caroline is her usual cheerful, party-planing self as she and Tyler decorate for Homecoming. Tyler is a bit famished and wants to go find a snack, but not the kind Caroline was thinking about. The new-ish hybrid tells his ladylove that there is perfectly fresh blood waiting for them in one of Rebecca’s awaiting feeders. Caroline is disgusted at Tyler’s behavior and doesn’t want him hanging around with the “evil blood slut” (Thanks, Caroline) anymore. Tyler tells her to chill. Ass. It looks like there is trouble in paradise. Again.

An unusually subdued Rebecca is getting ready for her first high school dance. She refuses to listen to anything regarding Michael or Damon’s plan for killing her brother. She doesn’t want to know. Elena tries to comfort the Original vamp, but senses Rebecca is still unsure of her allegiance. The human brings a smile to the vampire’s face as she returns the necklace to its original owner. Rebecca’s cries are silent as Elena secures the necklace in place. Okay, this new Rebecca is kind of freaking me out. I liked it better when she was a whiny brat. Yeah, I’m guessing Elena liked it better too. Bringing out her Buffy-side once more, Elena stabs Rebecca in the back. Literally. What the hell? That really wasn’t nice, Elena. Rebecca’s weakness for her brother was too much of a risk. She couldn’t take the chance.

Elena feels guilty for her actions, but knows it was the right thing to do. Sort of. She agrees with Stefan. Someone is going to let their humanity get in the way and it’s probably going to be her. Damon is there to ease her worried mind. He is sure that his plan will work and without Elena having to lift a finger.

That night, Caroline is shocked and outraged. The homecoming dance has been canceled. Gasp! Priorities, Caroline. Priorities. Tyler saves the day by volunteering the Lockwood estate for the shindig. The party quickly takes shape. The guest have arrived. The band is in place (My Morning Jacket? Really? I didn’t know you’d be here). It’s turning out to be the best party Mystic has had in a while. Though, ‘party’ isn’t the word Tyler would use to describe the gathering. Um . . . Klaus? What are you doing here? “It’s a wake.”

“This is weird.” Thanks, Matt. Now that Michael is dead, Stefan wonders what’s next for his hybrid best friend. The hybrid is eager to finally reunite his family. The one’s that he sort of killed? Yeah. Suspicious of Stefan (like that’s new), Klaus orders his lackey to bring Michael’s body to him. Well, what’s in it for Stefan? His freedom. If Klaus is satisfied with Stefan’s performance, the controlled slave will be free. Score.

At the Salvatore home, Michael reveals his secret weapon to Damon. Minds out of the gutter, pervs. It’s a wooden stake carved from the majestic white oak tree; the only weapon that can (really) kill an Original vampire. Michael also reveals the reason why he feeds on vampires. When he signed up for vampirism, blood lust was never an accepted part of the equation. As the years past, Michael learned to feed off the predator, not the prey. It’s like a weird version of vampire vegetarianism, I believe. And they say the Cullen’s are weird. Stefan’s timing is impeccable, as he tells the duo of the change in plans. There is a plan, right? Yeah, it just doesn’t involve Stefan. Huh? In an instant, Michael’s fangs are attached to Stefan’s neck. The Original feeds from the shocked vampire. Watch the bouffant! Stefan is out for the count. I did not see that coming.

Klaus and his hybrid bestie, Tyler, share a few laughs, but the discussion takes a turn. Klaus points out every single one of Tyler’s friends having their fun at the party. Klaus warns his creation that if any one of them should try to do something stupid, he has more than enough friends to take revenge. Okay? See those creepy statue-like people out there? Yeah. They’re hybrids ready to kill at a moments notice. Gulp. I think Klaus has a plan of his own. Not good.

Ooh! A little fun time in the bedroom for Tyler and Caroline? Well, not exactly. Tyler interrogates his girlfriend about his (Klaus’) suspicions that her friends are up to something. Caroline is actually telling the truth when she says she has no idea what’s going on. Yeah, Tyler. And if she did know anything, she wouldn’t even tell him, since he’s apparently on Team Klaus now. Take that! Actually, it’s Caroline who takes a vervain shot to the neck. What the hell, Tyler? When we see the hybrid once again, he tells Matt to take Caroline somewhere; anywhere else. Why? Why does he care? Because he’s protecting her! Really? Yes. He didn’t drug her under Klaus’ orders? No. Awwww.

Klaus decides to check up on his human blood bag. He thanks Elena for Michael’s demise, but warns her that he will retaliate if a threat is made on his life. Yeah. Yeah, we know. In the meantime, Damon struts into the Lockwood Mansion, only after ripping the heart out of one of Klaus’ hybrids. Guy did even stand a chance. Neither does Tyler. The two spar for no reason, until Bonnie stops Damon from killing the hybrid.

Ahem! I hate to interrupt your thrilling game of beer pong, but you have a visitor, Klaus. Who is it? Michael. Oh, crap. Klaus doesn’t seem too surprised to see his father alive and well at his front door. Klaus threatens his father with his hybrid lackeys, but Michael is one step ahead. Elena. Michael warns his half-breed that he will kill Elena if someone tries to kill him. Mr. Pouty Face doesn’t care. He just wants Michael out of his life for good. Insults spew back and forth, but it seems there is more here than Klaus is letting on. His hurt is evident as a single tear rolls down his cheek. Klaus is just a son who never got his fathers approval. He has made some bad choices, but all he wanted was to be loved. Uh huh. It’s true. Sap. Michael maniacally chuckles when Klaus calls his bluff. He won’t kill Elena. He would lose his leverage. Michael is disappointed. Klaus’ impulsive nature will forever be his greatest weakness. STAB! Michael grips his blade and thrusts it into Elena’s side. Nooooo! Just wait. What? With his vampire speed, Damon catches Klaus unaware and forcefully stabs him with the special wooden stake. Gasp! Only, before he can take the final hit, Stefan comes out of nowhere and stops him. What? No. Yes! Seeing his opportunity, Klaus grabs the stake and punctures Michael’s heart. The Original Vampire breathes his last breath as his body is set aflame. Yikes. Damon is displeased at Stefan. That’s one word for it. “What did you do?” He earned his freedom. Stefan’s loyalty to the hybrid won him is freedom, but still didn’t win him back his humanity. Damon flees.

Caroline awakens from her vervain haze to see Tyler waiting for her. She is upset with him over his blatant disregard for her feelings and for leaving her out of the fun. Oh, Caroline. He tries to explain, that he was just trying to protect her, but his attitude hurts his chances of forgiveness. Tyler wants Caroline to realize, that he is what he is. He likes being a hybrid. He doesn’t have to turn. He doesn’t have to be a slave to the moon anymore. He doesn’t have to live with all the pain. Awwww. Caroline still doesn’t understand. Without waiting for further explanation, Tyler leaves.

Wait. What about, Elena? It wasn’t Elena. It was Katherine. Huh? Yep. It was another Katherine/Elena switcheroo. It was Katherine the whole time? At the party? Yes.

Damon’s anger over Stefan’s betrayal is evident. He throws his glass into the fire as he self-destructs. Elena takes a hold of him. They will get through this, even if it means they have to let Stefan go. They will let Stefan go. Wait a minute. Where’s Katherine now? Excuse me, couldn’t you see they were having a moment? Don’t blame me. It’s Katherine’s fault. Katherine calls the vampire to let him know she is getting the hell out of dodge. No surprise. She congratulates him on his excellent plan, even though it didn’t work out. Was that a compliment? Not really. Alone, Katherine ponders to herself, “He doesn’t know where it all went wrong.”  He doesn’t need to know. What the hell? Stefan?

Flashback! After Michael’s feeding frenzy on Stefan’s neck, he awakens to find Katherine hovering over him. She gives him some unwanted information. When she was talking to Klaus, he let it be known that if he should die, Damon would be by his side. If one hair was harmed on his cute British head, Klaus’ lackeys would see to it that Damon would pay for the indiscretion. Katherine knows Stefan turned off his humanity, but she orders him to care; care enough to save Damon’s life. He is a better person, because of his humanity. He needs to find that person again. Stefan is unsure if he can. He doesn’t want to after everything he’s done. Katherine understands, but she needs him to do so. Why? So he can get mad. Mad? Mad.

RING! RING! Who is it? Klaus is surprised to hear from his friend, Stefan. The vampire thanks the hybrid for his freedom, but makes it clear that it came at too high of price. Klaus wills Stefan to forget the whole messy situation. Resentment gets old. “Do you know what never gets old?” What? “Revenge.” Klaus is rendered speechless. His family is gone; swept away in the night. As Stefan’s voice darkens, we see four caskets by his side. “I wonder, Klaus. As someone who has been one step ahead for a thousand years, are you prepared for this?”

The Vampire Diaries

New episodes start January 5, 2012. A shiny new recap will be waiting for you then. See you soon!

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What will happen to the future of Forwood? Will Klaus find Rebecca? Do you think Stefan will ever find his humanity again? After the cliffhanger, do you think Elijah will return? Will you miss Michael? How will Damon and Elena proceed from here? Tell me in the comments!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    Wow. Just. Wow.
    Now, I’ll be a little bit honest, the past couple of episodes haven’t really done it for me. This week did. Of COURSE they had to drop a massive cliffhanger when a 6 week break was coming up. Thank you TVD writers. You teasers.

    This episode had so many twists and turns that I quite literally didn’t see pretty much everything coming (except the Katherine/Elena switcheroo. When she got stabbed it was pretty clear it wasn’t Elena). But the fact that Damon would have died if Klaus had died? Unexpected.

    And what about how Katherine is working with Stefan? What does he plan on doing with The Original bodies? And how can he use it as leverage against Klaus? (Because, quite seriously, that guy is unkillable). Does he still have feelings for Elena? Does he even want to? And what part will Katherine play in it? I dont know. Which is the problem.

    Might I also add, excellent chemistry from Delena. I think we might have had a breakthrough, because to be honest, Elena didn’t seem all that fussed about the whole Stefan pissing off thing…but that will probably change if she finds out that he did it to save Damon.

    Eh, I’m not going to miss Michael-I dont think anyone else. I would definitely like to see Elijah come back though.

    Ooh, just had a thought. Will Stefan wake up the Originals and create some sort of revenge-fuelled army to fight against Klaus? Interesting.

    Also. Are Forwood officially over? It seems that way, but Caroline might come crawling back etc etc…who knows!

    And seriously, 5th of January? I know they want a holiday and want to spend time with their families over Christmas and blah blah blah, but I need my sexy vampire dosage. Perferably just hooked straight into my veins.

    1. I agree. The episode was mysterious and suspenseful, compared to the past couple of weeks. There were so many twisted lies; it felt as if we we’re being pulled in so many different directions all at once. Haha! Those TVD writers, they are such a tease. Might I add, ‘curse you, cliffhangers!.’

      Is it just me, or is the Elena/Katherine switch getting kind of old? It’s nice having a doppelgänger on-hand, especially with Elena’s bad luck, but it just seems easily predictable now. As far as Katherine working with Stefan? I’m sure she will be off doing who knows what, until the last minute where she will magically appear with some life-changing information, the moment somebody’s in danger. This IS Katherine we’re taking about. She always has something up her sleeve.

      I really, really (really, really) hope Stefan pulls out those daggers for an Original Family reunion. Then we’d get more Elijah time for sure. After everything that has happened, I actually think Stefan has more feelings for his brother, than for Elena. The dude has the inability to care, and he still saves his brother, again! That is one epic bromance.

      Ooh! The chemistry was off the charts when Elena held Damon’s face in her hands. I don’t think I was the only one chanting for them to kiss. Yeah, Elena only seemed to have eyes for one Salvatore. Sorry, Stefan. I’m not so sure Elena will take him back after that scene. Of course, I’m being optimistic. Damon needs some lovin’ too.

      Stupid Forwood, for breaking up. What, we got 1 scene with them as a happy couple? Even then, Caroline skipped out and was shot by Tyler’s mom. Not fair. I don’t know. The way Tyler explained his situation, he gained a good amount of sympathy, but he’s still being a jerk. I don’t think Caroline can get over the Klaus thing that easily. Who would?

      Haha! I’ll take a large refill of Damon shirtless, and a side order of Sexy Stefan. I’ll need that Stat! Lol. 😉

  2. setinmotion says:

    Yes, I definitely agree. Katherine was so much fun during season two (except for the fact that we hated her, because she broke Damon’s heart and was just one big ol’ nasty vampire bitch), and remember the first time she pretended to be Elena right at the end of season one? Never saw it coming. IT was shocking, and entertaining as hell. Now…eh. It’s useful, and I can see why they do it (ie. So Elena doesn’t get stabbed), but at the same time it doesn’t really do anything for the audience.

    It’s true that Stefan doesn’t seem to give a shit either way about Elena anymore. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead of them trying to save each other, he’s saving Damon…and himself for a change. Which is selfish, but I can see why he’d do it (you know, freedom and all). Plus I like that he is pissed off, because Klaus really did him for a ringer. So he should kidnap his family!

    I hope that Elijah comes back, I really had a little something something for him towards the end of season two, and even if he did turn into a bit of a backstabber I still have affection for him.

    Yes! Exactly. Stupid TVD writers. Poor Caroline has gone through, can’t she just have a decent relationship that lasts longer than 5 minutes? Saying that, they didn’t ACTUALLY say they were broken up, so perhaps that is the writer’s loophole we need. Steamy make-up session? I think so. I do feel for Tyler, but at the same time you’re right, he is being an arse. Sure, its nice to be free, but at the same time its courtesy of the one guy they have all banded together against to destroy. SO yeah. Problem.

    Mmmm, now I want Damon, Stefan AND a side of fries. Thanks Kim!

    1. Yeah, though they didn’t ‘officially’ break up, I’m not so sure they’re going to stay together. It didn’t look too good. I don’t know why, but I can kinda see Matt and Caroline get back together, or have a one-night stand at least. Matt has no one, and I refuse to see a him with Bonnie.

      Stefan, Stefan, Stefan. I don’t know if it’s the fiction writer in me talking, or what, but I have a feeling that by the end of the season, Elena’s going to fall for Damon, and Stefan is going to pull his head out of his ass and want her back. I can totally see that happening. Of course, we’re going to wait and see.

      Is it January yet? 🙂

  3. setinmotion says:

    Hmm, I think you’re probably right. Matt does seem to keep popping up, and Caroline keeps referring to how lonely he must be. I can’t see him and her getting back into a relationship, but definitely something else-which in turn could cause Tyler to snap and really go over to the “dark side”.

    Ugh! I want it to be January too! Why must you torture us so?

  4. miseryofmidnight says:

    One more week to go!!! I’ve been re-watching all the episodes (I’m almost at the end of season 2) and this show is still blowing my mind the 2nd time around! You’d think I’d never seen the episodes before. My jaw keeps dropping and I find myself getting worked up over things we have screamed about and thrown pillows at months before. I can’t wait till next week. Until then…HAPPY NEW YEAR (when it comes)!!!!

    1. Hey, Rochelle! We’ve missed you around here 🙂

      Oh, I can’t wait for TVD to return either. We’re only half way through the season, and so much has happened. How are they going to top it all? Though, this is TVD we’re talking about. I’m sure they won’t have a problem. Lol.

      Happy New Year to you too!

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