Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up”

“Cause even the stars they burn, some even fall to the earth.”

It’s always such a great day when we get new music from our favorite artists. That first glimpse of an upcoming album brings with it a splendid level of excitement, a feeling of anticipation we welcome eagerly. It is even stronger when we have followed that artist since the beginning. Today we have one of those artists. Our resident Curbside Prophet has brought us another remedy for our music obsession. I Won’t Give Up is the first sample off of Jason Mraz’s fourth studio album, “Love is a Four Letter Word”, which is expected April 17, 2012. The song is a little bit different from what we’re used to, a sweet mix of folk and pop we haven’t really heard from him before. It seems Jason Mraz has now become the go-to-guy for romantic, pop ballads. The song shifts from a soft acoustic performance, to a powerful vocal chorus, ending with a gospel style ensemble of voices. I won’t Give Up is another brilliant, beautiful melody from the singer, emotion flows out of every phrase. I love how the song is played as such a simple truth. “I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I’m giving you all my love. I’m still looking up.” Go on, music lovers. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

What did you think of the song? Can’t wait for the new album? What is your favorite Jason Mraz song? Favorite album? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Now I love JMraz but to me this sounds very different than anything he’s done before. Much more refined. I’m used to his songs being the kind that he could play on a street corner but this just seems very “produced’. I don’t particularly like it. Maybe after a couple of listens it will grow on me. Also, it sounds very country – not sure how i feel about that.

    1. Yeah, I agree. This is somewhat different than what we are used to (the sound seems closest to “We Sing, We Dance…”) and I’m not sure if I like it yet either. The song is beautiful (I had to listen to it a couple of times too, before I really got it), but I kinda miss the free and funky style of his first album. I want to see something more upbeat, I guess. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more from the album soon.

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        I totally agree. Extremely beautiful song but then again We sing, We dance… is probably my least fav album of his).

        1. Well, I read on his website that this album is going to be different, but don’t they all say that? Hmmm . . . I really love all his live albums, those are probably my favorite. Out of the studio albums, I think ‘We sing…’ is the one I like most – if only for ‘A Beautiful Mess.’ 🙂

  2. Airpan says:

    Reblogged this on ChurchHouse Productions Official Blog and commented:
    I like this song, video, and the lyrics – for me it’s always the lyrics. Here’s to looking up.

    1. The lyrics are my favorite part too. 🙂

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