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I know. I know, I’m late posting this. Feel free to send me to my corner for ten to fifteen minutes, or as long as you feel is needed. I’ll go without a fuss. See you soon. “Oh. Hi, Stefan.” What? Didn’t you see him waiting in the corner too? No? Oh, sorry. Giggle. Yeah, you’re right. Let’s move things along (Bye, Stefan) and talk about Friday’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. While it wasn’t an episode that ranked high on the WTF? Scale or supplied us with some much-needed information, there were some dramatic moments that left us wanting more; giving us even more questions to ask. What is up with Dr. Fell? Is there a new love interest for Caroline? Why not now, Elena? The episode was a segue of sorts. Relationships were tested; many of them ending. A new storyline was pushed into place. The battle between Klaus and Stefan intensified. All was set to make way for something new. How did they do it? Let’s see, shall we? Warning . . . this is a SPOILER ALERT!

Scrub, scrub, scrub. Brush, brush, brush. Oh, how I love naked, wet Damon in the shower . . . smiling. I assure you that a smiling Damon is a big deal, since the man hardly ever smiles, or is in such a good mood. Ever. I’m betting that his oh-so-good mood has something to do with a certain someone, am I right? Yeah, I am. It’s going to be a good day for Damon Salvatore. Well, let’s let him think that for now. Poor, guy.

Elena, on the other hand, seems to be having some frustration. Sexual frustration? Probably, but let’s go with the theory that our girl, Elena, is still having doubts (questions, etc.) about her feelings for our favorite vampire. She’s taking out her ‘issues’ with her fists. Watch it there, Alaric.

Here we go again. Bonnie – or as I am now calling her, ‘Boring Bonnie’ – is trying her hardest to open the Klaus Family Coffins with another witch spell. Yeah, that doesn’t work. CREEK. What the hell? Oh, it’s just you Damon. Wait. Never mind. Intruder alert! Much to their dismay, one of Klaus’ hybrid lackeys has been poking around where he doesn’t belong, leaving Damon to rip the guys heart out with his bare hands. “These hybrids; they’re really bringing the neighborhood down.”

Damon is a little (or a lot) unsure of Stefan’s big plans; hoping that he has as good as defense as offense. Unfortunately, Stefan feels the need to fly by the seat of his incredibly tight pants. The way to get to Klaus is through his family. Enough said. The Lone Ranger Stefan starts to put his plans (whatever they are) in place. First thing, irritate the hell out of Klaus by ordering him to get all his reject hybrids out of Mystic. That’s all he wants. As you can probably guess, that didn’t go over too well with Mr. Klaus. Threats were exchanged. ‘I’ll kill your brother, if you kill mine.’ It’s the same game they’ve been playing for a while now. Only, this time Stefan is going to win. In one swift move, another one of Klaus’ hybrid lackey’s bites the dust. Better do what he says, dude. Yeah, he doesn’t. Instead, Klaus calls on his friend, Tyler, to do some retaliating. What shall it be this time? Klaus orders Tyler to use his fangs and bite Caroline. Oh, no. In a very redeeming scene, Tyler refuses his overlord’s request.

Oh, look. It’s another Mystic Falls party. Which, thanks to Alaric, we now know is code for Council Meeting. Everything makes a lot more sense now. We should also thank Alaric for getting the low-down on Dr. Fell. Say hello to the newest council member! We all know this means she has the inside info on all the vamps in town, but I really don’t think that can be considered a good thing. Right? Meanwhile, Damon is playing with fire when he interrupts Klaus’ conversation with Mrs. Lockwood. Immediately, she makes her stance known. Mrs. Lockwood is on Team Klaus. What? It seems Klaus has made a deal. Klaus will protect Tyler and the town, if his hybrids are left alone, and if the Council stays out of his way. That sounds fair. Yeah, right. Oh, one more thing. Stefan has to back off. Well, good luck with that.

Not even a few minutes later, Stefan makes his appearance. When he almost takes another hybrids life, Damon is there to put a stop to Stefan’s reckless ways. Damon warns his brother what will happen if he doesn’t think first and act accordingly. Stefan knows that to beat the villain, he has to be the better villain. NO YOU DON’T. Idiot.

Side note: Now I have to admit that this crazy, reckless Stefan is kinda hot. And this easy-going, careful Damon is a real turn off. I never thought I’d see the day. I miss the old, sarcastic, didn’t-give-a-damn Damon of yesteryear. Who’s with me?

When Elena tells Bonnie of her deception to Jeremy (Compelling him to leave town), Boring Bonnie is less than enthusiastic. In fact, she is down right mad. She doesn’t think Jeremy deserves what has been forced upon him. He should have had the right to choose his path; whether he should stay or leave. It wasn’t right for Elena to take his choice away. I think we can all agree with Bonnie here, but can we really fault Elena for trying to help her brother/cousin? No, we can’t. Eventually, the two best friends work out their differences and agree that Jeremy leaving is the best course of action.

In slightly happier news – though I think Caroline would disagree – it’s Caroline’s birthday! While the gang (Matt included) thinks that this is an occasion for celebration, Vampire Barbie would rather wallow. She’s dead, why should she celebrate that reminder? I don’t think the Tyler situation helped either. Their very short romance ends when Caroline reminds Tyler that he messed up. Trying to kill her best friends brother is on the ‘Things we do not do’ list. Despite Tyler’s recent attitude, he explains that while he wants to put Caroline first, he can’t. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Oh, Tyler. Forwood is officially in Splitsville. Later, the gang finds another way to celebrate. How? By throwing Caroline a funeral to usher out her old life, so she can move on with her new one. Okay. With the exception of a few nice words from Elena, the whole shindig seems to have been just an excuse for them to drink and feel bad about themselves.

It’s also a chance for Caroline to drunk-text Tyler. Bad idea, sweetie. The sired hybrid crashes the party and convinces Caroline to chat with him. Tyler retracts everything he said and promises Klaus will never hurt her. Caroline isn’t convinced. She thinks that they both just need to move on. Tyler doesn’t want to move on. He loves Caroline. Breath hitch. The two seal the deal with a kiss. Awww. Wait, now. Tyler don’t get bitey. Crap. Without realizing what he’s doing, Tyler bites Caroline and flees. Gasp!

When Elena and Matt search for the missing Caroline, something unexpected happens. Out of nowhere, Stefan knocks Matt unconscious (Poor Matt) and kidnaps Elena. What the hell? Elena pleads with her former lover to let her go, but he refuses. The vampire speeds across town. In a strange turn, after finding out about Stefan’s idea to use Elena against Klaus, Damon becomes peacemaker; he tries to make Klaus see reason (a.k.a. make him get rid of his hybrids). Klaus thinks Stefan is bluffing, but Damon tends to disagree. As he should. Stefan tells Klaus that unless he gets his hybrids out-of-town, he’s going to turn Elena into a vampire (effectively shutting down production on his new hybrid line). Say what? The car picks up more speed. Oh, no. Stefan feeds Elena his blood and threatens to drive the car off the bridge – the very same bridge that left Elena’s parents dead. No! At the last moment, Klaus concedes. Thank goodness. Kind of. The car skids to a stop. Elena jumps out and yells at Stefan. She breaks down. How could he? How could he even attempt to do something so stupid? He knows what happened to her parents – he was the one to save her. How could he do it? Stefan makes it clear that finding Klaus’ weakness was more important. Elena is in disbelief. The vampire tells her that destroying Klaus is all that he has left, what else could he do? Elena disagrees. He had someone. He had Elena. “I lost you the minute I left town with him.” Stefan is trying to push Elena away. Oh, hell no. Not this argument again! He leaves. Elena is alone.

Across town, a recovered Matt brings the ailing Caroline to her mother. She gets a look at the damage. Not good. Sometime later, Klaus comes knocking at their door. He vows to help Caroline . . . in exchange for the Sheriff’s support. There’s always a catch. A somber Klaus makes his way to Caroline’s side. She implies that death will bring her salvation, but Klaus tends to disagree. With gentle and soft tones, Klaus tells her that life as a vampire is wonderful! She should embrace it. Explore new life. See the world! This new, tender side of Klaus – which admittedly is even more creepy than crazy Klaus – convinces Caroline to drink his blood, healing her. The Original holds the vampire close. “Happy Birthday, Caroline.”

Another late night kiss on the porch for Elena? Afraid not. Damon looks into his loves eyes, seemingly telling her how he feels in a few soft touches, but she turns him down. Again. “It’s not right.” The hell it is! “It’s right. It’s just not right now.” You’ve got to be kidding me! I don’t think I can take much more of this. Someone better do something. Stupid human. Arg! *Storms off.*

The next morning, we say a final – really, really short and unacceptable – goodbye to Jeremy. So long, friend. Caroline gets jewelry from Klaus. Ooh, someone has a crush. Elena is having an identity crisis and Alaric makes goo-goo eyes at Dr. Fell. Alls well that ends well.

Final Scene: Damon is requested at the site of another one of Mystic Fall’s frequent ‘animal attacks.’ Sheriff Forbes (Welcome back, Sheriff) directs Damon to the scene of the crime; showing him the body. Cause of death: a wooden stake to the heart. The thing is . . . the guy is not a vampire. This was a murder! Dun, dun, dun. Ahem! Yes? Question. Doesn’t it seem a bit too coincidental that the guy who warned Alaric that Dr. Fell was a psycho case (He did. Really), turns up dead the next day? I suppose so, yes. Why? What are you getting at? Nothing. See you next week!

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Are Stefan and Elena officially over? Should Alaric be weary of Dr. Fell? Will Klaus and Caroline be the new couple in town? Is Jeremy gone for good? What will Klaus do next? Are you over Bonnie’s storyline? General thoughts on Delena’s new relationship status? Or bad-boy Stefan? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    Yes. Yes. I agree. Good Damon? Boring. Bad Stefan? Yum-o! I can’t explain it, but the way that he yelled at Elena on the bridge and finally showed her how he felt? Amazing. Gave me tingles. Damon acting like a saviour, and patient and whatnot? Yuck. Dislike.

    I’m so over Bonnie too. Seriously, why is she even around? Does she contribute anything at all or are they just having her around so she can do witchy things? Surely they could find another witch to do their bidding?

    Also. Dr Fell LOOKS crazy at the moment, but I wouldnt be surprised if thats just a way to get us to suspect her…and she really isn’t. Perhaps? I dunno, just a thought.

    Also. Caroline and Klaus? Eugh. Carolaus? Kline? Thoughts?

    1. 1. What a change from seasons one and two, huh? The boys have done such an extreme role reversal that I’m swaying (again) to vote for Team Stefan (again). I miss bad-ass Damon. He needs to come back with a-vengeance, make Elena his, and take down Klaus single-handed. At least, that’s what I want to see. Listen up, TVD writers. Lol.

      2. Yeah, I can see them making us THINK Dr. Fell is crazy. If she isn’t, I hope they give her a more exciting storyline, than just being Alaric’s girlfriend (let’s face it, from episode one the writers have deemed them a new couple).

      3. Klaroline? I don’t think they’ll be a couple technically, but I do think they might see each other on more friendly basis. Which is weird and very wrong, since he’s evil and all.

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        So all I have to say is let it burn!! Out with the Forwood and in with the Klausoline (see what I did there? haha). Now I’m writing this before watching the latest episode so I don’t know of any progression with Klausoline But that one scene in “Our Town” made me feel things I never imagined feeling mostly because that scene came out of nowhere and punched me straight in the gut. Right after it held me by the throat and had me hyperventilating in fear. (Too much? Maybe) I was so on edge watching that scene because I thought Klaus was gonna do something really horrible to Caroline but when I re-watched it, it turned into the most touching moment ever.

        I ship Klaus and Caroline primarily because I feel Klaus can have with Caroline what I had hoped Stefan could have with Caroline which was a really close friendship. If anyone, I think Caroline could be the one to make Klaus a better person because 1. She’s Caroline (the bubbliest, rose colored glasses wearing vamp ever) and 2. She takes sh*t from no-one which I think Klaus needs desperately on a personal level.

        Also I heard Klaus might be getting a love interest. Is it Caroline…not sure? I’d rather they be friends first, if that’s where the writers are heading. What do u think?

        1. Klausoline? Love the name. The couple? Sort of. Yeah, it would be fun to watch Caroline and Klaus form a relationship like she had with Stefan. However, if they do become a couple, it should be a slow burn, I agree. That scene DID come out of nowhere. I was like, what the heck? What’s going on? It was kind of shocking for Klaus to be so affectionate (kind of) and caring (sort of). I actually wouldn’t be that surprised if Caroline was his new love interest. Who else would it be? Unless, it’s just one of those flings like Damon had all the time. Hmmm . . . we shall see. 🙂

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