TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Ties That Bind”

Threats to the Heart

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“What time is it? Time for a recap! Time for a recap!” Stops singing. Sorry. If you were watching this weeks all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries – and if you didn’t, why not? – you would know that there is nothing greater than the element of surprise. Am I right? Last night, several surprises were dropped at our feet: Stelena? Back on or still off? We don’t know, but one Salvatore brother should watch out. Dr. Fell? Crazy or utterly delightful? Theories as to who she really is came into some light, but we’re still skeptical about this one. Has Tyler seen the errors of his ways? Maybe, but you’ll never guess what he’s done this time. Klaus? Still evil. Actually, that isn’t much of a surprise. His new housemate is, though. Want to know all the juicy secrets and surprises from this weeks Vampire Diaries? Well, follow me. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Again with the Bonnie . . . in the forest . . . with the coffins . . . dreaming. This is really getting old, TVD writers. This time, Dream Klaus tells Boring Bonnie that he’s found a way to open the mysterious Fourth Coffin, challenging her to beat him to it. Then he bites her and she wakes up in a coffin. It’s very Ryan Reynolds-ish (i.e. Buried: a movie hardly anyone saw. Including me). Fighting her way out of the nightmare, the coffin lid rises, and a face appears. Who is it? We shall find out . . . now. After Bonnie, to Sexy Stefan’s dismay, let’s Elena in on the location of the Klaus Family Coffins, Boring Bonnie recognizes that the nameless face she saw in her dream, is actually the face of her absentee mother. Gasp! Not really. Bonnie believes that finding her mother will help lead her to a solution for opening the closed Fourth Coffin. Enter, Damon. Besides gloating on the fact that he kissed Elena – “We kissed. Now it’s weird.” – the vampire and his sweet pout, give Bonnie and Elena the coordinates to B’s mommy’s house. What does this mean? Road trip! Sorry, Damon. You can’t come. Drat!

At Casa de Caroline, Tyler surprises the vamp with a visit. She doesn’t want to see him, of course, but he wants to apologize for his previous actions. Tyler also reveals that he wants to take control of his life, a.k.a. rid himself of his sire bond. To do that, he’s going to need some help. In a bold move, Tyler calls up Caroline’s father. This can not be good. The human will try to cure Tyler of his sire bond, or at least, help him resist it. Told ya. Hopefully, this will go much better than the time he tried to cure Caroline of her vampirism, but probably not.

The nonnegotiable agreement between Stefan and Klaus continues at a stalemate. Stefan won’t give up the coffins and Klaus won’t leave town. It seems, my friends, we are at an impasse. In hopes of gaining the upper hand – But when has that actually worked out? – Elena and Bonnie set out to find B’s witch mom. Only, someone already beat them to it. Klaus Hybrid Lackey #2 shows up on the witch’s doorstep. Ding-dong. Yes? FADE TO BLACK. What?

Though we do not know what happened in this encounter, I’m thinking that it’s probably not a good thing. You girls better watch your back. There is no telling what might happen. Tying to up the suspense and failing, the duo meet Abby Bennett’s makeshift son, Jamie. When Abby comes home, the reunion of mother and daughter goes as smoothly as possible. Questions regarding the past are brought up and buried. Interesting fact: Fifteen years ago, Michael (the Original) came to Mystic Falls looking for the doppelgänger. No one was able to defeat him, so Abby lured him out-of-town and trapped him in the mausoleum. Because of that, Abby lost her powers.

Taking a quiet walk, while her best friend and her mom get reacquainted, Elena stumbles upon a familiar face. Stefan. Howdy. The vampire is downright mad learning of Elena’s deception. She didn’t tell him what she was doing or where she was going. Jeez. Possessive much. We’re just going to believe his snarky attitude is out of concern for Elena, and not because he needs to be included in everything. Hearing the fighting between the former lovers, Jamie takes it upon his compelled self – after Stefan’s threats – to shoot Stefan with a shotgun. Damn. That has to hurt. Abby drugs her daughter and drags her unconscious body to the nearest motor vehicle. What is going on here?

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, it seems Klaus’ hybrid lackey compelled Jamie to kill himself, if Bonnie did not give-up the location of the Klaus Family Coffins. Bonnie refuses to tell her mom where they are, but finally agrees, after hearing of the threat to Jamie. What? That was nice, but seriously? What?! Abby helps Bonnie get a warning to Damon, proving that she is not all bad. When Klaus comes looking for the coffins, Damon is waiting for him. Sneaky bastard that he is, Damon reveals he stashed the Fourth Coffin, for leverage and all. The 100 Dead Witches like this, giving Klaus a few painful jolts to show their support. What they don’t like, is Klaus threatening to kill the last of the Bennett line. They back off. Klaus gets his coffins and we are left pondering why in the world is the Fourth Coffin so damn important?

Meanwhile, Elena desperately tries to get free after Jamie ties her up (and not in a good way). The human lures Jamie to loosen her bindings, effectively hitting him hard enough with the shotgun to render him immobile. Way to go, Elena! Elena races to Stefan’s side. She must dig-out the bullet-fragments, so Stefan can heal himself. Ew. Of course, this is the perfect time for Stefan to notice something’s different. Elena is different. She’s stronger, tougher. He likes it. This is also the perfect time (or so she thinks) for Elena to reveal a secret. She kissed Damon. Yes, we know! She feels guilty; not for the kiss itself, but for failing to tell Stefan. The vampire looks at his former love, seemingly heartbroken by this revelation. Didn’t it look that way? Slowly healing, the speechless Stefan walks away. At the Salvatore home, Stefan punches Damon in the jaw. I wonder, why? It’s all good, though. Why? See, Damon’s a sly one. Yes, we know. He might have done something incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. It’s a fine line, really. “What have you done?” Damon Salvatore pulls a familiar dagger out from behind his back . . .

Oh goody, more torture. Caroline’s Daddy takes the necessary precautions and chains Shirtless Tyler to the cave walls for his first treatment. The theory is, if Tyler can transform into his wolf-self by choice, then the sire bond will break. Uh, huh. Can you believe this guy? Tyler tries and tries, failing in his attempts. That is, until Caroline’s Dad brings the crazy. He slices Tyler’s skin with an ax (Yeah, I told you he was crazy), trying to provoke Tyler into changing. Though his methods are unorthodox, it works – maybe a little too well. Tyler is able to break his chains. The Old Man needs to go . . . now! SNARL. SCRATCH. BITE. Oops. Too late. I’m pretty sure that’s not a flesh wound.

The red flags keep flying into view as Alaric (and Damon) try to figure out Dr. Fell. Damon takes it upon himself to interrogate the good doctor about Mystic’s latest murder victim – which happens to be her ex – but that doesn’t go too well. Damon’s suspicions of the doctor are well-earned after discovering that Dr. Fell is the one who signed the death certificate for her worm-bait ex. Dr. Fell protests any accusations that she was the one to kill the man, like any psychopath would. Which explains why she stabbed Damon with a vervain dart in an attempt to draw his blood. Yep, she’s crazy. When Alaric strolls in to find out what really happened, Dr. Fell confesses. She confesses everything. She cheats. Huh? The good doctor hates to see anyone die, so she cheats, stealing vampire blood when she can, curing the ill. Also, Caroline’s dad. Dr. Fells gives the wolf-bitten man a shot of Damon’s blood. He’s all healed . . . except he was bitten by a werewolf! Despite Damon’s blood, wouldn’t he turn? Right? Right?

Nevertheless, I still think she’s crazy. Alaric should think so too. After revealing his secret magic ring to the doctor, she tries to rip (I may be exaggerating, but this little action is highly suspicious) the ring off his finger. To make up for it, she smiles and kisses the lonely hunter. Elena walks in. It’s all very awkward. Think what you want about Dr. Fell, but I’m still listing her as a Frequent Visitor to Crazy Town.

The final scene of the night (and the best, in my opinion), finds Klaus reuniting his Family. Well . . . their dead lifeless bodies, at least. Everything is working out for the evil hybrid, but he still has some unfinished business. What business? I’m glad you asked, Hybrid Lackey. Well . . . HOLY CRAP! “So, Niklaus. What did I miss?” ELIJAH!

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Have you finalized your theories on who is in the mysterious Fourth Coffin? Will Stelena get back together? Will Damon fight for his girl? How excited are you for Elijah’s return? Can Tyler overcome his sire bond? Can Caroline forgive him? How will Klaus retaliate? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    So….the last 20 seconds of this episode had me losing my mind. Seriously Kim, I lost it…completely. I honestly don’t regard myself as a hard core shipper or massive fan girl of any character where I would react the way I did but It came out of left field and had me staggering. I had no clue whatsoever what was coming when Damon showed Stefan the dagger. I was thinking to myself…what a horrible episode this was with Boring Bonnie and her boring story line and Elena being an idiot baring her soul (really Elena, Bonnie could have been in a ditch somewhere and you think this a good moment for a heart to heart with Stefan?!) and Stefan being all emotionally fragile and feeling stuff (Seriously! You’re a badass now, Stefan. You drown your sorrows in private with blood and alcohol and an uppercut to Damon, you don’t show emotion all over your face like the poster child for broodiness that you were) and Stupid Alaric showing Creepy Dr. Fell his magic ring when he should know better (I mean seriously you barely know the chick why don’t you just go ahead and tell her your whole life-story, Alaric and also how she can kill you for good cuz life is obviously just not worth living for you anymore)!

    And then out of NOWHERE the awesomeness that is Elijah appeared on my screen and I think I might have teared up a little and then started screaming and then had to muffle myself in case my neighbors thought i was getting raped and murdered. Honestly, i’m a little embarrassed about my reaction so can we keep this between us. Thanks. I’m reliving the moment…gonna lie down now.

    1. Hahaha! Okay, this seriously has to be one of my favorite comments. Ever. Bravo! 🙂

      Elijah. Wow. Oh, my. I agree. That totally, completely came out of nowhere and I am so happy it did. I don’t know if it is just me, but it seemed like the past few episodes were missing something, but that scene just proved how awesome this show can be. I was screaming right along with you. I’m so freaking happy that he’s back. I can’t wait to see all the chaos Elijah’s bound to bring with him. Will he be on Team Klaus (brotherly devotion and all that)? Or will he be on Team Elena (remember the chemistry these two had)? It’s going to be interesting.

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        Thanks and you’re welcome. Now that I’ve vented we can move on – haha. So…not sure where you’re going with the whole turning thing. “Brain Doctor” Bill got bit by Hybrid Tyler but he wouldn’t have turned into a hybrid (cuz u need to be a WW and die with Hybrid Blood in you and then drink doppleganger blood) or a Vamp (cuz u have to die with vamp blood in you and then feed on human blood). I’m pretty sure “Brain Doctor” Bill didn’t die at all…so he should be ok. Or maybe he did die but i fell asleep cuz I just DIDN’T CARE. Except can someone just Kill Bill please – if his purpose is to be annoying, then well done TVD because he is! Based on the preview for this week I think I saw a stake in his chest so here’s hoping.

        Back to Elijah (and yes the last couple of episodes were missing HIM), I hope they keep him as awesome as he was because if they screw up his character I will be pissed! I read somewhere that we have never seen Elijah turn vamp as in vamp face and blood reaction which is interesting. I think Elijah will find out Klaus killed the OW aka Mommy Dearest so he might wake Rebecca and totally lay on him for it but he wont kill him or anything. Who knows where his loyalty lie but I have been wondering about something. If Elijah was in love with the OD (Original Doppleganger) then I can’t wait to see a more personal Elijah flashback with the OD and all of that back in the day stuff. I wonder if they would really pull the OD card though? Flashbacks would be better just because Nina would need a break. Can you imagine playing Elena and OD in present day? Might be too much. Ok I’m done.

        1. Lol. “Kill Bill.” Yeah, I don’t like that guy either. He seriously needs to leave Mystic for good, be it by car or body-bag. Okay, I am so confused. Tyler bit Bill when he was a werewolf, right? That would infact turn Bill into a werewolf if we follow legend. Yet, Tyler is a hybrid – vampire and werewolf. He has two dominate sides. Despite his hybrid nature, when he is in wolf form, can’t he turn someone by his scratch and/or bite? Arg! I have no idea. So damn confusing.

          Ooh! You make a good point. We haven’t seen Elijah and his ‘vamp face.’ Hmmm . . . the writers could be keeping something from us. Possibly.

          I have no doubt Elijah will find out about Klaus killing their mommy. Though, I think Elijah will wake up his entire family, not just Rebecca. As far as his loyalty, I think it could go either way. Up to this point, Elijah has dedicated himself to Klaus, but I suspect something or someone (Damon & Stefan) will turn his allegiance. Yeah, bring on the flashbacks! Those are always fun. 🙂

  2. setinmotion says:

    ELIJAH’S BACK!!! OOHHH HELLS YEAH!! I realise I’m about three weeks behind, but may I just say dayum!

    And fuck it, I’m team stefan now. Oh yeah, I admit it.

    1. Hahaha! And he just gets better too. Wait until the next episode… 🙂

      I never thought I’d see the day! The president of the Damon Salvatore fan club saying she’s on Team Stefan? Wow. Lol. Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. The sexy bad-ass has won our hearts, and to think, we were thinking the same thing about Damon a year ago. What a strange turn of events.

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