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I’m sure all of you are still lying on the floor, passed out from the aftermath of one of the most memorable and squee-worthy moments in all of Vampire Diaries history, so I’ll make this quick. Last night, after an almost unbearable two-week hiatus, our favorite vampire drama returned to the delight of fans everywhere. I know some of you have been a bit skeptical, since the past few episodes have been less than satisfying. So I must ask, did last night quench your thirst? Was your hunger for those well-known classic TVD moments finally put to rest? I must admit, there were parts of the episode I could have done without. Yet, one moment – its untimely result was, indeed, unfortunate – made up for the rest. Oh, yes. It did. And like always, the final minutes of the episode dished out a surprise cliffhanger – one that will certainly have us speculating and theorizing for days. For now, let’s get the 411 on the entire episode. Take a seat. Grab a snack. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, we’d found out that Alaric’s crazy-psycho alter-ego had conveniently taken over the worse-for-wear hunter, hiding the last remaining white oak stake – the one Klaus was desperate to get his hands on. Plus, there was that whole thing about killing an Original and killing his entire bloodline. You know. No big deal. But we’ll get to that in a moment. This week, Alaric is taking drastic measures to ensure Crazy Alaric doesn’t try to hurt anyone else. With some help from Elena and the Salvatore Brothers, Alaric is safely kept from the outside world, locked inside the Salvatore’s cellar. The desired outcome of this little experiment will hopefully lead them to the stake, but the only way to do that, is to wake the sleeping crazy man inside the sweet, yet disturbed Alaric. It will be Stefan’s job to interrogate the beast when he finally makes his appearance. Why do I have a felling that this will not end well?

Meanwhile, our favorite would-be couple is taking care of some final preparations for their road trip. With Klaus on the hunt for someone to kill, the duo thinks it’s best to make sure our old pal, Jeremy, is safe from the evildoer’s grasp. Pssst . . . just between you and me . . . this whole thing is actually a test – arranged by Stefan – to see if Elena has any lingering feelings for Damon. But you didn’t hear that from me. “Be safe.” Hey, that’s Edward’s line!

Arrangements for the annual Mystic High Decade Dance are taking place when we catch up with Caroline and Matt. It’s nice to see that someone actually attends school around here. The two work out their secret plan flawlessly, creating discourse between Caroline and Rebecca, allowing Rebecca’s need to one-up Caroline, outweigh the need to comply with Klaus and his plans. Matt will be the distraction. It gives Caroline more time to rendezvous with Tyler. Tyler? Yes, the Canine Kid is back without his sire bond – or so he say’s, he really hasn’t tested his theory yet. Of course, the most important thing here is the awkward cave lovin’ the previously long-distanced couple share. Wow. You would think that would be uncomfortable. Guess not.

Location: Denver, Colorado. Mission: Keep Jeremy Gilbert away from those pesky Originals. Well, that’s easier said, than done. Not even five minutes after Jeremy and Elena’s reunion, Kol makes his move. PUNCH. SLAP. STAB. Kol goes down after Damon shoves a wooden bat into his abdomen. What we really need to discuss here is the real – sort of – reason Elena and Damon decide to visit Jeremy. They need to figure out the where the Salvatore vampire bloodline originated. Since, you know, if you kill an Original their entire bloodline dies with them. The Salvatore’s need to trace their line back to an Original, so they know who not to kill. This requires them to speak to Jeremy. They need him to contact Rose (Remember her?). She created Katherine, who in turn, created the Salvatore’s. Damon wants to see if Rose knows anything about the origin of their bloodline.

Note to Elena: You know, this kinda defeats the purpose of keeping Jeremy away from all that supernatural drama you were so worried about. It actually takes him right back to where it all started. I really have to criticize your judgment right about now. What was the point of making sure Jeremy lives a happy life away from all the supernatural angst, when you throw him right back to the wolves – or in this case, vampires – only months after compelling him to leave? For shame, Elena. For shame.

Sometime later, the group settles into a small motel room. It’s time to get to work. With little effort and some cute quips from Damon, Jeremy is able to contact Rose. Hi, Rose! It must be nice to get a break from running away from all those scary zombies. Sit. Relax. You must be tired. Rose is more than happy to see Damon once again (Who wouldn’t be?), showing her support for the possible love affair between him and Elena.

Favorite scene of the night: Speaking of Damon and Elena, it seems Stefan’s plan is working. *Eyebrow wiggle* We all knew Shirtless Damon would be the one to change your mind, Elena. He quietly walks throughout the darkened room, bringing a chilled glass to his lips. Elena can’t keep her eyes off him. Every move, every expression, she watches. Damon finally searches out her lusty gaze. She tries to fight it, but it’s useless. He slowly walks toward her, taking residence next to her on the small bed. Sigh. They stare into each other’s eyes. Elena wonders why Damon doesn’t let people see the good in him. Why does he hide it so? She knows it’s there, but he doesn’t – can’t – try to live up to people’s expectations of him. Elena turns, exhausted from Damon’s stubborn ways. He doesn’t let her escape this time. He takes her hand in his. Awwww. In a spectacular move from TVD’s music producer, Florence + The Machine’s Never Let Me Go plays in the background, while Elena begins to contemplate her feelings for Damon. He runs after her scared, troubled soul. “Elena.”

Okay. This is the part where you might want to hold onto something.

She KISSES him. Elena kisses Damon! FINALLY!

You may now proceed to FanGirl.

The two share one hot, steamy make out session. Seriously. Hot. However, before long, it’s all over. Jeremy finds the two in their compromising position, shocked, to say the least. Disappointed is also a word I would use. He tries to ignore it, letting them know Rose found her maker – Scary Mary (Awesome name). Hopefully, she can give them more information on the bloodline. Jeremy is forced to sit back, while Damon and Elena search the vampire’s old, seemingly abandoned home. “It’s like Vampire Hoarders.” They look through the house, finding nothing of importance. That is, until they spot Mary: a dead Mary. Kol. He knows Damon is trying to find out where he descended from. That’s why he takes a baseball bat to Damon’s knees and shoulder. Kol just wants them to be even. CRUNCH. Ouch.

When Kol is gone, Damon tires to get himself back together, with some help from Elena (Of course). He tries to make sure she is okay as well, but when Damon touches the human, she freezes. No regrets, Elena. No regrets! He looks into her eyes, but she backs away. Damon begins to question her motives. “What the hell is this?” Damon’s anger is overly apparent. He calls her out. He knows that she was hoping that he would fail, that he would mess up somehow. After that, her feelings would be clear. Sadly, she doesn’t deny it. Damon leaves, telling her that this time, she fudged things up really good. She sure did.

Rebecca is all smiles after departing from her short, sweet scene with Matt, but that doesn’t last long. Mommy Dearest is back and she’s dying. STFU! How? When Abby Bennett turned into a vampire, the power Esther was drawing from the Bennett line disappeared. She’s got no more magic mojo. In her last moments, Esther takes the time to apologize to her daughter, acknowledging her faults. Kind of. She holds Rebecca close, but begins to shake. She falls. Esther is dead. Gasp!

Back at the Salvatore home, Stefan takes precautions to make Alaric’s transition into Mr. Crazy a little easier. Which means, alcohol. Lot’s of alcohol. The two bond and share their feelings. Like Old Stefan used to! Alaric wonders why Stefan is the one to babysit him, when there were clearly other options to be had. Why let Damon and Elena run off together? Well, it’s quite simple, really. We’re pressed for time. We may have to resort to other methods. Other methods? Yeah. Like what? Killing Alaric, for example. A surprise visit from our other favorite bad boy, Klaus, takes care of that. Don’t worry. Alaric is okay. For now.

Hour’s later, Alaric finally awakens from his unconscious state, ready to get this whole mess over with. Crazy Alaric is not going to make an appearance willingly, unless he is forced to protect himself. The only solution is to force him into compliance. How do you suggest we do that? Alaric makes a drastic move. He takes off his ring and orders Stefan to try to kill him. Say what? Stefan delivers punch, after punch, but it doesn’t work. Crazy Alaric needs to believe, so Alaric decides to push. Blood begins to drip everywhere. Stefan is having a hard time controlling himself. He tries to stop, but Alaric pushes him, taunts him. Stefan finally snaps, throwing Alaric against the stone wall. When he comes to, Crazy Alaric comes out to play. Uh, oh. As soon as Stefan attempts to break C.A’s neck, he spills the beans. The stake is in the Lockwood Caves, where vampires are forbidden to enter. Klaus is already awaiting the good news. He gives Rebecca the task of taking Crazy Alaric to the caves to recover the stake.

Final Scene: Crazy Alaric retrieves the stake from its hiding place, offering Rebecca a deal. There is only one stake left, that means only one Original has to die. If Rebecca helps Crazy Alaric, he will make sure that it’s not her. Problem is, she doesn’t want one Original to die. Huh? She wants all of them to die. Um . . . something is very wrong here. Step by Step, Rebecca walks into the caves. She isn’t supposed to be able to do that! Fooling Niklaus was easy. She thought Alaric would be the one to discover her true identity. “My name is Esther, and we have a great deal in common.” Dun, dun, dun!

The Vampire Diaries

Important Note: Unfortunately, for me, the next episode of The Vampire Diaries has been preempted until April 29th (Sunday) where I live. That will postpone my recap until Monday, April 30th. I’m sorry for the delay! 😦 – Kim

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What did you think of the Delena kiss? Will Elena ever make a decision? Is this Elena’s last chance with Damon? Did she ruin what they had? Is the love triangle getting old? Are you happy Tyler’s back? Will he confront Klaus about trying to take his girl? What did you think of the cliffhanger? Thoughts on Rose’s return? What will Crazy Alaric do next? Will Klaus and Co. join the Salvatore’s to stop Esther? Tell me in the comments!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Great episode and it needed to be after the previous boring weeks. The kiss was hot and it was about time but Elena still annoys me, wondering to herself and everyone else if she has feelings for Damon. Um, duh! I feel sorry for Rebekah, all she wants is to be loved and she gets played every single time. Bring on next week.

    1. Exactly. In the real world, Elena taking her time to recognize her true feelings would be fine, great even. This is fiction! She needs to make up her mind. Now. Right now. Lol. I have a feeling Damon won’t keep her at arms length for long, though.

      Rebecca does keep getting short changed, but maybe her charms will finally work on Matt. I think her crush is taking on a bit more meaning.

      1. Emma says:

        Me too. Maybe Matt will save the day and Rebekah this time. Let’s hope so cause he’s a cutie.

  2. setinmotion says:

    love love LOVED it! Your post that is…because it was on such an awesome episode!

    About time. So many good aspects of this episode

    1) No Bonnie. Just saying

    2) Tyler AND Jeremy back. I don’t really care about Jeremy but about time that Tyler was back on the scene.

    3) Crazy Alaric. Matt Davis plays psychotic so well!

    4) The Rebecah twist. Loves it! Does that mean shes not a vampire anymore though? Confused…

    5) THE KISS!

    You could definitely tell that there was real chemistry there, it was getting pretty steamy. However, it was frustrating that after three seasons of waiting the writers are still making Elena second-guess her actions. She has feelings for Damon. She may not want to, she might feel bad for Stefan because of it, but she does. Kissing him just made them both realise it-she cant really go back from there. So instead she just fucks it up for both of them. NIce.

    I feel sorry for Rebecah as well 😦 I quite like her character, she seems realistic-she just wants to be loved and love others, yet she constantly gets dicked around…and killed for that matter…

    Next week should be interesting! I wonder what the season finale will do? And its kinda interesting/weird that Klaus doesn’t seem like a threat anymore? (and does he remind anyone of Tom Hardy? Anyone?)

    Also. Elijah! Come back. All the other originals have, even Kol (whose a little bit of a cutie so thats ok) have, why haven’t you? Particularly if you might die sometime soon!

    Phew! Long comment.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you.

      Don’t you think Tyler’s reappearance came out of the blue, though? All of a sudden he’s fixed? I just don’t get it. I did like the part where Tyler finds Klaus’ drawing. Can you say, awkward? It’s going to be interesting to see when Tyler confronts Klaus, if/when either of them will bring up the fact that they BOTH want Caroline. I see another love triangle in our future.

      I love Crazy Alaric! Actually, I love how Matt Davis plays Crazy Alaric. He does play psychotic well, but I keep thinking that it means we’re going to have to say goodbye to our favorite hunter soon, and I really don’t want that. You will keep those crazy kids in line?

      Hmmm . . . I have absolutely no idea. I think she’s still a vampire. I think Esther is just using her body? Maybe Esther was able to override the spell that kept the vamps out of the caves? I don’t know. You’re right. It is confusing.

      Yes! The kiss. Yep. Definite chemistry. Did you see him cop a feel? Lol. I know! Stupid, stupid Elena. You said it perfectly. Really. You would think the kiss would put things in perspective for her, allow her to understand where her feelings truly lie, wouldn’t you?

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like Rebecca all that much? I do feel sorry for her, as well, but she annoys me. I don’t know why.

      I agree! What happened to the big bad, evil Klaus? Now I just want him to give him a hug.

      Oh, Elijah. *Sigh* I don’t need to say anything else, because you summed it up for me. 🙂

      1. setinmotion says:

        Yeah, I don’t really know why they bought Tyler back all of a sudden. To be honest, that’s what one of the dodgy aspects of TVD-they start storylines that don’t really go anywhere, get wrapped up neatly, and then we are just supposed to forget about them. Which is pretty much the same thing that has happened with the Jeremy-hiatus.

        I know, Crazy Alaric is awesome. And I hope they don’t kill him off because that seems so pointless, yet inevitable. Why? What would they hope to achieve?

        I like Rebecca. I know that she is annoying, but at the same time she is still a teenage girl who has feelings, and needs to have people love her, which she hasn’t seem to have had for a thousand years. Plus her family members seems hell bent on killing her which sucks.

        ooh yeah! SUCH a good scene! I’m just disappointed that she’s acting all negative about it. Perhaps my morals aren’t as strong as hers?

        1. Exactly. Jeremy didn’t even get a proper goodbye – even though they kind of made it a big deal – and now he’s back. I thought he was supposed to forget all that supernatural stuff, which included being a medium? They just threw him back in without a second thought.

          I don’t know. It’s just stupid. I do know Matt Davis has filmed a pilot, so that can’t be good.

          Sometimes I forget she (and everyone else) is still supposed to be a teenager. She does seem to always get the short end of the stick. I just wish she wasn’t so whiny. I think that’s why she has a hard time getting the sympathy she deserves.

          Haha! I don’t think mine are, either. I would have attacked Damon a long time ago. 😉

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