Album Review: Maroon 5 – Overexposed


Ten years have come and gone from the time Maroon 5 broke onto the music scene with their debut album, Songs About Jane (I know, I can’t believe it, either), to today. Since then, the group has supplied us with two more records. The most recent, 2010’s Hands All Over – which I wrote a less than stellar review about (I still feel bad about that). Now Maroon 5 is back with another musical adventure. This latest creation promotes the group’s ever-changing sound; Maroon 5’s melodic evolution from Rock to Pop. Though the reviews from certain critics have been unfavorable, don’t let them fool you. The album is infinitely better than its predecessor, a comeback of sorts for the group. Overexposed supplies us with sexy, singable tunes. Which is, essentially, what Maroon 5 does best.

By this time, I’m sure you’ve all heard the initial single off the record. While Payphone is one heck of an earworm, I admit – Adam Levine’s signature falsetto prominently on display – I found the inclusion of Wiz Khalifia’s rap-solo disrupting to the entire song. It seemed misplaced and out of character for the group’s style. The song’s uncomplicated tune and rough lyrics offset its faults, making it one of two predominately catchy tracks on the album. The other, One More Night, is the most-recent single to be released to the public. At first, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about track, but I soon found myself returning to it again and again. Resistance is futile when it comes to the song. It might be overly Pop, but the lyrics are relatable and so darn hard to get out of your head.

If you’re looking for those definitive Adam Levine over-sexed lines, Tickets and Ladykiller are the songs for you. A smooth, seductive theme leads Ladykiller; while Tickets is energetic – the song’s narrator teasing and taunting. Lucky Strike – part Disco and part R&B – just makes you want to dance, which is unusual for a Maroon 5 song.

I was slightly surprised to find The Man Who Never Lied on my standout list after I listened to the album a few times. Its easy charm – the singable chorus – combined with its somber lyrics and fervent strains fit seamlessly with the rest of the recordings, but give the record a much-needed tender push. Parallel to that, as one of the most passionate songs on the record, Daylight is beautifully sentimental – another standout; an intense not-quite ballad which melody rises and falls to accentuate the emotional chorus. “And when the daylight comes, I’ll have to go; but tonight I’m gonna hold you so close.” My favorite track on the record is, undoubtedly, Beautiful Goodbye. The strains are lighthearted; sweet and romantic, but somehow desolate. A contemporary masterpiece that will effortlessly find a place on several romantic-comedy soundtracks. A song perfect for any mix-tape.

Truthfully, I don’t go to Maroon 5 for exceptionally emotional or complex lyrics. I go to them for catchy Pop-Rock tunes that make me want to rock-out or serenade the one I love. When I listen to a Maroon 5 album, I look for repeatability. How many times am I able to hear this song or that song without wanting to immediately power down my iPod? Overexposed is, without a doubt, one of those albums that are able to strive on repeat, gaining more and more likable points with each session. The record surprised me on this front. For Maroon 5 fans and all music fans, really, this is a must download. You’ll get lost in the unforgettable lyrical themes and compelling melodies. Though not my favorite Maroon 5 album (Nothing really comes close to Songs About Jane), I found that if I wanted to simply get away or hide for a while in my music, I could easily do that with this record.

Album Rating: A-

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Have you listened to Overexposed? What did you think of the album? What was your favorite track? What’s your favorite Maroon 5 song? Favorite album? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. setinmotion says:

    Great post! And might I add, changing the background? Oohhh!

    I’m really keen to buy this album, and reading your post it sounds like exactly the type of music I want to hear from Maroon 5. Catchy, puts you in a good mood, makes you want to hit repeat. Sounds perfect to me! (although you’re right, Songs about Jane was phenomenal).

    I actually saw these guys in concert last year and they were actually a heap of fun. Adam Levine really mingled with the crowd and the song interaction was fantastic. (Picture She Will be Loved being sung by 16,000 people…ah). Plus, his distinctive voice sounds the same live! I feel like these guys get a bit of slack when really theyre just good at pop rock.

    1. Thank you! I’m still not completely happy with the new look (Have you looked through all those WordPress themes? They’re all so similar!), but I think it looks nice. Something different.

      I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the album. After the last one, I was kinda let down. The songs *are* catchy and repeatable – I think I listened to ‘One More Night’ about ten times yesterday – and just plain fun. I’m still not sure if I like this new Pop styled Maroon 5, but the album is really great, so definitely buy it.

      Adam Levine. Sigh. He’s a charming bastard, isn’t he? Lol. They do get a bad rap sometimes – I don’t know why – but they don’t let that change the music, the sound that they’ve envisioned. I really like that about them.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Ah! Speaking of Concerts I AM THE WORST FAN FRIEND IN THE WORLD! I saw Florence + The Machine about 2 months ago and never told you about it.

    She was fucking phenomenal. She was a weirdy one, but her voice was just as amazing as it is on the CDs and she had this fantastic energy about her that just made me want to dance and sing and act like a loon. If she ever comes to Chicago you have to see her, even if it means beating other people for tickets. I’m serious. She’s probably the best singer I’ve ever seen live.

    1. Darn it! Why can’t you like comments on here! Even in a one paragraph review, you managed to make me insanely jealous, squee, and reaffirm my love for Florence and The Machine. Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, nothing is going to stop me from getting tickets to her concert the next time she’s in town . . . especially after hearing about your Flo experience. You can count on *that*! Lol.

      1. setinmotion says:

        Hahaha. Now I feel sorta bad?

        She was amazing though, bless her soul. Hopefully she hits America soon! (although its weird that she’s been to Melbourne twice and hasn’t been to Chicago?)

        1. Don’t feel bad, I loved you review!

          She has come to Chicago once before, but I couldn’t get tickets. Then this year, she’s going to be at Lollapalooza, but tickets had sold out even before they announced the band lineup. 😦 Hopefully, I won’t have to wait until the next album to see her live.

        2. setinmotion says:

          Lollapalooza releases its tickets before it releases its band line-up? That’s just MEAN!

        3. As said in the signature style of Crush the Sea Turtle, “Totally.” 🙂

  3. Story Addict says:

    Still adoring the album (part of my summer playlist). One More Night and Payphone are easily my favorites. I don’t find any of the other songs strong as singles, but I don’t want to skip any of them when I’m listening.

    1. ‘One More Night’ and ‘Daylight’ are my favorites. I agree, only a couple are single worthy, but the entire album is great. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve listened to it. It’s kinda addictive. 🙂

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