Classic TV Moment: Lucy Goes to Scotland

A McGillicuddy is Here!

Remember the days of old, when it was so easy to flip channels, finding one classic television show after another? The lineup, a perfect mixture of timeless classics and fast favorites? You might catch a rerun of Mister Ed or Bewitched, then immediately find an all new episode of Alf or Saved by the Bell waiting for you? Yeah, I remember . . . It was called the 90’s. There was always something to watch – a bit of classic television waiting to be discovered; a black and white masterpiece of comedic or dramatic brilliance. We don’t have it so easy nowadays. We have to plan rigorous search parties just to find that one half hour where I Dream of Jeannie is on. Frankly, it’s not fair. I want to watch Night Court again, darn it! Classic TV has been the odd man out for too long. Where are the Mr. Belvedere marathons? The Odd Couple weekends? The networks have been making progress, I admit, with those two short hours of Doug they play in the middle of the night. They even have an all classic channel too, if you know where to look.

The easy accessibility is gone. Reality TV has taken over and I’m done with it. If they won’t bring back classic TV, then I will. I want to talk about shows of yesteryear, debate and obsess. I want to have a place where we can discuss our favorite classic TV moments (Can you see where I’m going with this?). I want to talk about I Love Lucy . . .

It’s well-known that this is my all-time favorite Lucy episode. It’s easy to see why. The episode is filled with ample amounts of comedic style and flair, including its melodic musical score. Did I say musical score? Yes, I did. In the past, Ricky has gone to great lengths to prevent Lucy from singing, but this time, Lucy is calling the shots. While traveling through Europe, Lucy hopes to track down her ancestors in Scotland, but alas, there is no time in the schedule to do so. One night, Lucy begins to dream. In the small town of Kildoonan, Lucy is welcomed with eager cheers and joyous melodies, unaware as to why the villagers are so relieved to see a McGillicuddy. Scotty MacCardo (Ricky in a kilt) is the one to set the record straight. They’re going to feed Lucy to the terrible two-headed dragon (Fred & Ethel)! Scotty vows to keep Lucy from her gruesome fate, but will he be able to save her in time? “I’m In Love with a Dragon’s Dinner (Ha!) is just one of the songs featured in the melodrama.

What did you think of this classic TV moment? Have you seen Lucy Goes to Scotland? What’s your favorite scene? Favorite song? What’s your favorite I Love Lucy episode? Do you have your own favorite classic TV moment you want to share? Tell me in the comments!

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