TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Memorial”

A Play in Six Acts

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Hello. Good to see you. I’m glad you’re back for another all-new review/recap of The Vampire Diaries. I trust that you enjoyed last night’s episode as much as I did. I mean, HOLY CRAP, that was awesome!

It was one of those nights that kept you practically on the edge of your seat, with a surprise around each turn. Not to mention, it was Damon’s night. Yes, I said Damon. Forget Elena. This episode made us fall even harder for the vampire. His usual sarcastic one-liners and final monologue made sure of that. And can we talk about that ending? My goodness, I don’t think I screamed (in my classy fangirl-ish way, of course) that much in a long time. It was a successful night all around. For us, I mean. The residents of Mystic weren’t as lucky. Fresh-faced hunters. Massive amounts of blood. Brotherly fights. Ouchies. I don’t think they enjoyed the night as much as we did.

WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Act I
Being-Vegan Is Hard to Do

A camp-out in the woods. Two lovers hold each other close as the sun starts to rise. Today is the today. Stefan is about to attempt the near impossible. Feeding on animals will not come as an easy task for a newborn, but it has to be done.

Damon has been quite clear about his opinions on the matter. There’s no point in trying to tame Elena’s bloodlust. She needs to embrace her newfound life and feed from the vein. Stefan disagrees adamantly. Compassion is Elena’s weakness. She will not be able to handle hurting someone she knows, someone she cares about. The only solution is to get her used to animal blood right away.

It seems like a reasonable argument to some, but you have to remember, Stefan. Despite your amazing bouffant and broody tendencies, this isn’t Twilight. You’re not going to be able to sedate Elena’s desire for blood with a few mountain lions. That’s just a hard fact. You better get used to the idea of Elena feeding on flesh, because there is just no other way. Especially, considering Elena just threw up all that deer blood you fed her. During your sexy little romp too. Ooh, that has got to sting.

Act II
The New Guy

He opens the door and lets the light break through. He can see that everything has been charred and burned. Little has been left after the explosion. It’s the scene of the crime. The opened gas line. Pastor Eli’s lighter. No. This was not an accident. He searches the small shack, opening the oven door. There lies a note with a name written upon it. April. The man takes the worn letter, silently reading it to himself. He has found what he’s been looking for.

At Mystic Grill, Damon sits alone, drinking away his sorrows. As is usual. Sheriff Forbes breaks the news of The Council’s demise, inculpating our favorite snarky vamp as a suspect. Damon denies all wrongdoing, arguing that he would have used different tactics for killing the Council. The Sheriff begins to reluctantly believe him when He asks her for a moment of her time. Damon thinks nothing of the stranger and goes back to his bourbon bottle.

Across town, Matt and Jeremy are helping with preparations for the memorial. Matt’s guilt about Elena reigns heavily over the conversation, until Jeremy spies a familiar face. April Young, Pastor Eli’s daughter. Unsure and awkward, the Young girl does not know how to accurately deal with condolences, taking her leave rather quickly.

Stefan is eager to plan a celebration after Elena’s first feed, believing it to be a success. Seeing her vampire love smile and finally have some resemblance of happiness, Elena disguises her hesitance at the impromptu commemoration. Instead, she heads down to the Grill in hopes Damon can reassure her he didn’t have any part in the Council’s demise. Well, that’s what she tells Stefan, anyway. Elena admits to Damon she’s having a hard time keeping the animal blood down, knowing he is the only one she can go to for help. Once again, he advises her to feed on their adjacent company. And, once again, she resists the act.

Elena’s worry over her lack of feeding prompts Damon to take drastic measures. She is going to feed on him. Blood-sharing. The newborn needs warm blood from the vein, so maybe this will do the trick. He rips open his palm, warning her not to tell Stefan. Elena eyes the blood, while Damon urges her to drink. Her eyes grow dark as she downs the warm fluid. Ah, relief! Damon’s face contorts from ecstasy to pain. He brings his love close, holding her as she takes her fill.

This is kind of . . .*cough* sensual. Can we expect any lasting effects? Like an extra bond or something? Exactly. Damon did say it was “personal.” But, no. Julie Plec says it’s more emotional than anything else. Unfortunately. However, I don’t think this will be last time we’ll see these two in such a compromising position. I hope not. See the look on his face? I do. Yeah, I’m going to need a minute. Be right back!

Um . . . you might not want to do that. Reunited, Caroline and Tyler take some time to “reacquaint” themselves with one another. Only, it’s not working for Caroline. Having sex after a bunch of people just died is a definite mood killer for Vampire Barbie. Tyler, on the other hand, is a typical 17-year-old hybrid. Nothing is going to stop him, except, maybe, an unexpected visitor.

Mayor Lockwood opens the door and greets Him. They shake hands and exchange a few words. He is Connor Jordan and he’s hoping to find some conclusive evidence regarding the recent tragedy concerning the Council. Mayor Lockwood insists that no outside source is needed, for it was only an accident. He disagrees. Connor invites himself him, unaware of Tyler entering the scene. Forced pleasantries are exchanged between the two, as well as a single handshake. Unexpectedly, Tyler falls to the ground in pain and shock. What?! What’s happening? Connor removes his gun, taking aim at the hybrid. One shot. Two shots. Tyler is barely able to escape.


If he were a normal vampire, he’d be dead. Stefan carefully removes the wooden bullets from Tyler’s skin, noticing they bear unusual markings. Looking for answers, Stefan makes an unscheduled stop at Bonnie’s. Still lost and heartbroken over the loss of her grandmother, Bonnie voices her regrets about using dark magic. He holds her as she cries, making us wonder, since when have Stefan and Bonnie become so close? In other news, the markings on the bullets weren’t witch magic. So, all good.

It’s the day of the memorial, and Elena finds equal amounts peace and difficulty being so close to ones who have lost so much. It isn’t too long before she spots a mourning April Young alone and unsure. Elena goes to her former friend, needing to help the distraught girl. April has been away so long, she is full of doubt regarding her father’s life in Mystic Falls. Elena reassures her easily, telling her of the love the people of Mystic had for Pastor Eli. The two souls hold eachother’s hand as a silent vow of friendship, unbeknownst to April that Elena is just looking for a bite to eat. The newborn rushes out of the church hall, finding herself soaked in blood after it had been forced from her system. She still can’t digest the blood, even though it was Damon’s. She calls the vampire in distress, needing him to save her. He is at the door, wanting to get in.

Elena attempts to hastily wipe up the spilled blood as Damon finds his way to her. The vampire sees Connor waiting for the stall with an overly suspicious look on his face. Damon plays it off easily, knowing not to shake hands with the new hunter in town. With the evidence of her bloodied mess put away, Elena and Damon quickly make their way outside. In another attempt, Damon offers Elena a cold blood bag as the evidence of vampire starvation appear clear on her face. No. This won’t work either. Even the coldness of the human blood will not work its way down her system. They’re running out of options.

Elena doesn’t notice Stefan waiting in the wings, seeing her attempt at feeding from a non-Stefan approved food source. He confronts Damon. Stefan believes if Elena ever drained someone, she wouldn’t be able to handle it, to even go as far as shutting off her humanity. Neither one wants this to happen, but Damon believes she is strong enough to fight the darkness inside. She’s going to go off the rails, either way. If it happens right away, they have a fighting chance of bringing her back. But Stefan’s anger over the situation will not help matters any. He needs to let Elena be. He needs to let her feed. Every way they tried didn’t work. Bambi. The juice box. Damon’s blood. Wait. What did you just say? Oops. Damon let the cat out of the bag. Hurt and disbelief cover Stefan’s features. He can’t believe Damon would do such a thing, knowing what it meant.

Upstairs, April is having a hard time with her speech. Her nervousness is apparent, but Connor’s appearance is not. Without hesitation, he slides a knife into her side, spilling warm blood everywhere.

Oh, this can not be good.

Act IV

Surrounded by fresh, pumping blood, Elena has a hard time controlling her thirst at the memorial. Mayor Lockwood begins the service, looking for April to begin her speech, but she is nowhere to be found. Silence fills the hall as only one person volunteers to speak about the people who have passed. Struggling with every step, Elena makes her way onto the stage. Her words are few, stripped and hard to find, as another complication comes into view. Blood. And a lot of it. Rifle in hand, the hunter waits for the opportune moment.

Damon orders everyone to keep still. It’s a trap.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Each trickle of blood makes Vampire Elena crazed, uncontrolled in lust by the thing she needs most.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The hunter will know when to make his move.

Drip. Drip.

Stefan is instantly by Elena’s side, keeping her from making a huge mistake. Matt watches Elena lose whatever sanity she had, offering to let her feed on his blood. The hunter will know what they are if they even attempt to leave. It’s the only way.

As if turning to him for a deep embrace, Elena holds onto Matt, sinking her teeth into his throat. Finally! She is sated. They’re are safe.

Oh, sorry. Hold that thought. Being completely reckless and stupid, Tyler runs up to the stage, speaking of sacrifice, Pastor Eli, and being part of a team. BANG! The shot rings throughout the church. Tyler falls back. Caroline and Elena run to his side. His are eyes dark and lifeless. He’s gone. Tyler’s dead.


I kid. I kid. He’s fine. It’s just a flesh wound. Although, those bullet holes Damon’s sporting after catching up with Connor don’t look too good. Nevermind. He’s okay too. But that punch to the face was quite unnecessary, Stefan.

Meanwhile, Elena finds April bloodied and broken. Not the best state to be in with a super-hungry newborn vampire as a friend. It’s just too tempting. Elena lunges for the human (Gasp!), but is caught by Caroline. If Elena feeds on April, there will be no hope in bringing her back. Caroline sets her straight, helping her to see what’s right. She has to be strong. Caroline slips in comfortably as Elena’s vampire mentor, showing her that if she wants to learn, she’s going to have to do things for herself. Successfully, Elena manages to compel April, making her forget, to believe in something good.

Act V

As the night comes to a close, Matt and Tyler stop by the Grill for a late night snack. They theorize about cover-ups and crazed alter-boys, wondering about the repercussions of the day.

C: Hey, what happened to your neck?
M: Oh, this? Girlfriend went a bit overboard.
C: Huh.
J: Yeah, have a good night. Nice tattoo, by the way.
C: What tattoo?

In a strange turn of events, we seem to get a bit more info on this Connor guy. Could it be that he’s not entirely human? After all, it’s not everyday Jeremy meets a guy with a tattoo that only he can see.

Act VI

Back at Casa de Salvatore, Stefan makes his disapproval known. Elena should have told him about her feeding issues, especially the blood-sharing. Elena admits to trying to protect Stefan. She didn’t want to disappoint him after seeing him so happy. Her heightened emotions go haywire, feeling all the hurt and pain she’s experienced in her short lifetime. Stefan tries to help.

He gathers their friends, knowing they need to let the past go, to deal with the loss they each have gone through. A memorial, for friends and family, parents and siblings. They need to let themselves grieve. One by one, they light a lantern for the ones they’ve loved, for the one’s they’ve lost. Jenna. Vicki. Alaric. The lights float into the night, illuminating the darkness.

Final Scene

Choosing not to take part in Stefan’s memorial, Damon takes his bottle of bourbon and makes his way to the local cemetery. It’s all just foolishness to him. Can you believe it? They’re all just children. Thinking they can wish their troubles away. Elena is going to end up like every other vampire in existence. They can’t fight it. They’re delusional. “I know what you’re going to say. ‘It makes them feel better, Damon.’” But it won’t last. It doesn’t make a difference. “In the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing that you have left is a hole in your life where somebody that you cared about used to be.”

I miss you too, buddy.


The Vampire Diaries

Best (Mostly Damon) Lines of the Night:

1. Damon: “You’re a vampire, Elena. BE a vampire.”

2. Damon: “Am I wearing my ‘I Blew Up the Council’ T-shirt? Why is everybody asking me that?”

3. Tyler: “If we stopped having sex after every time someone died in this town, we’d explode.”

4. Damon: “So, what brings you to Mystic Falls? Bible salesman?”

5. Caroline: “Also, if he shows his face, I’m gonna kick his ass.”

6. Stefan: “Bite me.”

7. Damon: “Ow.”

8. Damon: “News flash, we’re not Japanese.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Did you like the surprise ending? What did you think of blood-sharing? Is there sill hope for Damon? What do you think of Connor? Awesome or annoying? Why can only Jeremy see his tattoo? Are you getting sick of Stefan? Where was Klaus? How amazing was Damon in this episode? Will Vampire Elena continue to feed on Matt? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I loved this episode. Very emotional and I felt like it was back to The Vampire Diaries of season 2 (I didn’t really like season 3). Damon and Elena in the bathroom – oh my! It really was sensual. Damon was clearly aroused by it. Hope there’s more of that to come. Alaric – we miss you too, buddy. I like Connor – we need a decent bad guy.
    Cannot wait for next week, Kim.

    1. It was a great episode. So much better than last week’s premiere. The bathroom? Gah! Just the look on Damon’s face told us everything we needed to know. I hope they go back to that storyline too. It could be a very plausible way to get Damon and Elena back together. Because no matter what they say, this renewed Stefan and Elena relationship is not going to work out.

      ALARIC! That was one of the best scenes in the entire series, in my opinion. He only had to say that one line and he had us all crying and spazzing out at the same time. I don’t know about you, but Damon’s monologue just made me want to give that adorable man a hug. He seriously needs one too.

      I’m not sure about Connor. The tattoo plot seems like it could be interesting. We do need a good villain, now that Klaus has become somewhat compromised in the evil department. I really think we need a good backstory for him to become a believable villain, though.

      1. Emma says:

        Hopefully we’ll learn more about Connor next week. He was so vicious, stabbing April like that. I don’t know what’s going to happen to poor Stefan. Maybe if/when Elena leaves him for Damon down the line he’ll take comfort in Bonnie – be a change of pace anyway.

        1. He’s serious about the vampire hunting business, that’s for sure. Stabbing April like that? He definitely didn’t learn anything from the Winchester brothers. He’ll do anything to get to his target. Which does make him a proper villain.

          What can I say about Stefan? Sigh. I really miss his last season bad boy, don’t give a hoot persona. He’s like the old Stefan again, only somehow more annoying. I know. I’m sorry all you Stefan lovers. I’ve always thought he and Caroline should get together. I really can’t see him with Bonnie. It would be a nice change up though, I agree.

  2. Elle says:

    Sanctimonious Stefan. That’s my new name for him. Ugh. I hate him so much. How can he even be upset at Elena? He basically pushed her to do everything except feed “properly”. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I hope this is the fray from whence all things Stelena begin unraveling. It’s my hope that somewhere before endgame Delena happens. They have a fairly happy relationship with it’s fair share of problems/ destined to keep them apart, break up for a bit and get back together for endgame. You know, a classic star crossed lovers story with some blood and gore. Kim, I thought Stefan would’ve been good with Caroline too but not anymore, I’m still waiting for her and Klaus to happen

    The testament of a well written show like TVD was evident in this episode for me. No matter how much I hated Stefan and Connor (he upset me to no end with his rash, rude and imposing ways – for a STRANGER. I mean even Klaus had more decorum and he just wanted to straight up torture people), I was never really peeved at the writing, only the characters. And man that DAlaric(?) moment at the end nearly had me in tears.

    With the whole Connor thing, maybe Jeremy coud see the tattoos because they’re the ghosts of people he’s killed? Should be interested to see his storyline develop. Is it Thursday yet?

    1. I agree. I don’t know what it is, maybe his over-the-top goody-goody attitude these past two episodes, or the fact that he is kind of being a enormous, overpowering jerk, but Stefan is seriously getting on my nerves too. He really wasn’t listening to Elena at all, the few words she did get in. He did push her, and didn’t even let her make her own decision about how to feed. If he keeps this up, he’s going to lose her. I like your Delena idea. Perfect solution to our problems. And by the way those two were looking at each other, hopefully it won’t be too far off. I really want Klaus and Caroline to get together too. But if Bonnie is all that’s left for Stefan, I really don’t see that happening. When are they going to get rid of Bonnie, anyway?

      Yes, no matter how much Stefan and Connor were acting like idiots (Stabbing some poor girl for no reason? Ever heard of a blood bag? Less messy. Really, Connor?) the episode was so, so amazing. You already know how I feel about the epic DaLaric (Love it) bromance moment.

      Ooh! That’s a fantastic theory. Very interesting. It has do in some way with ghosts or witches, definitely.

      No, it isn’t Thursday. But I wish it was. 😀

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