TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Rager”

Anger Management

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First off, I have to say, I love me some Klaus.

I thought you should know that, in case I haven’t been clear on the subject.

In other news, Shirtless Damon.

Oops! Ahem. Sorry. I meant to ask, how was last night’s episode for you? I know, stupid question. I can see you still have a TVD hangover, not that I blame you. Angry Vampire Elena is tenacious enough, but add in a vengeful Rebecca, an irate Damon, and a crazy vampire hunter? Well, you’ve got a lot on your plate. This episode gave us exactly what we like most: several fake deaths. Plenty of those signature Klaus lines. Explosions. Enough sexual tension for Damon and Elena to break not one house, but two houses! Yeah, it was a good night.

WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Lullaby and goodnight, go to sleep my little hybrid . . . Only hours after being shot in front of the entire town, Tyler rests somewhat comfortably in his private hospital room (I wonder if he has one of those gowns that open in the back. What? It’s a legit question). Outside, a resident Mystic police official stands guard over the sleeping teen.

Shhhhh! What was that?

The guard leaves his post to inspect the minor disturbance, curious as to what mysteries the sudden click and clang hold. Woah! Connor. Scaring people isn’t nice, neither is putting them in a choke hold. Tyler, man, you need to run. This dude be cra-zay.

Yep. Okay. When I said to run, Tyler, I actually meant, run. I didn’t say, fight the guy. Did I? No, I didn’t.

Tyler attacks, trying to get one-up on Connor. A purposeful move, but one that gets him nowhere. Connor injects Tyler with a paralytic, taking another syringe, extracting werewolf venom from his pearly whites. Now, one question. What the hell was all that about?

At the Salvatore home, nothing much has changed between brothers Stefan and Damon. Still bickering like children, I see.

Meanwhile, hearing the news of Tyler’s latest encounter with the vampire hunter, Damon vows his revenge. “I’m gonna find him, and then I’m gonna eat him.” Good plan. Good plan.

Oh! Hey, Elena. What are you up to these days? Feeding on your former boyfriend and using him for his blood? That’s a great idea! Yes, I’m using sarcasm. No. I do not approve of what you’re doing, Baby Vamp. It’s wrong. Very wrong. And someone needs to tell you that.

What’s even more disturbing, is the fact that you all are actually going to school today. Bravo! What is this? Day 3 for the month?

Oh. I’m so sorry, Elena. This is the first time you’ve been back since . . . since Alaric. I didn’t know. Forget everything I said. We’re going to make this the bestest day ever!

Okay. Nevermind.

I don’t fault you, Rebecca, for holding a grudge against Elena for that literal back stabbing, or for trying to kill your family, and all that other stuff. But don’t you think you got her back when you ran her car off the road and killed her? I’d say, you two are pretty even. Nope? All right. Insults are flung back and forth, as are pencils, only managing to anger Vampire Elena to an unspeakable degree. She goes to the bathroom to clean herself up, surprised by the appearance of one of her fellow students. Blood. Fresh blood dripping from the vein. Get away! Rebecca appears, ordering Elena to leave, leave school, leave Mystic Falls. It’s her life now. She swipes the blood from her fingers, wiping them on Elena’s face. GRRRR!!! Vampire Elena is not happy.

In another classroom, Jeremy Gilbert meets with a concerned face. Look! It’s Connor. Say what, now? The vampire hunter confronts the sorta-kinda-human, acknowledging that there’s something about him, his past, that makes him special, that allows him to see Connor’s invisible tattoo. A hunter’s mark. Only visible to another vampire hunter or potential hunter. Connor offers Jeremy his teaching services, requesting he only show when he has a vampire with him. Until then . . .

With Connor otherwise occupied, Damon uses the intel he gained from Jeremy to search the hunter’s trailer. Huh. No barrier. Weird. A laboratory setup. A few sheets of paper lying around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Oh, wait. Without warning, two arrows fly into Damon’s shoulder and leg. Ouch! Getting out shouldn’t be a problem, expect it so happens that these arrows are attached to a bomb. “Hmm. Um. Yeah.” We’re going to need some help here! Enter, Dr. Meredith Fell. Nervously she enters. She wonders why he didn’t ask Stefan. He deflects. Yeah.
An adorable exploding kitten it is not, Fell, so hurry up and get to working that arrow out of Damon’s shoulder. There. That’s better.

It’s no wonder with all this fighting and blood shed – and it isn’t just from you alone, Tyler – Mayor Lockwood requests a bit more beef to look after you. Although, they do look a bit funky. Ah! They’re not bodyguards. They’re hybrids. That explains a lot. Thanks for bringing them over, Klaus. KLAUS. Klaaaussss! No problem. The Original voices his reluctance to come back to his home town, only appearing to make sure his dwindling number of hybrids stays in tact.

I don’t believe him, do you? What an adorable liar. He wanted to see us, just as much as we wanted to see him. But if he needs an excuse, so be it. I’m just glad he’s back.

House arrest isn’t a very good look for Tyler, so an old friend stops by. Haley? Tyler is super-glad and hesitant to see his friend again, a friend from the good old days when he was trying to break his sire bond to Klaus. They’re such good friends actually, that Tyler never to mention her to Caroline or their shared naked times. You cheating bastard! At least, that’s what Klaus assumes (and acknowledges to be delightfully amusing) after Tyler voices his displeasure about the subject. You can be as evil as they come, murder hundreds of people, but if you lie and cheat on your girl? Well, Klaus has no respect for you then. I’m with you Klaus, Baby.

Poor Matt, living with all this guilt. It can’t be good for him. Rebecca, why don’t you invite him to the party you’re having? { . . . . .} Matt, don’t just ignore the poor girl! Oh, that’s right. She killed Alaric, Elena (sort of), and attempted to put you six feet under as well. I would ignore her too. I don’t know if I would have outed her to Connor . . . No, you’re right. With the way she’s acting, I would have hand-delivered Rebecca to Connor myself.

In the meantime, Elena is making a mess out of Damon’s room, hoping to find the white oak stake. Look in the top drawer. Nope. It’s not in here with all your boxers, Shirtless Damon. Thanks for the show, though. Wish we could stay, but we have to head over to Rebecca’s party now . . .

A party where the beer flows freely. The laughs come easy. It seems to be a success. Elena spots a fully recovered April Young, following her to get her mind off her Rebecca situation. The two chat quietly. April is rather downcast about the previous events in her life, finding having a friend in Elena to be rather helpful at this time. Hello. Rebecca! You better get out of here, April. You’re not going to like Elena when she’s mad. Elena taunts Rebecca. Rebecca steals Elena’s daylight ring. Oh, shite. Elena manages to quickly find shelter, but Rebecca throws the ring into the garbage disposal before Elena can get to it. Fighting fate and the sun, Elena reaches into the spinning turbines, retrieving her ring. That’s the last straw for our angry vampire. She grabs the white oak stake from her purse, only to be met by Disapproving Stefan. With his hands behind his back and a condescending look upon is face, Stefan makes way for Elena to kill Rebecca. He agrees, she rightfully deserves it. But what about the other millions of vampires that are going to die? What about them, Elena? Baby Vamp hands over the weapon, putting aside her rage, leaving the party, and doing a kick-ass keg stand.

Stefan told Elena they were going to have some fun, and so they do. With the speed of the motorcycle and the wind blowing in their hair . . . Oh, wait. Nevermind. They have helmets on. The vampires are wearing helmets. Really? You both look ridiculous. Elena finally feels free, free of her past, her demons. She’s just Elena. Vampire. Woman. Free. Who still looks ridiculous. I’m sorry.

Although, I am not sorry for you, Stefan. You just got C-Blocked by a hallucination of your brother. Classic! And they said there were no after effects from that blood sharing thing. Oh, I beg to differ. Yeah, it could be because of the werewolf venom Elena drank from the keg at the party. But wouldn’t we all rather believe it was from the blood sharing, that Elena now has an unspeakable, irresistible attraction to Damon. Yep. That’s what I thought. Stop worrying, Elena. It’s all good. Klaus will come by later and give you his blood. Everything will be fine.

I can’t say the same for Rebecca, though. Feeling the effects of the werewolf venom – only a slight deterrent for the Original – Rebecca’s hallucination of a scolding (extremely cruel), yet honest Matt breaks her shields once more. She’s not really a bad person, per se. She’s just had some crappy things happen to her, and she hasn’t handled that in the best way. She just wants to be loved! Maybe a new founded understanding with April with help with that.

Jeremy finds Connor at his trailer, whittling some wooden stakes, being all broody. Jeremy tells the hunter he’s in, letting the knowledge of Dr. Fell and her endless vampire blood supply slip. The two march off to the hospital. Connor follows Meredith into the supply closet. Surprise! Damon and Klaus (Klamon) are already waiting for him, with two arrows and two bombs for the vampire killer. Despite ominous prophecies and invisible tattoos . . . Wait. What did you say? Klaus’ interest in Connor’s disappearing-reappearing ink let’s us believe there’s a lot more we don’t know. Klaus sees the wooden stake and it’s non-magic (as proved by Bonnie) markings, his face morphs into a look of confusion and surprise. “You’re one of The Five.” Huh? BOOM! Connor pulls on the bomb device. Damon escapes, barely. Explosion. The TVD writers tease us again (This is seriously getting old) with Klaus’ demise. Sorry. This time, I don’t believe you. Seriously. Not at all. See! I told you so. Hold on. Why is Connor still alive? Darn. Congratulations, you’re now part of Klaus’ wild, evil new plan.

It’s not everyday Caroline gets summoned by a Salvatore. After today’s events, Stefan’s questioning himself. Is he doing the right thing, pushing Elena to be like him? He wants to let themselves enjoy their vampire life. However, if Stefan lets even an ounce of his control go, there’s no turning back. It’s full-on Ripper mode if he does. And he doesn’t want Elena to be like that. Or hold her back. He’s having some trouble with Damon, so he asks Caroline to keep him in line. She’s an awesome vampire, but that’s all because of him (So she says). Caroline agrees to be his wing-woman, keep him back from the edge. Once again, Stefoline lives!

At the Gilbert Home, Elena is disappointed in herself. She can’t control her anger. Her hunger. Everything is controlled by her hunger. She goes to Matt for some instant nutrition, hoping it will help, but goes too far. She drinks too much. Damon arrives just in time. He’s there to hold her back. I told you this wasn’t a good idea. You’re a vampire now, Elena. You have to learn how to be a vampire. Luckily for you, Damon is going to teach you.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What did you think of Elena and Matt’s agreement? Do you feel sorry for Rebecca? Who is Haley? Does Caroline need to worry? What does Klaus know about Connor? Is Elena reconsidering her Stefan choice? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle says:

    Damion and Klaus. Need I say more? No, but I will. I think I gave a little excited jump and squeal when Klaus came out of nowhere in that medicine closet. They are so good together. So much awesome in this episode. Can’t wait for the flashback and exposition next week! Aahhh!!!

    1. I’ve decided, Klaus is my favorite TVD character. Yep. Not Damon. Or Alaric. Klaus. Plus, now we have Klamon. Which, by looking at just this week alone, will probably give Dalaric’s epic bromance a run for its money. I agree. They are great together. Considering everything that’s happened, they are one odd mismatched, hilarious pair. I can’t wait for next week either. Damon and Elena going on a blood bender? Sign me up! Lol. 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    I like your legit question 🙂
    I wonder how Elena is going to keep feeding. Surely Matt will start to get sick from the blood loss and she’ll have to find someone else.
    It was a good episode but not as great as the week before. Next week’s college campus episode looks fun.
    Oh and where was Bonnie in this episode?

    1. Thanks! I’m not particularly a Tyler fan, but I thought the question needed to be asked. 😉

      I agree. There’s no way this deal with Matt is going to last very long. It was a bad idea to begin with. Although I would like to think that Damon and Elena’s blood bender trip is going to make everything fine and dandy, knowing the TVD writers, it’s not. There’s going to be guilt and Stefan hugs. And Damon’s going to be the bad guy. I am so not looking forward to that. I wonder if, because they think her feeding problem is a doppelgänger thing, Katherine will come back and help out? Hmmm…a very interesting quandary I think. Lol.

  3. Elle says:

    Here here to not being a Tyler fan! Doppleganger things!! Make it happen TVD writers. I would love to see Katherine come back into the fold. I mean technically Nina Dobrev will still be playing two characters since old martyr Elena is now baby vamp Elena. Considering Katherine is also a doppleganger, it would make the story much more interesting AND how awesome would it be to have baby Vamp Elena and Seasoned Vamp Katherine square off. Man, the acting would be a joy to watch!

    1. It’s a very plausible and interesting idea to entertain. It was Damon who said her feeding problems could be a doppelgänger thing. They can’t just throw that out there and expect us to forget it. We haven’t seen Katherine in a while. And you’re right, it would be a nice twist. There are so many ways they could play it. Yes! A Elena/Katherine face off would be fantastic. Plus, think of all the Damon one-liners. Ooh! With Klamon’s newfound bromance, I would love to see a few Klaus/Katherine/Damon scenes where they all have to work together. Just think how awesome that would be. 🙂

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