TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”

Letting Go

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Forgotten Memories
Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

For years he had waited, longing for her, the one person that he could not have.

He watched as she loved, as she lost, as she took her last breath.

He was the person who could reach her when no one else could, who taught her how to live; how to embrace the person she had become. He loved her, but as far as he knew, she do not feel the same way.

Last night, everything changed. She confessed, laying her heart on the line for him to take. She was his: heart, soul, and body.

They greedily stole from one another, gave to one another, until the early morning hours. Holding her close in his arms, he final realized, he was happy. So happy. He never wanted the moment to end. Yet, their time together had come to a close. Responsibilities were waiting. A new day had to begin.

Stefan stood hidden amongst the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment, watching as Elena left the confines of her sanctuary. He had news. Elena was sired to Damon. The other Salvatore laughed, believing Stefan and Caroline to be jealous of the relationship he had with Elena. Stefan listed the evidence one by one, urging Damon to listen. Damon’s face fell. Could it be true? Stefan ordered Damon to test his theory: give Elena a blood bag and ask her to drink, letting her know it would all be for him.

“I can’t. You know I can’t.” Though unwilling to believe the possibility, Damon handed the bag to Elena. For me. Do it for me. Slowly, she took the blood to her lips, letting the flavor run down her throat, drinking it hungrily. It never tasted this good before. Damon closed his eyes in defeat. Was what they shared, her feelings for him – the passion – all a product of their bond? He didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t believe it. What he needed were answers. Somewhere, hidden amongst a hundred years worth of memories was the key to his bond with Elena. After all, the situation was rather familiar.

New Orleans, 1942

He didn’t even think before turning her. She was crazy about him, that’s for sure. He’d call and she come running.

It was all about booze and jazz back then. His brother had joined the army, but that was never for him. The bright lights of the Big Easy had his name written all over them and he was going to paint the town red. But Charlotte was weighing him down. She was out of control, a newborn without the sense to know any better. He began to suspect their unusual bond when she decided to take his words too seriously, too literally. She’d kill a man in cold blood if Damon made any kind of offhanded remark. He needed to put a stop to it and fast, and there was only one person who he could turn to.

The witch promised him she knew how to break the sire bond, but she never stayed long enough to follow through. He left that morning, leaving Charlotte alone, still holding the bond he created.


Stefan wondered how literal the sire bond could be, hoping to find Charlotte where Damon left her all those years ago. He did little to reign in his disdain for the situation, making sure to break Damon down further with each step; reminding him Elena was only with him because of the bond. Damon broke, opting to leave his brother’s side to search for Charlotte alone. Elena’s feeling for him were real. He knew it, he just had to make the others see. His hope to do just that had vanished when he was knocked down by Charlotte.

Damon’s fears were brought into light when she revealed herself to be just as dependent on Damon as she was before; the bond remaining unbroken. He required her assistance, needing to find the witch that had given him reason to believe the sire bond could be broken. Stefan and Damon wasted little time, finding the witch’s heir, cutting it down to brass tacks. Knowing what she was and what she could do, the pair pressured her for the spell. But she didn’t relent, denying her ability to do such magic. Damon persisted, knowing she wasn’t the person she spoke to be. Nandi finally relented, warning them against the type of dark magic that uses sacrifices as substitution. Expression, she called it. What was promised to Damon never existed, only the power from killing twelve human souls – what the witch had wanted all along. To break the sire bond is to set Elena free, order her to forget about him and leave. It’s the only way.


He screamed with eager agony as he broke every bone in his body again and again. Tyler and Haley stood and watched, willing the process on further, as the hybrid attempted to break his sire bond. Finally, Kim had enough. She couldn’t watch him like that any longer. She removed his chains, pleading with her peers to release him from the torment. No, he needed to continue or the bond would never break. He had to keep going. Kim ignored their rough words, leading Adrian into the sun.

Haley shifted the papers on the desk, not finding what she needed. “Trespassing, breaking and entering, all before noon?” Shane was not pleased to see her there. She was supposed to be dealing with the hybrids. He needed twelve broken bonds before their deal could be completed. Everything she could ever want to know about her parents would be delivered into her hands, only after the transaction had gone through. She knew that. He didn’t know why she was there.

Caroline was keeping the secret close for the time being, but hearing her praise one of the fallen was becoming too much for her. Damon was not the saint that Elena has made him out to be. But Caroline refused to speak of truths when a girls night out was in dire need. So they drank, as bottle after bottle fell empty to the floor. They danced, letting their inhibitions go, living in the moment for once.

The good times couldn’t last, though. Caroline had made the mistake of criticizing Damon one to many times, making Elena defended the man she could have possibly been falling in love with. Caroline and Bonnie gasped in surprise, now knowing of the night previous. Caroline couldn’t take it anymore. She let it slip. Elena couldn’t (didn’t) understand. Elena’s feelings for Damon were real, not the result of a sire bond. Tyler had reassured her of such things. The sire bond doesn’t change how you feel, just how you act.

Disappointed in her friend, Elena ordered Caroline to leave, but soon found herself face to face with a hybrid. It took very little for Adrian and Kim to subdue the two vampires, easily taking Caroline with them. They were out for revenge and they were going to get it.

Tyler and Elena heard her scream as Kim began to break her bones. The other freed hybrids followed, their allegiance to the wolf who acted on her own. Kim had her freewill, so now was the time to take down Klaus, and Caroline was the perfect victim for her game. The others watched as Elena volunteered instead, again willing to sacrifice herself for her friend. The hybrid let her go, a small distraction that allowed Tyler to take control, making Kim an example. He took her by the neck, becoming a true alpha, using wisdom and patience without violence to bend the hybrids to his will. They fell to their knees, vowing to follow Tyler into the fray. “Submit or you die.”

Letting Love Go
Speechless by Morning Parade

New Orleans, 1942

The encouragement he received from Lexi was the only way Stefan was able to apologize to his brother for his past misdeeds. They were brothers to the end. So it was with little hesitance, Damon agreed to follow Stefan’s path and join the army. Only, Lexi was there to stand in his way. He wasn’t a good role model for the still recovering Ripper. Damon’s ill-mannered ways were bound to catch up with Stefan. She advised Damon to be selfless for once and do what was best for Stefan. He needed to let him go.


For years he had waited, longing for her, the one person that he could not have.

He watched as she loved, as she lost, as she took her last breath.

He was the person who could reach her when no one else could, who taught her how to live; how to embrace the person she had become. He loved her, but as far as he knew, she do not feel the same way.

When everything changed and she had confessed, laying her heart on the line for him to take. For the first time in a long while, he was happy. So happy. He never wanted the moment to end. Yet, their time together had come to a close. Responsibilities were waiting. A new day had to begin. To set her free, he needed to let her go.

Even though every part inside said to take, be selfish, just let it be, he couldn’t. He had to do what was right for her.

She knew what he was about to do, but that didn’t stop her from trying to make him see.

It’s real. This is real.

The Vampire Diaries

FYI, TVD: It was so sweet of you to name a character after me, but just so you know, I’m a vamp girl through and through. 😉 And just because I love this song so much . . .

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Do you think Damon should have realized it was a possibility that Elena was sired to him, since he had gone through the same thing previously? What is Professor Shane up to? How does Bonnie fit into all his plans? How do you like Tyler as Alpha? What did you think of Elena’s reaction to the news? Will she give Damon up or fight for her man? Are you sick of Stefan yet? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Emma says:

    I love New Orleans so I enjoyed the trips there, both past and present. The sire bond still doesn’t make sense to me. We were told that the human has to have real feelings for the person who turns them before they’re turned in order to end up sired. Wouldn’t that account for most vampires in the world? Surely the biggest reason you turn someone is because you love them and want to be together forever. So there must be lots of sired vamps out there. And Stefan and Damon both loved Katherine as humans, yet they weren’t sired to her. I think the writers have dug themselves a big stinking hole with this silly sire bond nonsense.
    I do wonder why Damon acted all surprised when Stefan told him he was probably sired to Elena since he knew something similar had happened to Charlotte.
    And yes, I’m sick of Stefan 🙂

    1. Damon in his Army uniform? Yum.

      Exactly. You make a really great point. If what they’re saying is true, then why is a sire bond between vamps such a rarity? Elena isn’t the only human to have feelings for the vampire who turned her. Hello, TVD writers! Plot hole!! The only excuse that I can see around that, is if the connection between them is more – true love. Which just goes back to MY theory of it being a mate bond. 😉

      I think we ALL need a break from Stefan; which is vastly different from what we were saying last year, when we wanted more Ripper. I just can’t stand him anymore. He’s all, “I’m doing this for Elena. Blah, blah, blah.” No, you’re not. You’re doing it for you. Elena hasn’t changed into a different person. She’s still stubborn, selfless, and whiney. She just lets Damon into her pants now. Either get with the program, dude. Or leave us alone.

      I think we all need to worry a lot more about Shane, though. Twelve hybrids or twelve sacrifices? Lots of foreshadowing in this episode. It’s not going to be good for Mystic, I can tell you that.

      1. Emma says:

        Lol, Kim,. You make me laugh. And your mate theory is really cool. 12 sacrifices I’m guessing. Tyler is not going to pleased with Hailey. And Damon looked handsome in his uniform. I liked his hair do too.

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