A Much Needed Push: Chapter 3

I’ve posted Chapter 3 of A Much Needed Push in The Writer’s Room. You’ll find it under ‘FanFiction.’


     This was it. This was my moment. I, Edward Cullen, was going to ask Bella Swan out.

     About damn time, too.

     “Bella . . . ,” I began, but was interrupted.

     No! Not again. I give up.

     Wait a minute. Look.

     Bella’s nervous features slowly began to transform into ones of utter determination. She stepped forward and placed her hands on my jaw. Softly pressing her forehead to mine, she searched my hopeful eyes. I pleaded with her to find what she was looking for. I needed her in my life. I wanted her with everything I had. I loved her. And in that moment, I knew she felt the same.

     Where have you been? I knew that.

     Well, you could have told me.

Happy Reading! 😀

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