A Much Needed Push: Chapter 4

This is it! This is the final chapter of A Much Needed Push.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support while I got this plot bunny out of my system. I’m very proud of this story and it means so much that you would even take the time to read the summary or teasers, let alone the entire thing. Once again, hugs and kisses to the wonderful Hannah, over at Set In Motion, for her continued encouragement and for taking the time to beta this for me. There is much more to come from The Writer’s Room, so I hope you’ll stick around.

In the meantime . . .


     “Hey, Bella?” Edward whispered, eyeing my lips, slowly moving his attention upwards.

     “Yeah?” I answered, dazed.

     What that man can do to me, I swear.

     “You wanna get out of here?”

     Throwing his devilish crooked smirk back at him, I jumped off his lap as fast as I could, holding my hand out for him to follow. Edward took it willingly, laughing adorably, shadowing me as I sprinted towards the back of the restaurant.

     “In a hurry, Bella?”

     What was the point in even answering that question? We both knew the answer, anyway.

     “What do you think, Baby?” I asked, turning my head and winking at him, biting my lip.

     Edward abruptly stopped, slack-jawed.

     And cue evil smirk.

     “You’re going to get it, little girl.”

     Oh, I’m counting on it.

Happy Reading! 😀

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