She & Him “Never Wanted Your Love”

“I never wanted your love, but I needed it all”

Anytime I listen to the mellow sounds of Indie-Pop duo, She & Him, my mind begins to embark on a fanciful journey; a journey to a world that’s been shaped around wistful thieves and sentimental hearts. I imagine it to be a place designed from the lost dreams of our youth, where the surrounding countryside and community sporadically transform from stark pencil outlines to vivid scenes of animation. Where conversations are only preformed in song and elaborate dance sequences are staged daily. She presides over the land, hair bound with ribbon, traveling from sea to sea, swinging and singing from an oversized red balloon. All the while, He waits for her return, strumming guitar strings and scribbling long lines of lyrics on sidewalks.

Never Wanted Your Love is the latest collaboration between them. A purposeful construction of opposing motifs, the tune advertises a jovial melody, but internally displays breakup and heartache. Although promoting an instantly relatable theme, the track’s bright-eyed refrains prove themselves to be a proper distraction, preventing you from observing the reflective lyrics too closely. The song is charming and catchy, without being bothersome. Lighthearted, yet thoughtful. Caressed by tenacious stings and gleeful hand claps, Deschanel and Ward have fashioned a tune with a vintage impression, which will have most returning for additional helpings. Their new album, aptly named Volume 3, is set to debut May 7, 2013.

What did you think of Never Wanted Your Love? Do you have a favorite She & Him song? Favorite album? Are you excited for the new record? Tell me in the comments!

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