TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Stand By Me”

Acceptance & Denial

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Saying Goodbye

Elena Gilbert sobbed uncontrollably as she held her dying brother in her arms. She tried to deny what her heart was telling her – that he was gone, that he was never coming back – but she couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it. Not this time. Not this way. He was the only family she had left. He would come back to her, just like he always had. She’d make sure of it. There was absolutely no way her brother was dead.

Hours later, Elena sat silently by Jeremy’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up. Stefan kept his eyes on Elena. He could tell she was falling apart. There was no way she’d survive this. Jeremy’s death was going to destroy her, irrevocably change her. She needed someone to be there for her, comfort her, make her see that everything would be all right. Stefan frowned. Would it be? Would Elena ever be the same? He didn’t think so. Not this time.

With Jeremy quickly deteriorating, Stefan believed Dr. Fell could somehow convince Elena to let Jeremy go, to let him rest in peace. Meredith looked over the body and instantly knew the heartbreaking verdict. She listed the gory details of what would happen to Jeremy without the proper care, hoping Elena would realize what was going on. Elena tried to reason with Meredith, recalling Alaric’s many brushes with death, but it was no use. Her anger and denial crashed together, the pain crushing her. She fell into Matt’s arms, each embracing the other tightly. He reminded her of the good times, of love that would never fade or subside. No one was ever really gone. Not completely.


Bonnie awoke from the nightmare dazed, confused. The sun filtered through her weary eyes, but Bonnie still didn’t know where she was, or how she got there. She placed her hand over the small of her back, finding only a patch of dried blood. Shane stood over her small frame, directing her to avoid touching the wound. Bonnie looked at him, puzzled. His leg wasn’t broken. What happened? Who cured her? Who cured him? Silas, he whispered, awed. Bonnie pushed him back without regret. He was crazy. This was not a good thing. Yet, all too soon, Bonnie’s skepticism began to falter. Shane guaranteed Silas would bring Jeremy back, allowing illusion and hope to take her captive. Could it be true? she asked herself. There was only one way to find out.


Damon was livid. How had Katherine gotten past them all? How did she do it? Why did she do it? Why would she steal the cure? It didn’t matter, though. He had to find Bonnie. Elena needed him.

He searched the campsite they had stayed at only hours before. He knew someone was watching him, following him. He only wished that person wasn’t Rebekah.

They had searched every inch of the island, but still, nothing. All of a sudden, Damon froze. He pulled Rebekah in front of him, just in time to protect him from the arrow aimed at his heart. Vaughn shot again. Damon reached for the arrow and grabbed it in his hand. “Just the guy I wanted to see. Not really.”

The two struggled for dominance, both barely missing death as they fought against one another. Damon got the last laugh, however, finally subduing Vaughn into unconsciousness. When the torturing began, Vaughn folded, revealing his connection to Katherine. She had pursued him months before, he was in her pocket all along.

Later that night, Rebekah walked back to the beach, searching for a way home. Her foot caught on something, but she thought nothing of it, until it reached out and grabbed her. Rebekah gasped. Shane? 

Catching Fire

Hesitantly, Elena withdrew the sheet that covered Jeremy’s ashen face. “He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead!” She shouted. She had finally reached her breaking point. In an instant, everything she had been trying to deny collided and shattered. Realization had dawned on her. She had nothing left. She had no one. Elena wrenched the lighter fluid from beneath the cabinet, spraying it on every picture, every memory in her path. Her grief and anger were taking control.

Damon brought her into his arms. He had to help her. He had to make the pain go away. Using his sire influence, his compulsion, he ordered Elena to turn it off, turn off her humanity. Elena’s eyes dulled. She looked on without out emotion, without fear, or pain. It’s was gone. It’s was all gone. Elena dropped the match without remorse; the fire igniting, consuming everything it could get its hands on. It burned, leaving nothing behind.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Were you sad to see Jeremy go? Were you satisfied by his farewell? How will Elena handle life without humanity? Will she be more like the Ripper or Damon? When will Katherine show herself? Does she really want immunity from Klaus? Will we ever see Vaughn again? Has Bonnie boarded the train to Crazy Town? Who is the real Shane? Tell me in the comments!

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