Download This! (Lyric Video Edition)

Video Killed the Radio Star

There’s this new thing that’s very popular in the music world. It’s called a lyric video, and it’s a music video that really isn’t a music video. Confusing, I know. Back in the old days, I’m sure we all remember, there was one video for one song. Now, it’s not uncommon for the latest tracks to have two or more video versions. In some cases, these lyric videos can be as equally entertaining as their elaborate, million-dollar counterparts. For example, I suggest you Download This!

Paramore – Still Into You

Thirty Seconds to Mars – Up In the Air

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

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What did you think of the featured songs and videos above? Are there any new albums you are looking forward to? Which songs and artists have you been listening to recently?

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