Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness “Cecilia and the Satellite”

“For all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you.”

Source: Andrew McMahon

I had planned an entirely different kind of music post for today, filled with cushy pop songs you’ve probably heard before. I was, literally, in the midst of writing that post when I saw Cecilia quietly tiptoeing around this morning. She smiled and then I waved. Yes, the decision to switch direction was an easy one. It was only a week ago that our favorite songwriter announced his new project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. It was only a week ago that Cecilia and the Satellite made their debut after a short tour stop. Can you imagine the collective surprise when Cecilia was spotted hiding behind status updates and Twitter feeds, looking nothing like the extremely hazy and somewhat muddled live version of the song uploaded to YouTube just days before. I’m sure my own deafening scream was heard three states away, at least. The heart-warming anthem is just that good.

McMahon writes, “Cecilia was written with the knowledge that my wife and I would soon meet our first child. With the hope of avoiding territory this type of song often treads, I tried to create a road map of the life I had lived leading up to that moment. One my daughter might look back on some day. A strange life of constant motion, spent traveling in the pursuit of music. A life I’ve nearly lost on more than one occasion and one which I am thankful for, now more than ever. Deep down this song is about more than me and where I’ve been, it’s about more than my daughter and what I want for her. It’s about being proud of where you come from and wanting the most for the people you share your world with (Source).”

What did you think of Cecilia and the Satellite? Can’t wait for the new album? Which Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin) song and/or album is your favorite? Have you seen him on tour? Which songs and artists have you been listening to recently? Tell me in the comments!

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