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Hi. *waves* Remember me? I’m the one who used to write those awesome Vampire Diaries recaps. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Actually, it’s only been a year since the show ended, but it’s been three years since I last wrote about Mystic Falls. Hard to believe, right? It feels like yesterday we were talking about Elena Gilbert and wondering which Salvatore brother she would pick. Stefan or Damon? How will she ever decide?!

I can’t tell you how much I miss it. I miss writing those fun, kooky reviews. I miss the in-depth conversations we used to have about our favorite fictional characters. I miss yelling at my TV and complaining about vampires and the stupid mistakes they make. I miss it all. Tell me, what am I to do?

Wait a minute…I got it! I can still do those things. I can still yell at my TV. I can still write about vampires, werewolves, and witches. Sure, The Vampire Diaries might be gone, but The Originals are still around. Well, for one more season, at least. This might be the perfect way to say goodbye.

What do you think? Should I do it? Should I recap the final season of The Originals?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Yep, I’m totally breaking into my happy dance right now. This is going to be so much fun! Go easy on me, though. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’m a bit rusty.

I think I remember how it goes.

Ahem. . .WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Previously on The Originals

With the birth of Klaus’ daughter, Hope, the Mikaelson trio had another soul to love and protect. Always and forever! Unfortunately, being the offspring of a hybrid and a werewolf can bring about some unexpected complications. Hope’s magical aura had attracted some rather unscrupulous predators. For example, The Hollow, a super-powerful being that wanted to destroy the world using young Hope as a magical conduit. You know how it goes. Anyway, the only way to save Hope was for the four Mikaelson siblings (Yes, Kol is back from the dead. Again.) to divide the Hollow’s power and never see each other again. Don’t ask why, just go with it. Elijah, ever the pragmatist, decided not to tempt fate and have Marcel erase all memories of his family.

Let’s see how that’s going, shall we?

7 years later

Mystic Falls, Virginia

At the Salvatore School for Magical Youngsters, thirteen (Fourteen?) year old Hope is making a bit of trouble. She’s a chip off the old block, eh? It seems she’s been selling her blood to lowly werewolves for money so they can become totally awesome hybrids like her parents.

Yeah, not good. Headmaster Saltzman will have something to say about this!

Hope is sent home, but Hayley’s cool parenting skills don’t seem to be changing the witch’s attitude much. Hayley makes a good point, though. Hope, although magical, still has no idea about the supernatural world she’s living in. She’s needs to take responsibility for her actions. Specifically, making sure her new protégé knows what the heck he’s doing. He doesn’t, of course. Killing vampires in this day and age is a big no-no. Hayley takes responsibility for the crescent wolf hybrid when the vampires of New Orleans come calling. What else can she do?

Paris, France

Klaus Mikaelson, how the heck are you? It’s so nice to see your cute, sassy face again. And look at you! You haven’t changed a bit. Still ripping out hearts and making the ladies melt. Oh, you’re such a stud. Adorable, too. Wouldn’t you agree, Caroline? CAROLINE?!

Yes, Klaroline lives on. Concerned about her niece’s new bad-girl lifestyle, Rebekah enlists the help of Caroline Forbes. After all, she’s the only one who can tell Klaus how much of a stubborn jackass he’s being. He can drone on and on about his lack of parenting skills, but Caroline knows the truth. Klaus is just scared. He’s scared Hope won’t accept him. He’s scared he’ll hurt her. He’s scared he won’t be able to keep her safe. By staying away from his daughter, Klaus is trying to protect her and himself. Caroline urges Klaus to reunite with his daughter before his actions push her farther away from him. He needs to speak with Hope or he might lose her, forever.

New Orleans, Louisiana

With the corporation between vampires, werewolves, and witches, New Orleans has become a relatively nice place to live again. However, Vincent is still a tad skeptical of all the progress made. It could all come tumbling down any minute and he doesn’t want to take any chances. Keeping the Mikaelsons apart is his top priority. The world will not end today, my friend!

Hayley isn’t concerned, though. She rather play Mom to Hope and maybe-sometimes girlfriend to Declan (a.k.a New Guy). She assures them they have nothing to worry about. Freya – the other Mikaelson sibling – agrees. Being separated from her lover has been taking its toll. Their reunion would solve so many problems, but Vincent is entirely unconvinced (Ha! Puns). The witch supreme puts his foot down. Freya can’t go. With Klaus unable to stay away from his brother and Hope testing the waters, it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens.

Well, that didn’t take long.

Hayley’s missing. Yep, missing. Poof! Gone.

Isn’t there anyone who can help?

“I’m on my way.”

Thanks, Klaus!

New York City, New York

Once again, Marcel and Rebekah are trying to do the “relationship thing.” Unfortunately, it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. After seven blissful years together, Marcel decides it’s time to pop the question. In the most uneventful way possible, I might add.

Rebekah doesn’t know what to do. How can she say yes? Her family is in shambles, she doesn’t have the time, she has to wash her hair. . .yadda, yadda, yadda. She loves Marcel, but family comes first. Always and forever!

Rebekah leaves Marcel waiting at the altar. Marcel is stunned, but not surprised. He saw it coming. With nothing left for him in New York, Marcel decides to go back home.

“New Orleans, here I come!”

Manosque, France

He sits at the piano. They same piano he’s sat at for the past seven years. He plays and they talk. They talk and he still plays. They tell him about their families, their estranged children, their broken hearts. He smiles and listens, but something seems off. He feels like he knows them, but that’s impossible. There is power in their smiles, in their words. It’s all around him. Where is it coming from? Are they to blame? Is he? Is it their fault blood is falling from the sky?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Originals

What did you think of the season 5 premiere of The Originals? Did you like that Klaroline scene? Were you disappointed? Will Rebekah run away again? Will Kol ever come back? Where is Hayley? Who took her? Who’s to blame for all that blood? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Emma says:

    Yay, glad you’re doing these again.

    1. Thanks! Me too! 😁

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