TV Rewind: The Originals – “The Kindness of Strangers”

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So, how are you feeling? How are you holding up after what happened last week?

I mean, I feel okay. The episode was pretty good. We got to see Rebekah and Kol. Elijah got his memories back and the Mikaelson family can now be in the same room with each other without the world falling to bits. Overall, I can say I was quite pleased with it.

You still seem disappointed, though.

I guess I am. It’s just so aggravating! This is the FINAL season. You would think Kol and Rebekah would be main players this year, but noooo! Instead we, once again, have to watch them walk away. I’m sick of it! The show is better when they’re all together.

Yet, you liked the episode, didn’t you?

Sure, somewhat. Everything was going good, until the plot holes popped up and the show started to use those same pesky tropes again. This episode could have been amazing, but they didn’t push it far enough. They wrapped it up too neatly. I wanted more.

Well, maybe we should recap the show, let you work out some of those feelings, hmm?

Yeah, that might make me feel better.

Good. Let’s get to it.

Warning! This is a SPOILER ALERT!

When we last left Klaus and Elijah, they both had been magically knocked unconscious and their minds had been transported to a lookalike version of their New Orleans home. Now, we find them trying to escape, only it isn’t working. They’re trapped. Luckily, Klaus has some experience with prisons such as these. Klaus tells Elijah that this is a game, that they have to solve a riddle or uncover a clue before they can leave. Elijah is all about teamwork, but Klaus – with much snark – tells him that he is on his own. After Hayley’s death – which Klaus blames Elijah for – Klaus wants nothing to do with his favorite blood brother. Their relationship is over.

As the wind howls and the thunder-storm proceeds, Klaus looks upon his shattered home. Later, he is surprised by a familiar voice from his past. Rebekah walks up to him cool-like, unsurprised by this strange turn of events. Someone has trapped her here too. THUD. Another visitor. Kol has dropped in, sans pants, to join the party. It’s a family reunion! Freya enters, commentating on who could have possibly kidnapped them and trapped them in this mind palace. She argues that it must be someone they know, someone who knows enough about them to recreate their lodgings so completely. Klaus immediately calls out, “Vincent,” since he seems to be the only logical suspect.

Elijah informs his family that he thinks he has found a way out. In the courtyard, a door is found with five locks. Kol – being a former witch – tells his family that it is representational magic. They must search for the missing keys in a place that has significance to each of them. Sensing tension between the brothers, Kol leads Elijah away from Niklaus to look for the keys among Elijah’s personal items. When they’re alone, Elijah asks Kol why he never visited him in Manosque. Kol politely tells him that, “You and Freya more or less murdered my wife, so…” You know, that old chestnut.

POP! BAM! THUD! Another visitor? Who is it this time? Marcel appears and he’s covered in blood. He is frantic. They have to get out of there! The city is about to be washed away by a fantastic flood. Klaus requests Marcel tell him what Vincent is up to, but balks when he receives the answer. Vincent isn’t the one behind their disappearance, Hope is. Dun dun dun!

Marcel’s recounts the events that are unfolding in the real world, stating that it is Hope’s mission to take back the power that was separating her family to begin with. She is gathering her family to stop any more apocalyptic-like events from happening. When Marcel tried to stop her, she sent him to the mind prison. Klaus fears that if she is not stopped in time, the scary, overwhelming power inside her might force her into darkness. They have to find the keys and escape, now.

Trying to figure out where his key is hidden, Klaus pinpoints certain items in the home, triggering specific memories that might lead him to lost treasure. And guess what? Every memory involves Hayley. Say it with me now, “Awwww.”

When Klaus looks upon his family’s crest, he remembers when he first brought Hayley to the home. Already a few months pregnant with Hope, Klaus remembers how she wanted the dilapidated mansion to become a home, their home. Next, he finds one of Hope’s childhood toys. In this flashback, Hope has just been born and Hayley is struggling with the fact that she is not only a mother, but a hybrid as well. They name their child Hope, because Elijah had once called the child the family’s last hope. Finally, Klaus stumbles upon a box of letters, ones Hayley wrote to him, but he returned, unread. Klaus looks back and thinks of a time when Hayley wouldn’t give up on him, even though he pushed her and their daughter away. Klaus finds his key as he sets fire to the letters, his regrets, and his guilt.

Quickly, Kol finds his key in the music room among a few of his favorite books. Marcel questions how Hope could have known about the music room when the room had been demolished centuries before. Hope couldn’t have constructed the prison. Light bulb! Kol points the finger at Freya. She is the only person who could have known about the music room. She is the one helping Hope. Freya disappears back into the real world after she and Klaus fight over Hope’s choices. Freya reminds him that Hope needs both her parents. Her mother just died. Hope can’t lose Klaus, too. By taking possession of the evil magic inside her family, maybe they can have a little more time together. I guess all of this was planned within the brief moments between Hope asking Freya for help and Klaus walking to his car. Boy, they sure do work fast! *Shoulder Shrug*

Awkward Moment Alert. Rebekah and Marcel come face to face for the first time after she ditched him at the altar. Marcel is envious of the love Kol and Davina have found, and wonders why Rebekah can’t be happy in love, as well. Rebekah states it simply: she believes her family is cursed. She thinks that Always & Forever will always get in the way of their forever. Rebekah doesn’t want Marcel to end up hating her, because her family will always come first. She doesn’t want her sadness over her situation to destroy him in any way. Marcel is ready to fight for her, but Rebekah is persistent. It’s in Rebekah’s old room where Marcel reminds Rebekah of the love letters her wrote to her. To keep them safe she hid them beneath the floor boards where Klaus could not find them. It is in their secret hiding spot where she finds her key.

Later, Marcel is suspicious of Elijah. He believes some of his memories are returning, but Elijah is pushing them away. Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol confront their brother, but Elijah insists that he doesn’t remember anything. Elijah begs for their help, reminding them that Antoinette is dying and he needs to return. Klaus roars. The group try to tell Elijah about his love for Hayley, but he won’t listen. Klaus is so upset. Elijah left him. His best friend and brother left him. Klaus always believed he could rely on Elijah, but Elijah was so eager to erase any memory of him. Klaus’ pain comes not from Elijah’s betrayal, but from the fact that he left him all alone.

Since Elijah can not find his key, Marcel decides to search for him. Inside a gleaming casket, with a bold and silver “E” on top, Marcel finds it. We’re not going to talk about how the casket was full of snakes. Nope. Not going there. When he returns to the others, he finds them unconscious on the floor. They were too late, Hope has taken the power from them.

After they wake, they approach the towering door. The storm begins to surge. They don’t have much time before New Orleans is washed away. One by one the locks break and the door creaks open. Instead of finding freedom on the other side of the door, the group realize they’re still trapped. They’re still trapped inside Elijah’s mind. In the too white hallway they walk. Kol, being incredibly impatient, opens a door and escapes. He needs to get back to Davina, like, now. Next, Marcel and Rebekah leave. Elijah tries to break the red door down, but he can’t. Klaus realizes he has to forgive Elijah even after his misdeeds, because Hayley would have wanted it that way. Together they break down the door. Instantly, Elijah begins to remember everything: from the beginning of his life to Hayley’s death. Elijah is so overwhelmed, he breaks down, crying for the love that he has lost and from the pain and guilt that he feels. It’s all coming back. He’s Elijah Mikaelson again.

Klaus kindly gives Elijah a vial of his blood in order to cure Antoinette. Klaus reiterates that if Elijah wants to leave and run away with Antoinette, and forget about his family, that’s okay. He understands that it is all too painful for Elijah to bear. With his memories back, Elijah is uncertain of what he should do. He goes back to Antoinette and gives her the cure. He loves her, but he also loves his family. One look in his eyes and Antoinette knows that this is not her Elijah. He leaves Antoinette.

With his signature suit and cuff links on, Elijah heads to the bayou and says a final goodbye to his heart, to his love, Hayley.

The Originals

What did you think of last week’s episode of The Originals? Were you excited for Kol and Rebekah’s return? Do you continue to be disappointed when they don’t stay? What do you think Elijah will do now since he has his memories back? Do you think we’ll get Hope’s side of the story? How is Klaus going to react to his daughter’s disobedience? Tell me in the comments!

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