Hello, It’s Me Again

I’ve never been very good at keeping New Year’s resolutions, especially ones that concern this blog. For the past few years or so, about three months before the new year begins, I say to myself, “Next year, I’m going to write more.” I even go so far as to set fairly realistic expectations for myself. I plan to blog four times a week or five. As you know, that has obviously never worked out for me. It’s not like it’s an impossible task, either. I always begin with the best of intentions. I make detailed lists and strategies. I draft several posts. Yet, I’m always caught off guard when the new year arrives. I never expect it to show up as soon as it does and the anticipated chaos sends me into a frenzy. I usually have nothing done, no posts ready to go, and I lose motivation quickly. I not only fail myself, but you as well. I hate that feeling.

This year, I am determined to put an end to this depressing, disappointing pattern. I’m ready to shake things up! And 2020 is the perfect year to do it. On June 28th, Kim the FanGirl will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Crazy, I know. When I started the blog, I never thought that it would last ten months, let alone ten years. It was just a way for me to set free all my obsessive, fangirl feelings. It was just a way for me to write. I didn’t think anyone would read it. I didn’t think it would go anywhere. I didn’t think I would love it so much.

That is why this year, in celebration of this special anniversary, I’m setting myself up for the ultimate challenge. I’m ready to do the outrageous and unexpected. I’m ready achieve every blogger’s dream. It is my intention to write a post everyday for the next year. 

Yes, it does sound impractical, impossible, and a tad insane. But this idea has been swirling around in my brain for years. I think it’s finally time to put thought into motion. I can’t and won’t promise that it will all work out, but I will try my hardest to succeed.

Posts will be shorter, not as involved as before. Trust me, quantity vs. quality is the topic I’ve struggled with the most while I’ve been designing this experiment. I’m still unsure if I’m doing the right thing, but I see this as an opportunity. I didn’t write at all in 2019. This is a chance for me to discover what I have lost, to challenge myself like never before. I’m ready, ready to embark on a new path.

Let the adventure begin πŸ˜‰

See you tomorrow!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Happy New Year, Kim.

    1. Thanks, Emma! I hope you have a amazing 2020 πŸ˜€

      1. I like your blog. Nothing more powerful in the universe than the spirit of a fangirl.

        1. Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

          I couldn’t agree more πŸ˜€

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