Reacting to My First Post

On June 28th, 2010, I wrote my first post for Kim the FanGirl. It was an introduction of sorts, an initial explanation of what I hoped Kim the FanGirl would become. I didn’t talk about myself or who I was. I didn’t explain why started the blog in the first place. I just wanted to erase peoples stereotypical ideas about fangirls. I wanted them to see past the obsession and the screaming, to realize how intelligent and down-to-earth we really are.

Almost ten years have past since that original post and my mission is still the same. My purpose remains clear. I have to tell the world how utterly amazing fangirls are. I don’t think that will ever change.

In honor of Kim the FanGirl’s 10th anniversary, in honor of this upcoming, momentous day, I thought it would be fun if we took a trip down memory lane. I thought it would be fun to look at that first post together. Let’s go!

Why aren’t you watching Supernatural? It may be in its final season, but it’s never too late.  #SPN15

The social media.”  *facepalm*


All the fangirls I know are in their early thirties.

Twilight came out in 2005 and I’m still talking about it. FANGIRL LIFE.

That’s so true. I am very funny.

I really hope I’ve made this a safe space for you to come and share the things you like or love. I hope everyone feels like they have a place here, not just fangirls. I hope I’ve made this a place where everybody feels like they belong.

See you tomorrow!

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